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Next Fleetwide OOC Chat

This past Sunday’s Fleetwide chat was a big hit, as always. Whether you missed it, or you made it and loved it, mark your calendars for the next one, scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 2nd at 11 A.M. Pacific / 2 P.M. Eastern / 6 P.M. GMT. In the mean time, our chat page is always open. Login at and see who’s chatting tonight!

Shipwide Chat for the USS Ronin

The first shipwide chat for the newly relaunched USS Ronin has been scheduled for this coming Saturday, Sept 17th, at 3pm EST (Noon Pactific time, 7pm GMT) on our site’s chat room. If you call the Ronin home, join your fellow crewmates for an exciting time of OOC banter about whatever you’ve been wanting to discuss but haven’t been able to via email or IM!

Next Fleetwide OOC Chat

Our last Fleetwide OOC chat, on Sunday, August 7th, had one of our largest turn-outs yet and tons of lively conversation; a grand time was had by all! If you missed it, mark your calendar for the September installment which is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 4th at 11 A.M. Pacific / 2 P.M. Eastern / 6 P.M. GMT. (Note the GMT time correction due to American Daylight Savings time offset.) It’s a great way to meet folks from all across the fleet and around the world!

New Upcoming Chat Events!

Hello everyone and thanks to all those who participated in this month’s Fleetwide Chat! It was great fun and we even discussed some impromptu ideas about how to conduct the next Summer Blockbuster plot. For further discussion of the next Blockbuster, check out the relevant thread on our forums!

In further news, we’ll be starting something new in June: Shipwide Chats! The Fleetwide Chat will continue, of course, but now each ship will be given a specific date and time for discussion as a crew.

  • Fleetwide Chats will now be the first Sunday of every month at 7pm GMT, 2pm Eastern, and 11am Pacific Time.
  • The USS Independence-A Chat will be every first Saturday at 9pm GMT, 4pm Eastern, and 1pm Pacific.
  • The Starbase 118 Ops Chat will be every second Sunday at 10pm GMT, 5pm Eastern, and 2pm Pacific.
  • The USS Drake Chat will be every second Saturday at 8pm GMT, 3pm Eastern, and 12-noon Pacific.
  • The USS Aurora Chat will be every third Sunday at 7pm GMT, 2pm Eastern, and 11am Pacific.
  • The USS Constitution-B Chat will be every third Saturday at 9pm GMT, 4pm Eastern, and 1pm Pacific.

A couple ships do not yet have scheduled chatting times as they did not express interest in the idea as yet, but if and when they do via the “Chat for your ship” thread on each ship’s forums, our Chat Moderator will be glad to schedule a time for them as well. Please mark your calendars for these exciting new chat events, and if you’re bored in the meantime, head over to our Chat page and login to see who’s talking today. Our doors are always open!