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Poll of the Week: Canon Character Biography

This week, we’re looking for which canon character’s biography you’d most like to curl up with and read. Because there were so many to choose from, it’s 2 votes for the price of 1! What are you waiting for? Go take a look!

Poll of the Week: Favorite SIM Scenario?

This week, we’re looking for your favorite scenario! What do you most enjoy simming for? Go vote!

Congratulations Lt Cruise!

The writer behind Lt Allen Cruise of the Ronin became a grandfather on the 10th of January. His newborn grandaughter was named Kayleigh and born at 1:18am. Congratulations from everyone in UFOP: StarBase 118.

A Marriage in the Family

The writers behind Jackford Kolk (Ronin) and Karynn Ehlanii (Independence) are due to “tie the knot” today. On behalf of everyone in the fleet, we wish them all the best for married life and hope they enjoy a long and happy life together.

Vote for SB118 as “Top Star Trek RPG Group”

We’re in the running for “Star Trek Games'” annual Players Choice Awards in the “Top Star Trek RPG/CLAN/SIM Group” category with two other groups! Think that we’re the best group? Then just head to the STG forums and register, then vote for us — very simple! A great showing in this category will bring in some much-needed links and publicity for our group.

Congratulations Lt Cmdr Hilzarie!

Congratulations to the writer behind Lt Cmdr Gwen Hilzarie, who gave birth to her first child last Friday. Named Christopher Warren Taylor, her new son weighed in at 9 pounds 14.5 ounces.

Writing Challenge Winner & Next Round

Congratulations to Delinda Sharee (“Dawn Breaking the Night”), winner of the Sep./Oct. ’08 Writing Challenge! Head to the Writing Challenges area of the website for more info. Our next challenge (theme: “What if the Federation descended into a civil war?”) has just begun, and is open until Dec. 26th! Head to the Writing Challenge Forum to participate!

New Enterprise Design Unveiled

The first full picture of the Enterprise has been unveiled in advance of the 2009 film Star Trek. The picture is followed by a new trailer on the official film website released today. These developments and more can be discussed in the Star Trek XI Update thread on our forums.

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest class of Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Kane Mitchells and Carson Ral!

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