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Meet our new COs: Part 1

As many of you have noticed, there are quite a few new faces on the UFoP commanders’ block. Specifically, we have five new COs in our ranks, and now you get to go one-on-one with each of them to learn what makes them tick! First up is Commander Toni Turner, of the USS Resolution.

Poll of the Week: Favorite Primary Species?

This week, we take a look at the most developed races of the Trek universe – the Klingons, the Romulans, the Vulcans, and more. Which one do you like the best? “Like” here can have many different meanings – which one do you identify with, which one do you like for what they represent, and so on and so forth. Let us know in this week’s Poll of the Week!

Poll of the Week: Who would you want to share a day with?

From the Trek universe, of course! The twist this week comes in the guise of the choices – you have perennial favorites, of course, like Spock and Data, but perhaps you’d rather spend a day in the company of Anij or Trelane? Let us know in this week’s Poll of the Week!

Calling All Newshounds

History is yours for the shaping! Would you like to help out the UFoP by contributing stories, conducting interviews, writing columns, and more? In the News Group, we’re always looking for new folks to help us report on the groups’ goings-on. Want to interview a member or a character, or write up a ship profile? Tell us what’s going on in Star Trek, or review a new book or game? Write a feature on a species or a group? Publish your list of simming tips? If you do, the Newsies may be right for you! To find out more, just email!

Poll of the Week: Favorite Nobel-Winning Writer?

The list is extensive, and the discussion’s already explosive, so why not tell us who your favorite Nobel Prize winner for literature is, over in this week’s Poll of the Week?

Hubble Reborn!

Everyone needs a short reminder of why we do this, right?
The Hubble Space Telescope has recently undergone some routine servicing, and it’s returned and is now capturing more stirring images than ever. But don’t take my word for it!
Check out the Butterfly Nebula, the Carina Nebula, Stephan’s Quintet, and more!

Poll of the Week: Best Trek Athlete?

Well, go on, tell us what’s the best display of athletic prowess in Star Trek! Perhaps Sisko and the Niners in “Take Me Out to the Holosuite”? Sulu the fencer, Chakotay the boxer, Seven the … uhm … tsunkatser? Janeway deciding that she’s going to play Ripley in “Macrocosm”? Or maybe, just maybe, your favorite is the iconic battle of Kirk and the Gorn in California on that mysterious alien desert world. Whatever it is, let us know here, in this week’s poll of the week!

Poll of the Week: Favorite Delta Quadrant Villian?

We’ve got the best of the worst! In this week’s poll, you can choose from entire races (the Kazon, the Hirogen, the Malon) and from individuals (Seska, Annorax, the Borg Queen). Who’s the dastardly-est? Let your voice be heard!

Faces of Ithassa: “Evil Jack”

Jackford “Evil Jack” Kolk is a version of Jackford B. Kolk who was a Starfleet Lieutenant and Chief Engineer on Deep Space 17 in an alternate universe (Universe 107-LS9) until he was arrested for insubordination, and perhaps even treason, by his commanding officer, Station Commander Danny Wilde of the alternate universe. Before any further action could be taken against him, he escaped and accidentally crossed over into our universe. (more after the jump)

Poll of the Week: Favorite Ancient Civilization?

This week, we jump right back into the real world. Boby would like to know “when you’re choosing answer, do tell us why you choose that civilisation, what is so appealing there? Their way of life. Their cultural monuments, or is to you most important what kind of art they left to World. ” Vote now, and let your voice be heard!

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