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Celebrate our 25th anniversary by listening to our podcast

It’s the 25th anniversary of the 118 fleet and the Podcast Team is working harder than ever to bring you an entertaining show! Check out these fun segments:

  • Montreal in Focus: Chloe Waters interviews Mei’konda
  • Announcements and Team ads read By Lael Rosek
  • Moments In Time: Important events in 118 history by Toryn Raga
  • Legacy: Embassy at Duronis II by Toryn Raga
  • Welcome to the Fleet, covering graduates from January 2396 through May 2396 read by Kelrod
  • Roshanara Rahman interviews Geoffrey Teller
  • What’s New With The Fleet? (Snippets of Mission Reports from the USS Eagle, the USS Montreal, and the USS Columbia) read by Lael Rosek
  • “Reach the Light,” Filk Written by Lael Rosek and Riley Delar, Sung By Kelrod

Voiceover and editorial contributions were provided by Lt. Commander Lael Rosek, Fleet Captain Roshanara Rahman, Captain Mei’konda, Lt Commander Toryn Raga, Commander Kelrod, Lieutenant JG Chloe Waters, and Lieutenant Geoffrey Teller. Video edited by Lt. Commander German Galven.

Click here to listen to the June 2396 podcast on YouTube.

Check out our first podcast of 2019

The Podcast Team is excited to announce our first short-segment podcast in a while. Content includes:

  • FNS articles: “Noted Betazoid Lecturer Arrested for Murder”, “Crew of Earth Starfleet vessel rescued from P-409 Sigma after missing for two centuries”, and “Federation mining crew discovers large thalium-filled deposits” read by LtJG Geoffrey Teller
  • Ship reports from Starbase 118 Ops and the USS Columbia, read by Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga

Click here to listen now on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe via YouTube to get notifications of new episodes.

See What’s Up In The Trek Universe with our latest podcast

Ask Not What Your Community Can Do For You: Getting Involved

What exactly is it that makes UFOP:SB118 great? Many would say that it’s the sense of community that exists here, welcoming writers from around the globe to participate in a complex, collaborative writing scenario that allows us to build our own world based on the principles of a series that we all know and love: Star Trek.

For those of you who have been with us for awhile and are curious about how you can be a part of this community spirit, we have any number of opportunities for you to participate out of character.

Check out it out on our YouTube Channel to hear from some of our Taskforce facilitators.

Taskforces Mentioned In This Podcast:

Additional Resources:

Tune in to the first Podcast of 2395

It’s a new year and the podcast team is working harder than ever to bring you an entertaining show. With the writer of Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Traenor joining as a co-host, this podcast will be our best yet!

Highlights of this edition include:

  • Welcome new Academy graduates to the fleet – Read by Kelrod
  • Promotions from September 2394 through January 2395 – Read By Roshanara Rahman
  • A special song with lyrics by Zephyr and sung by Alora DeVeau
  • Dramatic reading of: Commander Brayden Jorey & Lieutenant Commander Oddas Aria — Teaching An Engineer How To Dance – Read By Kelrod & Lael Rosek
  • Ask A Doc – Written and Read by Zephyr
  • Witty Wordsmith: Acting Versus Reacting — How to Plan Better Stories – Written by Sal Taybrim and Read by Zephyr
  • Fleet Announcements – Written by Lael Rosek and read By Zephyr

Click here to listen to this podcast now on YouTube.

Learn more about character goals in our newest podcast segment

With a new year beginning, it’s a good time to start thinking about both short-term and long-term goals for your character. While some conflicts may be coming to a close, others may just be beginning. By evaluating your character’s role aboard your assigned ship as well as the relationships they’ve developed either since the beginning or over the last year, a writer can get a sense of how they would like their character to grow and develop.

That’s why the Podcast Team took a crack at providing some advice for writers on setting character goals. Check out this segment on our YouTube channel.

Additional Resources:

Listen to the holiday podcast for 2394

The Podcast Team is proud to present the final podcast of 2394, titled: Happy Holidays, Starbase 118.

Highlights of this edition include:

  • Welcome new Academy graduates to the fleet – read by Kelrod
  • Exclusive interview with Commander Brell of the USS Atlantis
  • A special holiday song with lyrics by Zephyr and sung by Alora DeVeau
  • Dramatic reading of the Top Sim of 2017: Cpts Jalana Rajel & Sal Taybrim – Captain to Captain Read by Kelrod and Lael Rosek
  • In and Out of Character Holiday Plans read by Kelrod
  • 118 Discord and Social Media Updates written and read by Zephyr
  • Fleet Announcements written by Lael Rosek and read By Zephyr

Click here to listen to this podcast now on YouTube.

Podcast #8 – Ships in Focus: Veritas!

Our intrepid Podcast Team has produced another amazing episode, this time focusing in on the USS Veritas, her crew, and her captain.

Check out these highlights:

  • Announcements and a welcome to the fleet, covering graduates from July to August
  • Presentations of select sims: “Can’t Sleep? Parts I & II,” “Lucky Luna,” and “The Arduous Path”
  • An insider’s look at the Search and Rescue (SAR) Team, written & read by Kelrod
  • Interview with Captain Rahman of the Veritas, by Lael Rosek

Click here to listen to the episode now. Make sure to subscribe to our channel to see new episodes when they’re available!

The Podcast Team is creating community content every month

The members of our Podcast Team are working together to deliver to our community new content each month that informs and entertains. Our YouTube channel, where these podcasts are posted, helps to improve our search engine rankings and draw in prospective members.

If you’re a skilled writer, someone who enjoys writing music, or even someone who has a great reading voice, the Podcast Team could use your talents. Live sim readings, music composition, and script writing are important parts of putting together the podcast.

To find out more about the team, and how to get involved, head to our forums and leave your contact information.

Join us today to help us wrap up the September podcast and plan for the November podcast!

New podcast: SB118 Past, present, and future!

The Podcast Team is proud to present the third podcast of 2394, titled: Starbase 118 — Past, Present, and Future

Highlights of this edition include:

  • Welcome new Academy graduates to the fleet – read by Kelrod
  • 22nd Annual Awards Ceremony – read by Kelrod
  • The History of 118, the present, and some hope going forward
  • Exclusive interview with Captain Selene Faranfey of the USS Athena
  • Dramatic reading of a 2016 Top Sim: “Lt. Cmdrs. T’Lea and Rune Jolara: Defying a Direct Order” – read by Alora DeVeau
  • An article on the importance of OOC and IC development – written by Sabrina Holly and read by Lael Rosek
  • Fleet announcements – read by Lael Rosek

Click here to listen to this podcast on YouTube.

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