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Poll of the Week: Love is in the Air

Troi & Riker at their wedding in Nemesis. This week, Poll of the Week asks you to vote for the couple that you found most interesting to watch across the five Star Trek television series. Were you tantalised by Jean-Luc and Beverly’s game of romantic catch as catch can? Were you absorbed by the intensity of Worf’s relationship with Dax? Did you have to take anti-nausea medication when you saw Wesley Crusher’s relationship with Salia almost take root? We’d like you to come let us know, so come on down!

An Interview with David Mack

You heard it here first! We’re excited to announce that Star Trek: Destiny author David Mack has agreed to an email interview with StarBase 118 members. We’re aiming to seek his advice on characterisation, and we want YOUR input on the questions that we’ll ask! The deadline for this is Sunday, January 30th, and the top 5 questions as voted by the Publicity Team will be sent to Mr. Mack for his consideration! Could your question be one of those 5? Not unless you go here to submit it!

Poll of the Week: To Be, or Not to Be?

This week, Poll of the Week asks: “are you an actor?” Maybe you have some experience of stepping onto the stage at school? Perhaps you’re a member of an amateur dramatics company or theatre group? Or maybe you’re actually one of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and you’ve been waiting all this time to break it to us? Either way, we’d like to hear about your acting experiences, so come on down!

January/February Writing Challenge is a go!

With the arrival of the New Year comes the start of a new round for the Writing Challenge! This time, the topic is “Song and Silence”, as decided by last round’s winner, Chief Petty Officer Radi Rais of the USS Victory. Nov./Dec. saw a fantastic turnout in terms of entries, so let’s see if we can get even more this time? Always thought about entering, but not got round to it? Been a while since you submitted something? Drop by the Writing Challenge forum and submit your story today!

Poll of the Week: Less Fiction, More Science

This week, Poll of the Week asks: “Which branch of the Sciences are you most interested in, and why?” Do you have a particular interest that’s part of your job, or a scientific hobby? Has one of the sciences always mesmerised you, and you can’t put your finger on why? Come on down to Poll of the Week, and let us know!

Poll of the Week: The Future of Trek

This week’s Poll of the Week asks you to tell us where you think the Star Trek franchise should be headed in 2011 and the future! Are you a fan of the Abramsverse, or should it never have come into being? Is there anything that you would like to see happen? Should plans finally be drawn up for a Deep Space Nine or Voyager film? Head on down and let us know!

Poll of the Week: Holiday Hi-jinx

Yes, with the holiday season firmly upon us, Poll of the Week asks you which winter activity you like doing best. Do you like to mercilessly pelt your friends, neighbours and anything that moves with snowball after snowball, or would you rather be wrapped up inside with a mug of hot cocoa? Why not drop in and let us know?

Poll of the Week: SB118 Dream Crew Command Staff

This week, we’re voting on the final additions to the StarBase 118 Dream Crew, to be announced at the end of the year. With the rest of the crew assembled, the call for a captain and first officer is out. Just who do you think would be the best man or woman to sit in the center chair? Come on down to poll of the week and cast your vote!

Poll of the Week: Do You Game?

This week, we’re asking you to let us know what games you like to play outside of StarBase 118. Are you hooked on the new Call of Duty? Or do you prefer to stay in RPG land, perhaps with Final Fantasy? Or for you traditionalists out there, do you jump at the chance to get some friends round for a good old game of Monopoly? We’re eager to hear from you in this week’s Poll of the Week.

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