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The Admiral’s Corner – Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx

On April 6, 2014, Andrus Jaxx was officially promoted the to rank of Rear Admiral. The News Team previously interviewed then Captain Jaxx in early 2012 as part of a segment called The Captain’s Corner, where we learned a little more about the character and the writer behind Admiral Jaxx. Now that he’s attained his new rank, we thought it would be a good idea to catch up with him and find out what’s been going on since then. Admiral Jaxx was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule and answer some more of our questions.

Andrus JaxxWhen we last interviewed you on the Captain’s Corner, you were “Captain Andrus Jaxx” and Commanding Officer of Starbase 118. Regarding positions held, where have you been since then and where are you now?

Wow, that is a dated article!  Looking at the date, it was published about a week before I launched the USS Apollo.  I have been commanding officer of the Apollo ever since.  Excitingly enough, we just lost the USS Apollo, and will be moving to the USS Apollo-A in the next couple months.  The new Apollo-A is an Odyssey Class starship and we cannot wait to get her into service.  While I have advance to Fleet Captain and Rear Admiral, I will still continue to call the USS Apollo home.

A Closer Look: The USS Vigilant-A

“The candle of liberty has always been kept lit by a vigilant few.” -Russell Pearce

This is the motto of the newest Starship to be commissioned for StarBase 118: The USS Vigilant NCC-75515-A. A Hephaestus-class starship launched in April 2391, the Vigilant-A will patrol the Zeta Gelis Region along with the USS Darwin-A, keeping that candle burning to represent the interests of United Federation of Planets. Equipped with a quantum slipstream drive and capable of operating in Multi-Vector Mode, the latest incarnation of the Vigilant is tougher and better equipped to deal with the demands of maintaining a Starfleet presence in such a remote sector than her predecessor.

Fleet Captain Diego Herrera, the Commanding Officer of the Vigilant-A, was kind enough to chat with me about his new ship in this installment of “A Closer Look.”

Nathan Baker: Firstly, the Intrepid class Vigilant was knocked out of action by a cascade failure of the computer core, correct?

Diego Herrera: That’s correct – a sophisticated virus created by someone with extensive knowledge of the LCARS system found its way aboard. The crew had been able to contain it for some time but when they tried to purge it it caused irreparable damage to all of the system start-up protocols. That left the computer systems throughout the ship crippled and made it unsafe to power the Vigilant back up.

Space News Roundup – March 2014

March 2014 has seen some incredible stories when it comes to the final frontier. Ranging from a truly universal scale down to things a little closer to home. We’ve complied a list of interesting space science news that should pique your interest!

A Closer Look: The USS Gemini

The beginning of the year has seen several new ships launch into the fleet, ready to explore the unknown and search for new life and new civilizations. One of them is brand new: The Dakota Class USS Gemini under the command of Commander Liam Frost. Let’s take a closer look…

Captain’s Corner – Andrus Jaxx

  • Character Name: Andrus Jaxx
  • Rank and Current Post: Captain, Commanding Officer StarBase 118/USS Victory
  • Real Name: Jay
  • Part of the World you’re from: North Carolina, United States

What is your earliest recollection of Star Trek?

My earliest recollection of Star Trek was TNG.  I remember it running on TV late at night, and on weekends I would stay up and watch it.  I was fascinated by that form of space travel, and could not get enough of the story.  I remember it being a solo activity, since nobody in my immediate family like Star Trek.

How did you find the Starbase 118 group?

Accidentally.  I love research and gaining knowledge, and one day after watching Star Trek: Nemesis for the 20th time…I was curious about the USS Titan, and Captain Riker.  I ran a search for the USS Titan, and stumbled on the inactive page for our USS Titan.  It had long since been decommissioned, but it got me to take a look at the group and what it was.  I took about 2 weeks looking over every aspect of the site before deciding to jump in.  I was not a big fan of writing, so I was a little nervous.

The Gremlin – Inarr “Steve” Rogg d’Squamos

Character Name: Inarr “Steve” Rogg d’Squamos
Ship and Current Post: USS Discovery, Assistant Chief Engineer
Real Name: Cliff Richards III
Part of the World you’re from: Florida, USA

-First, give a little background about your character. About a paragraph about who they are so the readers have a little background. (I’ll use some of this in the opening of the interview)

Inarr Rogg is a Dachlyd, a reptiloid somewhat resembling an upright Terran iguana. The offspring of  Glykon Rogg and Inga Ramya, Inarr was hatched and raised aboard a merchant freighter. Inarr was accepted to the StarFleet Academy and began further studies in xenobiology. However, culture clash and adapting to Starfleet life caused the young Dachlyd to drop xenobiology in favor of engineering – a much easier course of study for Inarr to pursue while assimilating. Inarr is proud to be the Academy’s first Dachlyd graduate and hopes, by example, to lead other Dachlyds into Starfleet.

Captain’s Corner – Tyr Waltas

Welcome to another edition of “Captain’s Corner!” This time around, we meet a truly unique commanding officer in our fleet. Captain Tyr Waltas is the only Ba’ku officer serving in our fleet at this time. Also, he commands the only non-canon Starship in our fleet… the Ronin Class USS Discovery-B! Recently in character, Captain Waltas was married to Commander Eden Redstone in a ceremony on his homeworld. We  offer him and his wife congratulations!

A few weeks before the ceremony, Captain Waltas took some time and answered a few of my questions.


Nathan Baker: What is your earliest recollection of Star Trek?


Tyr Waltas: I watched the original series re-runs when they were played by Fox TV. I recorded them and watched them religiously until I’d seen every one, then moved on to the existing movies (I believe ST3 had just come out).

The Gremlin – Elya Tali

In this edition of “The Gremlin”, we take the turbolift to Deck 8 of the USS Aurora. Her Chief Engineer, Elya Tali, is hard at working making sure the engines and ship’s systems perform at peak efficiency. Thankfully, Lieutenant had some time to answer some of our questions.

Elya was the first Laudean to join Starfleet, and left for the academy just before Duronis II decided to join the Romulan empire instead of the Federation, leaving her isolated from her home planet. Laudeans have a “fielding ability” that allows them to sense energy fields that pass through their body. For this reason, Elya excels at fixing practical engineering problems, which led her to become Chief Engineer aboard the USS Victory, and then transfer to the USS Aurora.

The Space Shuttle Legacy – Part 3

STS-135, the final mission for both the Orbiter Atlantis and the Space Shuttle program has come and gone. (Read NASA’s mission overview HERE) Considered a success, the curtain has now dropped and final bows have been taken. An astonishing 30 year run of exploration for the Shuttles, filled with triumph and tragedy alike, is complete.

Captain’s Corner – Sam Perkins

It’s time for another up close look at one of the Commanding Officers that helps our group continue it’s great journey of exploration! This time, we take the turbolift to Deck 1 of the USS Constitution-B and chat with Captain Samuel Perkins. Captain Perkins was nice enough to take time and answer some of our questions.

Nathan Baker: What is your earliest recollection of Star Trek?

Sam Perkins: Watching the episode Shore leave from the original series on my late grandfather’s knee.

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