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Starship Focus: USS Columbia

The USS Columbia NCC-85279, named for a twentieth-century NASA space shuttle, launched on Stardate 238103.03 just over one year ago. This Nebula class vessel is part of the post Dominion war Starfleet’s aims to reassert itself as a scientific body in light of a better galaxy-wide political situation. The Columbia‘s primary mandate is for scientific and exploration missions, as well as the development and testing of new technology.

End of a Titanic era?

Lieutenant Alexandrovich Vorobijev, Chief Engineer of the Titan talks with Captain Draigon, and first officer, Lieutenant Ilic, about their proposed new vessel, the USS Morningstar.

Ship Closeup: USS Atlantis

Ensign Salek from the USS Wallace takes us through the newly commissioned USS Atlantis under the command of Commander Varaan.

Obituary – Ltjg K’trani Vr’Ner

On February 14, 2005, the player of Lieutenant K’trani Vr’Ner, Chief Science Officer of the USS Kodiak, passed away. He had a brain tumor that he was fighting all the time he was playing.

The Daystrom Institute Technical Library

A review of the Daystrom Institute Technical Library, a useful resource for the online simmer. Available at http://www.ditl.org

“Star Charts” Book Review

“Star Trek Star Charts: The Complete Atlas of Star Trek,” Review by: Lieutenant Commander Devar, XO, USS Wallace/Deep Space 17

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