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Looking to get more involved?

We have a whole list of activities that need your enthusiasm! From the Publicity Team (which helps bring in new members), to helping develop your Duty Post’s training area, there’s plenty to do around here. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate in our OOC activities, and we encourage those who are looking to move up in the ranks to get more involved in the activities around the fleet. Head to the list, posted on our forums, to find out more about what teams and committees are looking for members.

Calling all Security Officers!

LtCmdr. David Whale of the Constitution has stepped-up to be Facilitator of the Security Duty Post, and he’s looking for all Security Officers to check-in and introduce themselves!

Members of each Duty Post can help develop information on how to best sim an officer in this job, research reference information from Trek, and talk about ways to increase the quality of their simming in relation to their character’s job. We’re always looking to expand our educational media, so we’d love your help! If you’re a Security Officer, check-in and see if there’s anything that you might be a good resource for!

Miles Unum to be Publicity Co-Chair for 2011

As we proceed into the 2011 year, in which a new Star Trek movie will be released, and in which we hope to best our application count of 2009 (when the last movie was released), one of our most prolific Publicity Team members will be officially taking the Co-Chair position of the team. We welcome 1st Lieutenant Miles Unum of the USS Ronin into this position, and look forward to this year’s publicity plan for ensuring that as many people as possible know about our community!

Publicity Team

We all know that this group lives and breathes because of its members. The more participants we have, the greater the opportunities for new ships, which means promotions and command positions. The main goal of our Publicity Team is to recruit new members, and every current member is invited to help with that goal. The Publicity Team posts regularly on StarTrek.com, StarTrekOnline.com, Hailing Frequency.com, and other Star Trek related websites. If you could post just one thing per week that helps boost our visibility on the Internet, we would see an increase in applications to SB118. If you are interested in joining the Publicity Team, go to our Yahoo! Group and click on the “Join This Group!” button.

Publicity Team Needs Members

Would you like to help UFOP: SB118 grow? If so, the Publicity Team has an opening for you!

Between job and school obligations in RL some of our taskforces have dwindled in numbers, and if you are looking for OOC work to do to help with your promotions, there is always plenty of work to do in promoting our sim group. Promoting our group ensures a steady flow of players with fresh ideas on every ship.

Roll Call: Guild of Vulcans

If you are currently a member of the Guild of Vulcans or if you would like to be a member, head over to Guild Headquarters and answer the roll call. Please also visit the Guild of Vulcans Forum. There you will find updated discussion topics and the link to the Vulcan website on the Wiki. If you sim for a Vulcan primary, PNPC, or NPC, we would love for you to join us.

Calling All Newshounds

History is yours for the shaping! Would you like to help out the UFoP by contributing stories, conducting interviews, writing columns, and more? In the News Group, we’re always looking for new folks to help us report on the groups’ goings-on. Want to interview a member or a character, or write up a ship profile? Tell us what’s going on in Star Trek, or review a new book or game? Write a feature on a species or a group? Publish your list of simming tips? If you do, the Newsies may be right for you! To find out more, just email!

Interested in a Psychic Experience?

The Guild of Readers is always welcoming the Reader Characters of the Fleet. Reader characters are unique in that they have extra and often difficult senses to explore in the written Star Trek world. It does not matter if you are Deltan, Betazoid, Argelian or a hybrid, this Guild exists to share experiences, sims, advice and ask questions about this unique character type. If your character falls into this category, you may request membership to our two groups:

A Call for the Pointy-Eared

The Guild of Vulcans welcomes all members playing Vulcan or part-Vulcan characters to join. Vulcans can be surprisingly difficult characters to sim. The Guild of Vulcans is an OOC group devoted to providing players simming Vulcans an opportunity to meet others to discuss the challenges and benefits of “simming Vulcan” and strategies for doing so, as well as gathering and organizing information on Vulcan and Vulcans for the Starbase 118 Wiki. If your character (PC or PNPC) is a Vulcan or part-Vulcan, you can join the Guild of Vulcans by contacting LCMD Sakorra Jefferson Reed or LCMD Solok via private message through the SB118 forums. You can also post a request to join on the Guild of Vulcans section on the forums here. We will be hosting another Vulcan chat in July and hope you all can join us.

Return of the Podcasts

…but what do you want to hear? Are you interested in interviews with other members of the fleet? In character, or out of character? An audio update on activities around the fleet? Come and tell us!

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