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Counseling Conference

The Counseling Conference is a place for the counselors of the fleet to interact with their peers, and learn new techniques for simming this challenging role. The Conference mixes IC and OOC discussions on the role of Counselor. We will provide a means for the counselors to quickly contact their peers for advice or brainstorming sessions.

Star Trek Online

“* Star Trek Online has updated their Star Trek history section, with new information for the year 2383.”

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our August Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Aislinn O’Hanlon, Arden Riza, Lucien Landau, Nicole Ann Steelheart, Sakara Virgo, Sasak, Tallis Rhul, Zania Nyx, Ashtad Gee, and Slakesssh Krassha!!

Species Development Committee Needs You!

I am Captain Robin Phoenix, head of the newly conditioned SDC (Species Development Committee).

Want to be part of this group by means of OOC tasking and being an important link in the chain of SB118? Are you willing, but unsure about the amount of time you have to spend each day, week or month? Then here is the answer: SDC, we need you to volunteer!

Join, and discuss new and pending (non) canon or invented species and their place within SB118. Send your voice to the CC (Captain’s Council), discuss, talk, create, decline,using our wiki…. your voice is yours and it shall be heard! Make the difference you seek!

Contact for more information, or to sign up at once: Email me, Captain Robin Phoenix, or request membership at the SDC Yahoo! group.

We’ll be waiting!

Lower Decks

This month we put 1st Lieutenant Kalianna “Kali” Arashi Nicholotti in the “Lower Decks” spotlight. She’s one of the fast thinking, hard hitting Marines on the USS Resolution, who puts a great deal of thought into her sims, and that includes her character’s name.

Kali came to us after seeing the new Star Trek movie, hoping to find a PBEM RPG that would rekindled the sci-fi love she had as a kid. She said, “I read the site, the guides, and everything else, and made my way over to the forums. I finally said “what the heck” and threw out an application to see if it was still alive. Much to my surprise, and delight, I got a response the next day. The rest, as they say, is history.”

Vulcan Chat

Vulcans, part-Vulcans, and anyone interested in Vulcans, it is now time for our second Vulcan chat. You do not need to be a guild member to participate. The chat will be held on Tuesday, August 18th at 5:30 p.m. EST. We look forward to seeing you there. If you cannot participate in this chat but would be interested in attending another held at a different time, please let us know here.

New Commanding Officer at Starbase 118 Operations

Commander Lily Ventu, most recently Starfleet Ambassador aboard Starbase 118 Operations, has taken over for Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh as commanding officer. Congratulations, Commander, and best of luck to you and your crew!

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our July Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: K’jharr, Freya Andersen, James Archer Canis, T’Reshik, Ashtad Gee, Slakesssh Krassha, Lucien Landau, Nicole Ann Steelheart, Sakara Virgo, Sasak, Tallis Rhul, and Arden Riza!

Life in Starfleet

with Commander Toni Turner

My guest columnist for “Life in Starfleet” is Della Vetri, hailing from the USS Constitution. She will be giving us some insight on how to sim a Counselor.

June Academy Graduates

Please welcome our June Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: K’jharr, Freya Andersen, James Archer Canis, Kathalia Goodhart, Nearian Ben’thal, Korag Novuu, T’Pon, Natal Jorem, Li’Tam Valae, Marcus Dickens, Varg, and Guy Perry Hunt!

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