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Captain’s Corner – Tyr Waltas

Welcome to another edition of “Captain’s Corner!” This time around, we meet a truly unique commanding officer in our fleet. Captain Tyr Waltas is the only Ba’ku officer serving in our fleet at this time. Also, he commands the only non-canon Starship in our fleet… the Ronin Class USS Discovery-B! Recently in character, Captain Waltas was married to Commander Eden Redstone in a ceremony on his homeworld. We  offer him and his wife congratulations!

A few weeks before the ceremony, Captain Waltas took some time and answered a few of my questions.


Nathan Baker: What is your earliest recollection of Star Trek?


Tyr Waltas: I watched the original series re-runs when they were played by Fox TV. I recorded them and watched them religiously until I’d seen every one, then moved on to the existing movies (I believe ST3 had just come out).

Captain’s Corner – Sam Perkins

It’s time for another up close look at one of the Commanding Officers that helps our group continue it’s great journey of exploration! This time, we take the turbolift to Deck 1 of the USS Constitution-B and chat with Captain Samuel Perkins. Captain Perkins was nice enough to take time and answer some of our questions.

Nathan Baker: What is your earliest recollection of Star Trek?

Sam Perkins: Watching the episode Shore leave from the original series on my late grandfather’s knee.

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