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Donors from May, June, and July

Apologies to everyone for missing a few months – things were been a bit busy with the yearly Awards Ceremony! But now it’s time to make sure that those members who pitched in over the last few months get their due with some thanks and applause here on the Community News.

Jo Marshall, Oddas Aria, Ferier Kian, Caitríona Cayne, and Jacob Horne – thank you so much for your donations! Be sure to claim your donation badge.

This takes us now to about 30% ($430) of our $1,455 goal, due by May 1, 2020 when our web hosting renews!

If you’ll join these donors, we can continue toward our 2020 fundraising goal. Just $5, $15, or $25 can make a huge difference. Click here to donate now – it’s fast and secure.

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: James Wright and Ev Hathur!

Do you have a Poll of the Week in mind? Suggest it here!

Each week, our Poll of the Week editors – Randal Shayne and Anath G’Renn – come up with creative new questions to ask the fleet about their favorite (or least favorite) aspects of Star Trek.

Now we’re asking for your help in adding more questions to our weekly polls. If you have a great idea for an upcoming poll, drop it in the form below to let us know!

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  • You can find your writer ID on the wiki.
  • Poll suggestion

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New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Ravenna Carter, Kel Tarren, and returning member Solaris McLaren!

It’s time to chat! Join us today for our monthly fleetwide party.

Join us in the chat room for our monthly OOC chat today (Sunday, July 14) at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm London / 3am+1 Sydney (AUS). (See your timezone here.)

Click here to join the chat on Discord. It’s fun and easy, and only takes a minute to get set up if you’ve never signed up on before.

Our monthly chats are a place to meet other members of the fleet, catch up on current fleet events, share stories, and talk about Star Trek. Especially if you’ve never attended a chat before, we hope you’ll participate this month!

New Academy Graduates

Please welcome our newest Academy graduates to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Nali Talia and Artinus Serinus!

Promotions for June

The staff of UFOP: SB118 would like to congratulate all who saw their hard work and dedication pay off this month. Please be sure to congratulate these members when you see them around the forums and chat room!


  • Sheila Bailey to Lieutenant JG
  • Kawakame Shin to Lieutenant
  • Tiria Hamasaki to Lieutenant
  • German Galven to Lieutenant Commander


  • Esa Darkkdust to Lieutenant JG
  • Kiliak Jo to Lieutenant
  • Alexander Williams to Commander


  • Addison MacKenzie to Lieutenant JG
  • Geoffrey Teller to Lieutenant
  • G’Var to Lieutenant
  • Jansen Orrey to Lieutenant Commander

Join us for the fleetwide chat this coming Sunday

We invite all members of our community to join us in the Discord chat room this coming Sunday, for our regularly scheduled get-together, where we’ll talk about what’s happening around the fleet, learn more about each other, and discuss Star Trek!

The chat starts this Sunday, July 14 at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, 6pm UTC. Click here to see the start time in your zone, and add this event to your calendar.

This chat is open to all and casual, so feel free to come and go as you please. See you there!

We’re making some changes to the script format

The way we write our sims is an important part of our culture here in UFOP: SB118. Learning how to write in the “modified script format” is a big part of training, and acclimating to it can take some time. But it’s a powerful method of collaborative writing, making it easy to pull out dialogue and separate it from exposition so that we can “pass around” the story as quickly and easily as possible. 

We’ve had this format of writing since the founding of our group 25 years ago, in 1994. It was the dominant mode of writing sims among people who roleplayed on AOL, like I was doing when I founded the group with some folks I had met in AOL’s “Red Dragon Inn” chat room and some Star Trek chat rooms. Since then, other groups have come and gone, and this format – despite its clear benefits – has become less popular.

We’re still “all-in” on this way of writing, but the Executive Council recently did some thinking about how it works and decided to make one big modification that we’re announcing to the fleet today: We’re going to be dropping the ::action:: signifiers from our game almost completely. Let’s talk more about why, and what this will look like. 

Starbase118 logo on a purple starry background

Tell us what we can improve about the Awards Ceremony

On behalf of the Executive Council, we hope that you thoroughly enjoyed the 2019 Awards Ceremony and that you feel like everyone who should have been recognized got their moment in the spotlight.

We like to do a retrospective of how things went, each year, both with our general membership and the members of our staff to see if there’s anything we can improve for the next year. This has led to some innovations on how our nominations process works, as well as new awards when they’re needed.

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