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The Tromu-Vulc

Ahh, science fiction. Lieutenant Commander T’Lea on the USS Aurora is pregnant. Who’s the “father”? None other than her partner, Commander Della Vetri… following these links (and looking at their

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HowTo: Writer Interviews, Part II

Last time we discussed ideas for approaching your fellow writers for interviews. In this article, we’ll discuss the interview itself- it’s a presented in a step-by-step format, but is really

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HowTo: Writer Interviews, Part I

So you want to interview another writer, huh? That’s great! One of the ways writers can help out our community is to interview other writers, asking them questions, then posting

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Starship Mottos

Did you know every one of our ships has a motto? Each Captain has the opportunity to choose their ship’s motto, when they design their vessel during the last phase

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Thought for the week…

Each week Rear Admiral Rocar will discuss some of the current events in the UFoP: Starbase 118 fleet or reflect on issues that we tend to encounter as a community.

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Life in Starfleet

with Commander Toni Turner My guest columnist for “Life in Starfleet” is Della Vetri, hailing from the USS Constitution. She will be giving us some insight on how to sim

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“PBEM Dynamics”

Today, we’re pleased to bring you the third column of Commander Toni Turner’s “Life in Starfleet” project, and also an update on the project. Although the columns’ previous host site,

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Solok’s “Logically Speaking”

“On the Relevance of Dentistry for Klingon Flourishing”by Solok As this is the first in what will undoubtedly be a series of commentaries on matters of concern to thoughtful representatives,

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“Life in Starfleet”

Did you know that UFOP:SB118 won the STGames’s Star Trek RPG Players’ Choice Award in both 2007 and 2008? UFOP’s own Toni Turner took the opportunity that the win offered

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