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The Trek Plate Special: Glazed Salmon, and Green Beans

::As the logo swells with the music it is replaced by a happily smiling human looking man with grey hair and a white apron around chef’s whites that are technically medical collar blue in color.::

Ritellian: ::With a happy laugh as he smiles into the holo recorders.:: Hello my friends! Doctor Regulus Ritellian here again to show you how to survive without a replicator! Or more importantly have a use for individual items in So today I’ve got three things for you that are sweet, spicy and good enough to curl a Vulcans ears and flatten Klingon ridges! ::Another happy laugh echoes from the old man as shot pulls wide and the lights come up showing him standing in a kitchen.:: So come on and let’s get started.

Mixed Berry Cobbler

Poor Trip, fending off ladies of all species who find him simply irresistible! In “Stigma,” it’s one of Dr. Phlox’s wives, Feezal. Trip desperately tries to keep Hoshi at the mess hall table when he sees Feezal approaching him, urging her to “try the cobbler – Chef outdid himself!” When Connor came wanting to taste the cobbler before shooting the scene, he took a bite, then said “Better get LOTS of that ready, ‘cause I’ll be diggin’ in!” Yes sir, Commander! (…and get some ready for Ensign Sato, too – Linda was right behind Connor, asking for her own bowl of cobbler!) 

Carbon Creek Chili

Ever wonder what it would be like to eat that which the crew of Enterprise ate? Help comes from outer space via North Hollywood! Enterprise food stylist Dorothy Duder delivering fresh made, non-reconstituted, non-replicated Carbon Creek Chilli that’ll warm your dilithium. It is the actual recipe served in the Enterprise episode “Carbon Creek.” Whip up a heapin’ helpin’ and watch T’Pol invent velcro, while demonstrating Vulcans really have a soft touch.

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