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Rahman Reviews: Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 – “Point of Light” & “An Obol for Charon”

The third and fourth episodes of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season revisit threads from last season while continuing the overall return to more traditional Trek storytelling.

Rahman Reviews: Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 – “Brother” & “New Eden”

The first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season show a new direction for the series.

Star Trek: The Next Generation ‘A Final Unity’

Quadrant spanning plots woven together in both linear and non linear formats – depending on one’s choices – immerse the player in a series of diplomatic, scientific, and military endeavours…

Games: Star Trek 25 Anniversary Review

Long before Star Trek Online, long before Star Trek Armada… there was the mythical ‘Lost 4th Season of TOS’

Where Sea meets Sky: Christopher Pike told in his own words.

by Jerry Oltion
(Part of the Captain’s Table series.)

Reviewed by Captain Rocar

Nothing about this book should work! And yet it somehow it does. This is quite simply one of those Star Trek books you pick up wanting to hate and yet as your turn the pages you cannot help falling in love with the beautifully told story and refreshingly new, yet familiar characters.

Oops, He Did It Again!

Shatner “Sings” Tales of the “Has Been”
By: Commander T’Lara Cha’Stelin

William Shatner is not the first name that comes to mind when one things of great music. He’s not even the second, third or fourth. Usually, when one thinks of William Shatner and music, the first thing that pops to mind is an air sickness bag, the type found on most reputable airlines. However, despite his apparent lack of musical panache, Shatner likes to give it his all and “Has Been” is the result. Some may cringe, but actually, “Has Been” isn’t all that bad. Honestly. Really. I mean that in all sincerity. It’s quite … good.

Titan: Taking Wing

By Commander John W. Sheriden The book Titan: Taking Wing is the first of a series of books focussing on the USS Titan, the ship Captain William T. Riker commands.

Mind Meld by John Vornholt

Reviewed by Captain Rocar

An older Star Trek book but still worth a read. This novel is set in the late Movie era of Star Trek, probably after Star Trek VI as Sulu is missing and the Enterprise seems to be at the disposal of Ambassador Sarek.

Sim Tips – Creating Alien Races

By Captain Rocar Drawoh Hilzarie

There will always come a time when your Captain and crew will require the creation of an entirely new alien race for a mission. Creating this entirely new civilisation will often seem an exciting prospect to some, yet a daunting idea to many others. In my column this week I will offer a handful of tips on how to make this aspect of simming with the UFoP a little less daunting if any of you want to create a new Race for a future mission.

Titan: Taking Wing

By Commander John W. Sheriden

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