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October post counts

This October we saw a surge of activity! The start of school has settled down, Halloween approached. People were energized by the Halloween contest, and we saw an increase of simming throughout the fleet.

From September to October we increased our average per ship by 19 sims. This was achieved by a combined effort through our fleet to excite our crews and the total post count went from 1401 to 1555, which was a total increase of 154 sims! Additionally, we have surpassed last year’s average for October by 43 sims. Take a look:

By the end of October, five of our eight ships have seen renewed energy on their ships, and it is noticeable. The lowest peak in sim count was from the Darwin, having stayed pretty steady from their very nice post total in September of 194 to October’s ending count of 209. Other ships that were further down on their luck, like the Embassy and Athena, having pulled 158 and 159 sims respectively in September saw a minimal of 50+ sim increases, putting them at 212 and 283 for October.


Way to go fleet!

September post counts

September 22 marked the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, a time when summer vacations end and school begins again. This transition is felt every autumn when our numbers do what the season typically is called: fall. In the past eight years, we’ve seen an average decline of 2 to 36 sims around September. This year was no different, although slightly larger dip than normal. That’s to be expected when the rest of the year has been so incredibly high. Let’s take a look:


All the ships throughout the fleet saw a decline in the average number of sims, although some – like Darwin and Embassy – had smaller changes than others.


But we’re not worried! We know that, although September and October are usually slower simming months, we’re getting ready for a big boost in December.

August post counts

In August we had the excitement of launching a new ship, putting our group with a total of eight! This launch pulled in crew from throughout the fleet and while our overall sim count climbed, our average dropped for the month of August as we get used to another ship in the fleet. The drop was minor though as the average dropped from 233 to 221. But this time last year the average was at 184, so we are still doing really well.


As we look at the numbers from ship to ship, we can really see who was hit by the end of summer, beginning of the school year and launch of a new ship. Three ships climbed as the excitement welled up, while the others ended with some “end of summer blues.”

The biggest climb was accomplished by Ops, which went from 217 to 329, followed by the Invicta which went from 169 to 249. The biggest hit was the Darwin with a drop from 333 to 201, followed by the Athena who was hit with a drop from 312 to 194. Even with these drops, all of our ships have full, active crews.

(Also keep in mind, for the Za below, that they launched about halfway through the month – with this pace, they’re sure to have a great month in September!)


July post counts

This July has been a good month for our ships – perhaps the new movie has inspired our members? Traditionally, July has been a month people spend on vacations, enjoying family and their time off and as a result, we’ve often seen a dip in activity this month of the year. In the past eight years of recordkeeping, we have only seen an increase to the monthly averages in July on two previous occasions. But this year we add a third, with the biggest average jump of 24 sims per ship! Last year our average for July was 184, and this year it was 233.


This jump shows an increase for more than half of the ships in our fleet. We’ve seen an increase of 38 sims from June to July with the Constitution, 82 sims for the Embassy, 98 sims for the Darwin, and 110 for the Athena (former Doyle crew) as they launch the new ship. Even the drops, as some ships wrap up missions and move towards shore leave, weren’t that steep. The largest dip was 39, while the smallest dip was 17. This is just a sign of exciting times for our crews!


Let’s keep up the momentum going into August and plan for another great month!

June post counts

June, the start of summer break for those who are students, or are related to students. This break frequently causes a shift in our sim counts from the school year to the summer. Many times we see an increase in simming activity, as people are no longer busy with school related activities. However, occasionally, as happened this year, we see a drop probably caused by the beginning of summer vacations, and shifting personnel from those who needed to take school related LOA and those taking a summer related one. This year, we went from the average per ship of 220 sims in May, to a 208 average for June. (In the chart below, red represents 2016 while blue represents 2015.)


While the overall fleet average dropped by 12 sims per month, our individual ships show a more varied range. In June the steepest climb was Starbase 118 Ops, with a 44 increase from last month, leaving them at 256. Our deepest drop was the Doyle, whose total from last month was 285, while fell 56 sims putting them at 202. Another sharp drop was the Invicta, which went from 229 in May to 188 in June. Other ships stayed closer to their May numbers during June.

My prediction in May was for a climb in June, but it with things steadying through the end of June, hopefully we’ll see that climb in July.

May post counts

Our fleet has taken what were our weaker months of the year last year and turned them into some of the strongest months this year. Every month we have gained more strength! May is no exception to this rule. While traditionally if the fleet is gaining momentum in April, we see a drop in May. However, this year we’ve proved that wrong as we continue to climb! This year we have had the strongest May since we started keeping record in 2009.


In May, the overall fleet average climbed by 9 points, however our individual ships varied in their ups and downs. We saw a 51 sim drop from April to May with the Doyle, while Ops climbed 63 sims. And the Constitution retained its steady climb from 188 in March and 212 in April, to 260 in May! Other ships maintained steadier numbers from month to month, like the Darwin, which has been solid in the low to mid 200 range for the past seven months!


June historically holds even more activity, and I can see our numbers continuing to climb as we go into summer!

April post counts

Today is May the 4th, and National Star Wars day. Even though we are a Star Trek group, the force was with our membership in April. April was a good month, most of our ships experienced an upward climb in activity, or maintained their strength. This April was the second highest April since 2009!


As we reflect back on April, moving into the spring and warmer months in the northern hemisphere, we can see the thaw on the keyboards and creativity throughout the fleet. As is the norm, some ships experienced an spike, while others experienced a slight drop, next month they may be reversed. But, looking at the numbers only shows the activity, where we can see the Doyle experience another hike in numbers by 65 from last month’s total of 244. Other ships experiencing an increase boosting them over 200 were: the Embassy with an increase of 34, putting them at 201, and the Constitution with an increase of 24, putting them at 212.

Posts April

With our history, let’s hold off on predictions for next month, as historically our luck could go either way. Let’s just keep the plots fun and entertaining, the rest will take care of itself!

March post counts

Moving into April, past the joking of the first, we can reflect back on March with some good memories. The seven ships currently in the fleet have maintained strong simming habits. Every ship in the fleet maintained a stronger sim count than the fleet’s average a year ago of 164. Only three times since 2009 has our March average hit above 200, with those times being 2009, 2012 and this year! Way to go fleet!


Looking back on March, in comparison to February, we can see some ships have gotten off their mission highs and heading into shore leave, while others have walked right into them. It’s the way of the flow of the fleet. During shore leave, we expect to see more joint posts being submitted to the counts, which seems to impact the totals a bit. The strongest of the ships for this month is the Doyle-A, which seems to have picked up past it’s winter slump, rocking the charts for this month with 244 sims.


After looking back on our strength in March, and the fleet’s history through the years in April, we will be looking at another good month. Have fun and keep those sims coming!

February post counts

As the fleet moves into March, we look back on February as a solemn month for the fleet as one of our commanding officers had to step away and we made inactive the USS Apollo-A. As a group, the loss of this ship and her captain impacted the hearts around the fleet. Our mourning period was shown by a monthly average drop of 18 sims, from January’s 216 to February’s 198.

Even so, the enthusiasm around the fleet for our craft, the love of a good plot, and the companionship of great crews, as the average numbers from this year were 22 higher than last year’s average of 176!


The ships through the fleet have transitioned, some that were on shore leave in January were in full swing of a mission, while others moved into shore leave or slower portions of their missions.


January Post Counts

As we move into February, we look back on January, and how great it was! We went from an average post count of 188 per ship in December to 216 in January. While this is a nine sim decrease from the average last year, this marks a 28 sim increase — higher than last year by 10. The plots that drove this increase had to be fun!


Now the per ship sim counts show a similar story, the plot for Starbase 118 Ops was deep in the action of their mission, pulling 335 sims for January (blowing right off the top of the chart below!), with the Constitution following close behind at 259. Invicta and Doyle were wrapping up their missions, with 154 and 146 respectively. Let’s see what February brings these ships!


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