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Interested in a Psychic Experience?

The Guild of Readers is always welcoming the Reader Characters of the Fleet. Reader characters are unique in that they have extra and often difficult senses to explore in the written Star Trek world. It does not matter if you are Deltan, Betazoid, Argelian or a hybrid, this Guild exists to share experiences, sims, advice and ask questions about this unique character type. If your character falls into this category, you may request membership to our two groups:

A Call for the Pointy-Eared

The Guild of Vulcans welcomes all members playing Vulcan or part-Vulcan characters to join. Vulcans can be surprisingly difficult characters to sim. The Guild of Vulcans is an OOC group devoted to providing players simming Vulcans an opportunity to meet others to discuss the challenges and benefits of “simming Vulcan” and strategies for doing so, as well as gathering and organizing information on Vulcan and Vulcans for the Starbase 118 Wiki. If your character (PC or PNPC) is a Vulcan or part-Vulcan, you can join the Guild of Vulcans by contacting LCMD Sakorra Jefferson Reed or LCMD Solok via private message through the SB118 forums. You can also post a request to join on the Guild of Vulcans section on the forums here. We will be hosting another Vulcan chat in July and hope you all can join us.

Return of the Podcasts

…but what do you want to hear? Are you interested in interviews with other members of the fleet? In character, or out of character? An audio update on activities around the fleet? Come and tell us!

Pursuit #5 – Participate in a forum discussion!

Publicity Pursuits assignment #5 has been posted. Head to the Yahoo! Group and request membership to find out more information!

Pursuit #4 – Register for a Star Trek forum

Publicity Pursuits assignment #4 has been posted. Head to the Yahoo! Group and request membership to find out more information!

Publicity Pursuits – week 3!

Moving on to our third assignment, members are encouraged to post the testimonials they wrote last week and help us spread the word about our group. To find out more, request membership on the Yahoo! group, and head to our wiki area!

Publicity Pursuits – week 2!

Our first week was a rousing success, with 14 new testimonials being submitted for our site! This week’s assignment is to find an RPG database on the net, where we can potentially post information about us – multiple points are up for grabs! To find out more, request membership on the group, and head to our wiki area!

Publicity Pursuits game launches

The Publicity Team is launching a weekly game called “Publicity Pursuits,” and you’re invited to play! New assignments will be sent out each week in which members of the Team can earn a point for each 5-15 minute task they complete. Recognition and prizes available to top point earners of the year! Just request membership now on the Yahoo! Group to be added to the Publicity Team and start earning points.

Character Hatchery is Online!

The Character Hatchery, an area where you can create characters to be adopted, or find a character to use as your own, is now online! Help us create a bank of characters! For more information, see the Characters Guild.

Launching Publicity Campaign

It’s summer, when new recruits are hard to find and the grill is calling your name! Now’s the best time to ramp up our publicity campaign, though, to be ready for the September rush. We need your help! Just join our Y! Group to learn more!

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OOC activities

Looking for something fun to do? We have a whole list of fleet activities that are looking for members like yourself! Check out the Fleet Activity List today to see where you'll fit in.