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Betazed attacked, 1.2 million feared dead

The Betazoid city of Ohmallera lies in ruin today after a devastating orbital bombardment. Though rescue efforts are underway, utilizing resources from nearby cities and towns as well as Starfleet resources, hope of finding more survivors dwindles with each passing hour.

Constitution plot summary for January

The crew and ship are still under the influance of non-corporial beings. Plus a spacual rift had opened up, that if not sealed and soon would suck in the whole Galaxy. It soon became clear that the rift was the beings’ home. They were trapped inside our crewmen but promised if we could free them. Then they would return to the rift and seal it. Ensign Andarai came up with an idea to shake the crew using a special frequency; this would free the beings without harming anyone. The plan worked and the beings, now free, returned through the rift and sealed it. However, without the beings’ helping to keep the ship running, things began to fall apart. The Constitution-B is now at the Earth Orbital Shipyards, being put back togther while the crew enjoys two-weeks leave.

Constitution plot summary for December

A Vulcan science vessel has found the Constitution-B adrift in space with the crew out cold. When they come around, Perkins and company discover everything is back to normal. However with a skeleton crew and most of the ship systems down, it will take a while to limp back to the Utopia Planitia shipyards for repairs. But it soon becomes clear that something else apart from the crew is on board. The Computer has gone mad and systems turn deadly towards the crew. Plus, a strange ooze-like creature is roaming the ship, eating it’s way through solid objects. Thankfully, 2Lt. Sasslin manages to trap it in sickbay, but this only angers the beings who have invaded the ship.

After gathering in Engineering. The crew soon come to realise that this disgusting creature is the only ‘solid ‘ link to these beings. With more attacks on the crew plus Teagan being taken over by one of the beings. Perkins deciedes to return to sickbay and try to make contact. To be continued!

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Constitution plot summary for November

Still jumping through time the crew now find themselves in 1969 at Woodstock. It soon becomes clear things are very wrong indeed. Time is collapsing and mixing together. Romans, Vikings and a rampaging T-Rex are running around killing hippies.

USS Constitution-B Relaunches

Captain Cura Assanti and the crew of the Indria-A have headed over to the Galaxy-class ship following Cura’s in-character promotion to captain. Congratulation, Captain, and to the crew of the Constitution, we know you’ll keep the old girl “Undefeated”!

Monthly Ship Summary: Constitution

This month the USS Constitution-B, NCC-9012-B crew has had a difficult time on Kepos Prime. This planet is to be the first Federation colony within the Delta Quadrant. The crew beamed down to the surface in order to scout out an area for the main camp. Once this was accomplish, FltCapt Xan Hebron sent out three groups to different locations.

Monthly Ship Summary: Constitution

The crew of the USS Constitution was on the far end of a wormhole, establishing a colony on the planet now named, “Kepos Prime.” The colony was of vital importance, being right at the entrance to the anomaly back to the Alpha Quadrant.

Ship Report: Constitution

It is said that the one constant in the universe is CHANGE. That certainly was true for the crew of the USS Constitution.

Monthly Ship Summary: Constitution

The Bird of Prey was safely on the Gorn Homeworld but the crew inside was anything BUT safe. They were sent to investigate what looked like the hunting of wild Humans by Gorn.

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