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Interview with Mike Resnick

Rated Number One on the list of most awarded SF authors Mike Resnick is writer and publisher with over 40 years of experience. What made me big fan of Mike’s writing is his humor, which is often even in his most serious writings. Yes, my puny attempt to do the same is inspired by the works of this great author and immensely funny and dear person always open and friendly with fans. Mike Resnick will be Guest of Honor of “Chicon7”, 2012 Worldcon in Chicago.

Teagan: How did you start writing, what inspired you to write your first book?

Resnick: I’ve always been a writer. I sold my first article at 15, my first short story at 17. Writing my first novel was just a natural progression and I knew from the checks I got for articles and short stories that if I wanted to make a living as a writer I’d have to write novels.

Two Moons

After lots of tests and computer model runs astronomers Martin Jutzi and Erik Asphaug  came up with the scenario to explain why the moon’s far side have so much more hills than the one that is always facing Earth.

The theory outlined in the journal Nature comes with an artist’s render of the collision of the two moons.

This is supposedly happened 4.4 billion years ago when there was no life on Earth. Moons were young, formed barely 100 million years earlier when a giant planet smashed into Earth.  Both moons orbited Earth and sort of rose in the sky together, the smaller one trailing a few steps behind the big one.

An Interview with Michael Okuda

If you grew up with Star Trek as I did (with parents who are huge fans) it’s hard to say anything about Michael Okuda without feeling humbled. Michael Okuda created look of animated computer displays, set designs, props and most notably GUI of the LCARS Computer Interface for Federations Ships well known among fans as “okudagrams”. Beside Star Trek, his notable work is for NASA in creation of emblems and graphics for them.

A few months ago, he agreed to answer some questions from our community. We polled our members and put together a list of our “most wanted” questions, which we sent over to him. We’re honored that he agree to answer them, and we’ve compiled the interview into the article below!

Law and Order in Star Trek

Quark with IshkaFirst contact episodes of Star Trek give us an interesting look at the law both in and outside of the Federation. Let’s take a look at a few of the more unique legal systems encountered by Enterprise crews!

Instead of incarceration those sentenced to prison for serious crimes on Argrathl are actually implanted with the memories of being in prison in a process that takes just a few hours.

In DS9’s 19th episode of the 4th season “Hard time” written by Daniel Keys Moran and Lynn Barker, Chief O’Brian is trialed and convicted of espionage for asking too much questions. Throughout the episode we’re following his prison time, just to find out it is just an implanted memory, but still so real and vivid for Miles it interfere with his life for a long time after.

Star Trek Theme Park in Jordan

Star Trek ParkIn Gulf of Aqaba in Jordan, it’s King, Abdullah II announced building of Star Trek-themed attraction. The biggest investor of this 1.5 billion US$ project is King himself, but Randa Ayoubi, the chief executive of Rubicon Group Holding, the Amman company which makes animated films, says the project is being funded by many investors from the US and the Gulf.

King Abdullah II who is well known Trekkie and even appeared in a small non-speaking role in Star Trek – Voyager, Episode 35: Investigations set the beginning of construction of Red Sea Astrarium to March 2012.

The massive park is set as an idea of Jordan as “a crossroads of civilisations,” and will include four hotels and 17 entertainment developments, theatres, dining and shopping areas. Since Rubicon, the overseers of the project and later park itself have rights to “Pink Panther” and several popular Arabic-language animated characters, we can expect other cute entertaining facilities.

Happy 30th Birthday PC!

IBM model number 5150, known as IBM Personal Computer or short IBM PC, is the original version and progenitor of the IBM PC compatible hardware platform. Created by a team of engineers and designers under the direction of Don Estridge it was introduced on August 12, 1981.

Though ‘personal’ computers were introduced almost a decade earlier, even the terms “microcomputer”, “home computer” and the “personal computer” was already in use since early 1972, it was this model that brought to the term ‘PC’ to American lexicon.

Fleet Changes

USS RoninAs of Tuesday, August 9th, the USS Challenger-A and USS Constitution-B are being merged into one crew under the command of Cmdr. Tallis Rhul, who is starting his Captaincy Exam process.

USS Ronin, an Akira Class Heavy Cruiser has been in service since launching from StarBase 118 in 2375. The Ronin was the direct replacement for the USS Obertha and was commanded by Captain Skyfire. The ship was decommissioned in 2378, but was commissioned again during the Gorn conflict and had a vast number of famous Officers in its center chair, from Captain Alder, Fleet Captain Idril Mar, Captain Bert Morgan, Captain Ben Walker and Captain Toni Turner. It is now going to be a home of the combined crew of decommissioned USS Constitution and USS Challenger under command of its recent First Officer Commander Tallis Rhul.

Star Trek: Infinite Space

Star Trek: Infinite SpaceInfinite Space is first browser based Star Trek MMO, suitable for quick launch break assignments as well as long exploration nights. The game will be free to play, with no program or subscription fee. You will not need client software to install, just go to with your chosen browser and play.

Rarity is the fact that Mac users can finally compete with PC users or even play in coop-mode.

Near Miss

Small, barely 15 meters asteroid 2011 MD passed by Earth and missed atmosphere for mere 12.000 kilometers, but Astronomers all around the World enjoyed watching its passing.

It had no chance to enter atmosphere, but even if it did, it was too small to do any damage, but would burn completely before reaching the planet crust.

While this small one entertained Astronomers all around the world, his two bigger brothers which we’re expecting in next 200 years are faster and much, much more dangerous.

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