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Star Trek – The Fun Generation

By Commander Rhys Bejain, First Officer, USS Kodiak

“Jaygee to Lieutenant Commander…ah… that was the time I enjoyed the most in UFoP.” Time and time again, senior staff will say that with a smile of inner knowing. It is quite true. You are having fun simming, pushing the plot forward, battling the Romulans or Dominion, or whoever. You do not have to worry about the paperwork, the organization, the assorted minutiae of running a ship, even a cyberspace ship. But for the people in the thick of it, the Jaygees and Lieutenants, it can be a frustrating time of waiting for responsibility and command. Recently, I talked with Lieutenant Paul Diamond, CMO of the Constitution-B about his views on the UFOP, on senior staff, and on the promotion process. Made for quite an interview.

The Battle of Betazed

Reviewed by: Lt Commander Alana Devar

The Battle of Betazed, by Charlotte Douglas and Susan Kearney
Published by Pocket Books, copyright 2002.

Starship Focus: USS Columbia

The USS Columbia NCC-85279, named for a twentieth-century NASA space shuttle, launched on Stardate 238103.03 just over one year ago. This Nebula class vessel is part of the post Dominion war Starfleet’s aims to reassert itself as a scientific body in light of a better galaxy-wide political situation. The Columbia‘s primary mandate is for scientific and exploration missions, as well as the development and testing of new technology.

End of a Titanic era?

Lieutenant Alexandrovich Vorobijev, Chief Engineer of the Titan talks with Captain Draigon, and first officer, Lieutenant Ilic, about their proposed new vessel, the USS Morningstar.

Ship Closeup: USS Atlantis

Ensign Salek from the USS Wallace takes us through the newly commissioned USS Atlantis under the command of Commander Varaan.

Obituary – Ltjg K’trani Vr’Ner

On February 14, 2005, the player of Lieutenant K’trani Vr’Ner, Chief Science Officer of the USS Kodiak, passed away. He had a brain tumor that he was fighting all the time he was playing.


Ensign Joran Tavex discusses the Trill. The story includes an interview with and sim from Idril Mar.

The Daystrom Institute Technical Library

A review of the Daystrom Institute Technical Library, a useful resource for the online simmer. Available at http://www.ditl.org

“Star Charts” Book Review

“Star Trek Star Charts: The Complete Atlas of Star Trek,” Review by: Lieutenant Commander Devar, XO, USS Wallace/Deep Space 17

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