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Jalana Laxyn Wins December Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge LogoCongratulations to Jess, the writer behind Jalana Laxyn, whose short story “The mightiest warrior of them all” has won the December 2012 Writing Challenge!  This is the writer’s first entry and first win. The December Challenge was built around the theme of belief systems in the future of Star Trek, and Jess’s intriguing entry regarding Santa Claus as viewed by a hybrid Klingon boy impressed the judges with its unique take. Jess has already chosen the theme for our January/February 2013, “Where do you see the universe in 10 years?” The theme welcomes our characters IC to the last decade of the 2300s, so come on over and enter today!

Kali Nicholotti & Diego Herrera Win November Writing Challenge

Congratulations to these two COs, whose “Empty Skies Over Tokyo” and “Guts and Glory!” (respectively) tied for first place in the November Writing Challenge. Double congratulations to Marissa, the writer behind Nicholotti, who also came in second place in Ongoing Worlds’s writing contest that, like November’s Writing Challenge, centered on the exploration of a character’s ancestors.

If you haven’t already, take a look at December’s Writing Challenge, which asks about the spiritual side of characters in the Trek universe. What sort of story can you write based upon this prompt? I look forward to seeing, but do it quickly: This Challenge ends on December 26th!

Way Back When Week Writing Challenge

This month’s writing challenge, which ends on November 30th, takes its inspiration from Ongoing Worlds and their Way Back When Week competition. The idea of this contest is that you, as a writer, should look back into the history of your character. Do they have family traditions or mannerisms that have their origins far in the past? By flashing back to your character’s ancestors, you can offer a glimpse into what makes your character tick at a whole new level!

Sinda Essen: Winner of the September & October Writing Challenge

Congratulations to Chris, the writer behind Sinda Essen and Jhen Thelev, whose short story “Love is a battlefield” has won the September/October 2012 Writing Challenge!  This is the writer’s fourth win, making him one of the most recognized champions in the history of the Challenge. The September/October was built around the theme “Isn’t it romantic?” as chosen by Kristen, the writer behind Velana, the previous round’s winner; this Challenge saw quite a number of fine entries, making the judging quite difficult for the panel. However, the judges would like to thank everyone who participated, and look forward to the special November Challenge, which will be open through November 30th!

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