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USS Independence-A, No Longer NX!

Well, it finally happened. In a ceremony with much fanfare, champagne and even poetry, the USS Independence-A, a Prometheus-class vessel in our community, has (after just over four years of the harshest testing and preparation a ship can endure) finally lost the “NX” experimental prefix.

This makes its official registration NCC-1776-A. We wish the USS Independence-A and her crew happy sailing in the years ahead!

Meet Ensign Nevarass

Deltans, a species which first debuted in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, are a species of philosophically advanced, extremely sexual beings who believe Humans to be sexually immature. They are characterized by their bald heads and those in the service of Starfleet are required to take an oath of celibracy. Today I have the pleasure of interviewing the writer for Ensign Alahndra Lelwin Nevarass, a Deltan who serves on the USS Independence-A.

Sinda Essen, Bajoran/Cardassian Hybrid

Any fan of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would know of the Bajorans, the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor and the brutality that went on there. One of the outcomes of that occupation was a number of half Bajorian, half Cardassian children- including Sinda Essen, the subject of tonight’s interview.

Meet the USS Drake

USS DrakeTonight we have a very special guest in my interview room- Captain Quinn Reynolds, formally of the USS Eagle, now promoted to Captain and offered her own command. The vessel she’s chosen? The USS Drake, a Miranda-class vessel, a relic from the Original Series days, still in the service of Starfleet after all this time.

Let’s learn a little more about it.

USS Victory – What’s an “MSPNPC?”

USS EagleAs necessitated by good drama, every ship throughout the fleet requires an ample supply of villains. Antagonists, foes, someone for the crew to work against.

Each ship handles villains differently. On most ships, they are simply NPCs or PNPCs that the writers create when they feel it appropriate or when asked by command. On the USS Victory however, while villains can and are created in this fashion, every big mission the ship goes on plays host to Mission Specific Personal-Non-Playing-Characters… or MSPNPCs.

Ship Closeup – The Air Group, USS Independence-A

The USS Independence-A, a Prometheus class vessel, packs a little more punch than your typical vessel of that configuration. Its secret lies in her Fighter compliment – twelve Mauls in total. From these, the Independence keeps one of the Mauls, the single “FA-150R variant”, as a Search and Rescue unit; occasionally, one or two shuttles are pressed into this role as well. The 11th Maul is given to the Marine Corps aboard the ship for their use. That leaves ten Mauls aboard the Indy and it is these Mauls form the Air Group. The few, the crazy, and the very very proud.

Prometheus Class: Multi-Vector Attack Mode

In Greek mythology, Prometheus was a Titan who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals. His myth has been treated by a number of ancient sources, in which Prometheus is credited with – or blamed for – playing a pivotal role in the early history of mankind. We have one Prometheus class ship in our fleet, the USS Independence-A. One of the tricks up her sleeve is a maneuver called Multi-Vector Attack Mode.

Interview with Counselor Askade

On every Starfleet vessel and installation a counselor is present to see to the mental well-being of the crew. The role of the counselor is a very important one and they are, in every way, a valuable member of the medical staff of a vessel- many of them hold medical degrees in addition to any other degrees (almost always psychology), although counselors with more esoteric qualifications are permitted to serve.

Today I present an interview with Counselor Askade, one of our new councilors in the fleet.

The Tromu-Vulc

Ahh, science fiction.

Lieutenant Commander T’Lea on the USS Aurora is pregnant. Who’s the “father”? None other than her partner, Commander Della Vetri… following these links (and looking at their genders) will illuminate the issue fairly clearly!

HowTo: Writer Interviews, Part II

Last time we discussed ideas for approaching your fellow writers for interviews. In this article, we’ll discuss the interview itself- it’s a presented in a step-by-step format, but is really a guide. There really is no “best way” of doing things, as we’ll find out…

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