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http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/images/5/51/Sav1uniformbackground.jpgSaveron is the Chief Medical officer on the USS Garuda. He began his career aboard the USS Ronin under the command of Captain Toni Turner back in 2388. Between then and now, he has seen ships launch, introduced his son to the Laudean people, confronted the Borg and acted as chief medic and advisor to a selection of captains throughout the fleet.

When not in sickbay, he practices Vulcan martial arts, reads and plays music. He is strongly averse to the use of phasers. He is known for keeping a white pet tribble and has a holographic piano! The best advice for anyone visiting his quarters, though, is to wear an EV suit – he likes to keep them at Vulcan humidity, temperature and gravity, so it may not be a comfortable visit otherwise!

INTRODUCING A NEW FEATURE: Each month from here on out we will also be announcing the judges’ star pick – the bio that came close to winning the round but was just pipped to the line! This month, our star pick bio belongs to Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx,  so congratulations to him!!

Lieutenant Commander Saveron’s Bio will be displayed on the wiki’s front page for the month of January. As always, you can find out more about the contest at its wiki page or in its forum. Round 3 is now open, so be sure to drop by and submit your own nominations!

Welcome to Ravensville

In the shadow of the asylum, the grey, drab town of Ravensville languishes, its population of 4,000 living from day to day in a world bereft of colour and warmth. Those lucky enough to be working in the asylum rather than being confined to its cells struggle daily to balance the bills and workload of both its hospital and psychiatric wings. The run down ambulance has fallen once again into disrepair, but then given the crumbling paint, graffiti on the interior walls and general sorry state of the facility, that has become run of the mill. The moribund corridors are haunted by a melancholy tune played in a near constant loop by one of the most dangerous inmates, Joran Kellan. Increasingly, he has withdrawn from the outside world and communicates only by playing the ramshackle piano in the Festinger ward’s music therapy room…

Those in pursuit of a shred of hope will likely find there is none; neither on the weed-choked forecourt of Kael’s Garage nor within the Plaza Caglia, the local excuse for a restaurant and bar. Rumour has it that the recent renovation of the local social hotspot (as the only establishment in the town that opens later than 6pm has come to be known) involved nothing more than the installation of several stolen televisions and a lick of cheap paint.

Meanwhile, the police department has met with a rare thrill – a high speed chase between two of its officers and a town resident seemingly desperate to make it to the freeway. When it becomes glaringly apparent that the asylum is to be her next destination, the question must be asked: will this be the fate of all who dwell in Ravensville?

Thrust into a brand new reality with parallel histories, no aliens and set in 2013, will the crew of the USS Vigilant unravel the mystery of Ravensville, or will this be the only future they will ever know…

Publicity Team Update! How can you help?

Queues of eager cadets banging on access hatchways and docking ports and attempting to hijack transporter consoles to get themselves posted onto our group’s fleet of top quality ships… that’s the dream of the publicity team and we’re definitely attracting some attention from various different corners of the internet and real world as our ongoing campaigns continue to generate interest in the group. However – the golden rule with a publicity campaign is that you can never be enough in the public eye! We’ve recently expanded our regular monthly efforts to include the Star Trek.com and Star Trek Online forums, encouraging trek fans to come and join us by tempting them with mouth watering insights into the plots of our ships – which means that your character’s actions themselves could have a direct impact on hooking in a brand new cadet! Wouldn’t it be great if there was another way for you to help us raise our numbers and, in turn, create the opportunity to launch brand new ships, create promotion opportunities and help us build in popularity? Well… there is!

For this month’s mission possible, the Publicity Team is asking you for a very simple task that should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete. All you need to do is put together a 300 word (min.) article on a subject relating to ANY of the following tasks: Star Trek, Sci-Fi, Science, Roleplaying, Writing. Pick something that you find interesting, such as how to write for your favourite duty post or alien species, a recent scientific development or a cool way you’ve discovered to help describe your character’s surroundings from their own perspective. You name it – as long as it relates to one of those topics, it’s fair game! Once you’re done, just email it to diegoherrera118@yahoo.co.uk and your job is done! As part of our network there are a few other Star Trek and roleplaying blogs that are always looking for short articles to post up, so if we have a bank of them then that helps us to create stronger links with those groups while also getting our name out there to advertise!

If you’d like to join our team of intrepid volunteers then you can also mail the email address above – remember, we need you to keep making the magic happen!

Forum Fanatics Required!

Greetings to all of your fast-fingered forum fanatics! It’s time for you to heed the call to arms as UFOP: SB118 extends its reach to two of the most high profile active Star Trek forums on the internet – Star Trek and Star Trek Online!

To keep our name where people can see it, we need to post material that will keep our threads near the top of the list. Doing that is an art, because we also don’t want to annoy people by spamming irrelevant things, or with the ever dreaded *bump*. Fortunately, every single one of us has the best possible resource: our characters!

So how can you help? Well, it’s a lot easier than you may think. Once a week, you can head to our threads below and post your character’s “personal log” for the week. Not only will this keep our thread somewhere where it’s likely to be read, it will also allow people from the Star Trek and STO communities to see what it’s like to write with the UFOP: SB118 fleet – and quite frankly, how could they resist? You can find our Star Trek.com thread here http://www.startrek.com/boards-topic/33381056/ufop-starbase-118-recruiting-now and our Star Trek Online thread here http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=851961

It’s also possible that we might get questions from forum users – if you see one that hasn’t been answered yet then feel free to answer if you’re able!

Of course, if you’re interested in joining the publicity team to help promote the group in other ways as well then please mail Fleet Captain Diego Herrera and you’ll be added to the team quick as a flash!

Thanks everyone – let’s get those personal logs pouring in!

M.I.A.Y.R.W.M.O. – Why you’d be mad to miss Ongoing Worlds: Fall Fest 2013

118-Fall-FestIt’s easy for the host of an event to turn around and brandish clichéd slogans about their events. “Miss it, miss out” is a great example of that – a stopgap phrase that works wonders for fluffing out a generic advert that doesn’t seem too exciting. That’s why in this case we need extra letters – miss it and you really will miss out – and I’m even prepared to go the extra mile and tell you why! This year’s fall fest is crammed to the gunnels with SIMming discussions that will help you bone up on your RPG know how no matter which group you belong to, science fiction trivia and live SIMs and our very own Fall Fest DJ, all hosted by UFOP: Starbase 118. Sound like a blast yet? Read on.

Right from the off, things will get deep as UFOP: SB118’s Velana examines some of the best known relationships from the Star Trek television series, leading a discussion on how they can influence your SIMming. Ever wondered what the secret behind a successful mission or episode is? Greir Reinard will be sharing his insights and tips, followed by Jhen Thelev, who will be completing a 118 trifecta with a discussion on world building. Hot on their heels, Silent Hunter of Phoenix Roleplaying will be running a discussion based around the Doctor Who anniversary and our discussions will be rounded up by Jazza from UCIP, who will be discussing the way in which immersive games have influenced roleplaying.

In other words, the discussion room this year is primed and ready to tool you up for the coming year on creating the setting and story for your SIM group, populating it with characters and using a range of sources to add realism and excitement – talk about a shot of enthusiasm and excitement!

Meanwhile, in a parallel dimension (otherwise known as room 2!) there will be more Star Trek and sci-fi trivia than you can shake a stick at, as well as a live SIM that will take the form of a good old fashioned monster mystery. No, that’s not a typo – I said monster mystery! Can you get to the bottom of it before your missing crew members are lost forever?

With our line-up already wall to wall with one-off interactive events that are guaranteed to keep you informed, enlightened and entertained, you’ll definitely want the chance to be there to take part, meet writers from other groups and compare notes about your SIMming experiences – there will even be a couple more events revealed as the week rolls on towards the most fantastic event on your SIMming calendars so stay tuned, watch this space and keep October 11th free – UFOP: SB118’s doors are wide open, the Ongoing Worlds banners are already flying and we are all looking forward to seeing you there! M.I.A.Y.R.W.M.O.!!!!

Flying the Flag for UFOP: Starbase 118

Friends, Romulans, Undiscovered Countrymen! Lend me your ears and approximately two minutes of your time to find out how you can help us spread the word about UFOP: Starbase 118 reliably, quickly, easily and for FREE!

The wizards from the image team have rustled us up a top dollar poster that can be displayed in comic book, sci-fi memorabilia and board game stores and we need you to help us by taking one to a place in your city where you can get it some face time! We cover the costs of mailing to you – all you have to do is walk in, ask nicely if you can take up some of their board or window space and then the magic begins. From that point forward, we effectively have an extra person doing publicity work for us as passers by will have their eyes drawn to the poster and be unable to resist joining!

All you need to do to get your hands on one of these beauties is hit one of the following links – we’ll mail to any English-speaking country!

US: https://www.starbase118.net/members/personnel/forms/flier/

UK/Canada/Aus/NZ/Other: https://www.starbase118.net/members/personnel/forms/flier-uk/

Thanks for reading – now hit one of those links, and we’ll get one of our promotional posters headed your way!

Publicity Update: How Can You Help?

Ladies, Gentlemen and members of the myriad other genders that belong to the non-Terran species that populate the galaxy, welcome to this month’s publicity team update! We’re here to keep you in the loop on what’s been happening over the course of the last month, as well as let you know how you can help over the course of the next few weeks!

First of all, the publicity team would like to thank everyone who sent in an article after our cheeky plug during the fleet chat in July. Anyone who’s able to help us in our efforts by sending in a 300 word article on a Star Trek, SIMming or writing related topic, please mail Fleet Captain Herrera directly with your article and he’ll make sure it gets used! Quite often, we’re able to establish links with other sites and blogs and it’s great to have a stock of these articles so that we can strengthen our reputation with other roleplaying and writing communities around the net!

Talking of which – this month’s mission possible for the fleet at large is to get in contact with Fleet Captain Herrera with a link to a Star Trek or online roleplaying blog! Having a bank of articles is a great thing. Having somewhere to send them is even better! The more friends we can make in the internet community, the more likely it is that they will refer people to us if they’re look for a Star Trek PBEM game – that translates directly into brand new crew members for the fleet!

We’ve recently been lucky enough to add a couple more members to the publicity team but there’s still plenty of room for you to join if you can spare just 15 minutes per week! Becoming a member of the team is simple: all you need to do is click this link and click join! We’re always looking for new members who are interested in spreading the word about the group and, in return, service on the team will help you to fulfil your OOC promotion requirements!

Thankyou all in advance for taking the time to help us out – it’s much appreciated. Until next time!

August 2013’s Featured Bio: Major Leo Handley-Page

Major Leo Handley-Page, a half-human/half-Byzallian, is the Strategic Operations Officer and Marine CO aboard the USS Vigilant. His colourful history with Starfleet has left him with the perfect mixture of skills for serving on the frontier. Aboard the Vigilant, Leo is known for his chirpy, gung-ho attitude and use of ‘Briticisms’, although Leo’s upbringing in Oxford, England came as a result of his rescue from a much less friendly world.


Somewhat of a ladies’ man, Leo has been linked with a number of officers on the ship’s rumour mill. He can often be found in the ship’s bar, the Watchpost, in female company, and his karaoke skills have gone down in Vigilant legend. His love-hate relationship with long standing colleague Eyas Wulfantine is a constant thorn in the side of the Pythron security officer. Leo also enjoys taking part in high-octane holonovels and is a follower of Parrises Squares, common ground that he shares with the Vigilant’s commanding officer.


Major Leo Handley-Page’s bio will be displayed on the wiki’s front page for the month of July. As always, you can find out more about the contest at its wiki page or in its forum. Round 15 is now open, so be sure to drop by and submit your own nominations!

2013 Blockbuster Preview! “Through Open Gates”

The Iconian Gateways. Artefacts of a civilisation that has long since passed into legend. Each one a door to any number of locations, some impossibly far away, some deep in the heart of enemy territory. They represent the pinnacle in scientific advancement for a long lost people, a wonder of the known universe… and a terrible threat to the security of the Federation.

Over the last few months, more and more instances of Iconian Gateways have been reported to Starfleet Command, who have ordered each one of them so far to be destroyed. According to current intelligence, instances of new gates are being reported quicker than they can be closed. Just how far does this network spread? More to the point, who else knows that the gates exist?

As the Starbase 118 fleet begins to mobilise, they gear themselves up to battle incredible odds and address the destablising effect that the gates are already having on Federation space. A species exploited through their inability to understand Iconian technology. The rapid spread of a virulent alien plague, compounded each time a new harbinger of pestilence arrives. An operation to recover an unwitting officer from behind enemy lines. An allied world in the grip of an infestation of terrifying parasites. The resolve and skills of officers throughout to the fleet will surely be put to the test: will worlds be saved and gateways closed, or has the ancient Iconian network already connected too many worlds, crushing the galaxy in its ever closing grasp?

This summer, many of the ships in the fleet will be a part of our annual blockbuster: “Through Open Gates”. This is your chance to be forever remembered as a part of our universe’s canon and for the name to be forever engraved into the history books. One thing is for certain – with gates springing up all over the galaxy, each leading to any number of hostile or previously undiscovered worlds, you had better be prepared!

Publicity Team: Flying High

This month, the Publicity Team is flying high or, more specifically, flyering high! Do you have a local book, comic or tabletop gaming store near you? Well then you can help!

This is a blanket call to all members of the fleet to join in with the publicity team’s special project for the month. We need YOU to head to this link and follow the instructions to receive a FREE Starbase 118 flyer. All you need to do then is ask for permission to show it off in pride of place in one of the types of store mentioned above. All you have to do is ask the store owners politely for permission – they’ll tell you where such things can be placed! Zap us a picture to show us that your town is now doing your publicity work for you – every flyer we put up effectively counts as a rep from Starbase 118 standing in the store in which it has been deployed, spreading the word about the awesome experience that is lying in wait for our prospective members!

If you’re interested in helping us out in any other way, head here to find out how!

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