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Urgent Fleet-wide Bulletin: Duster’s Range Quaratined

FROM: Fleet Operations
TO: All Starfleet vessels, stations and facilities

Please be advised that on Stardate 238806.04, the crew of the USS Constitution-B, on temporary assignment for Starbase 94 Search and Rescue Operations, arrived at Lecereon Omega — more commonly known as Duster’s Range — to investigate the colony’s sudden silence. Once inside the colony the away team discovered evidence that the mining colony of Duster’s Range had become the victim of a Borg incursion.

The Lecereon System shall be considered quarantined immediately and under no circumstances are any Starfleet vessels to enter the system.

More details will follow as they become available.


Fleet-Wide Security Bulletin

FROM: Starfleet Security HQ, San Francisco, Earth
TO: Security chiefs of all Starfleet vessels and installations

Recent events in our galaxy have placed an old foe in a new light — that of the refugee.  We refer, of course, to the Romulans and the aftermath of the Hobus star going nova.

While we at Starfleet Security extend our greatest sympathies to the Romulan people and do not in any way wish to minimize or marginalize the tragedy that has befalled the Romulan Empire, we feel that we must not lose sight of Starfleet Security’s primary mandate — the protection of personnel serving on Starfleet vessels, bases and facilities.

Reports have recently surfaced from various sources detailing incidents in which Tal’Shiar agents and other Romulans hostile to the Federation have been found aboard Starfleet vessels, posing as refugees.  While to this point, these individuals have not caused significant damage or injury, their presence should remind us that while we all sympathize with the current plight of the Romulan people, we must remain vigilate against those who would exploit such a situation to further their own goals.  The destruction of Romulus and the resukting deaths of the majority of the Romulan Senate has created a vast power vaccuum in the fractured Empire.  The Tal’Shiar and other Imperial splinter groups are no longer restrained by the political savvy of the Senate and as such have become infitiely more dangerous.

Starfleet must help the Romulan people in their time of need, but we must not let down our guard.

We, Starfleet Security, are the first and last line of defense for those with whom we serve.

Constant vigilance.

StarBase 118 Security Conference

The first ever StarBase 118 Security Conference is currently underway! A massive joint sim between multiple security and intelligence officers, the conference — being written right now on the forums — is designed to help build a greater sense of unity and continuity between our vessels and to ensure that “in-character” our crews are aware of threats and potential threats that may affect them.

The StarBase 118 Security Conference has confirmed participants from the following vessels:

  • USS Aurora
  • USS Challenger
  • USS Constitution
  • USS Discovery
  • USS Drake
  • USS Victory

If you’d like to check in on the conference, you can stop by the “Security” forum! 

Betazed attacked, 1.2 million feared dead

The Betazoid city of Ohmallera lies in ruin today after a devastating orbital bombardment. Though rescue efforts are underway, utilizing resources from nearby cities and towns as well as Starfleet resources, hope of finding more survivors dwindles with each passing hour.