Species Closeups

Species Close-up: Bzzit Khaht

The Bzzit Khaht are an amphibious Federation member species from the planet Yalena. They evolved to live symbiotically with massive rafts of coral on the surface of their pelagic world.

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Species Close-up: Pythron

The Pythron are a starfaring, humanoid race from the Pythro star system. While the species has existed for thousands of years, modern Pythron civilization has existed for only about one

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Species Close-up: Aurelian

The Aurelian people are a peaceful species that evolved over time from large migratory birds. They have never experience war on their planet and while their first off world contact

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Species Closeups: Boslic

Boslics are a space-faring species similar in many ways to the Ferengi. Curiously, they have been shown with two very different facial structures during several appearances in Star Trek episodes.

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New species discovered: Xith

The USS Aurora has discovered reports of a previously unidentified species known as the “Xith”. Reports of the species come from deep within Romulan space previously unexplored, but now available

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A trip to Raskor

This week, we will be taking a look at the planet Raskor. It is a member of the Federation and is located approximately 4 and 1/3 hours from StarBase 118

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A Trip to New Scotland

A couple years back I sat down and started work on developing the Trinity Sector of space, the sector that houses Starbase 118. As a result of this project, a

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The Vaadwaur

The Vaadwaur are a species from the Delta quadrant, featured primarily in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Dragon’s Teeth“. What do they mean for our community?

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Species Close-up: the Pifili

Part of 2 of a 2 part series on a non-canon species encountered by the USS Challenger. Part 1: the Aarakocra. The planet of Kaclla II, visited by the Challenger

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