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New Academy Graduate

Please welcome our newest Academy graduate to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Colleen Bancroft!

Lower Decks interview: Lt. Aitas, StarBase 118 Ops

We’re here with another interview with a newer member of our community. The title of this column is “Lower Decks,” hearkening back to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode titled “Lower Decks,” in which junior officers aboard the Enterprise-D speculate on the reasons for recent unusual actions taken by the command crew near the Cardassian border.

This month’s interview is with the writer behind Lt. Aitas playing a Vulcan/Betazoid intelligence officer assigned to StarBase 118 Operations.

WOLF: Tell us a little about the writer behind the character — where in the world do you hail from?

AITAS: I’m originally from Minnesota, and am currently living in Texas with my husband and one very needy cat who has mastered the art of sitting on my lap right when I was planning to get up. It’s not very exciting overall, though I will admit I’m not a fan of the heat.

Is this your first simming experience, or have you done other forms of role-playing before?

I’ve done quite a bit of roleplaying over the last…well, I suppose it’s been about a decade now. I can’t exactly remember quite when I started. Did a little bit of it in MMORPGS, some in tabletop settings such as Mage: The Ascension and Eberron from Dungeons and Dragons, and quite a lot over various sites across the years. Starbase 118 is actually my first play by email experience though, so that took a bit of getting used to.

Technical difficulties plague USS Za as crew attempts reboot of systems

DEEP SPACE — Things have gone from confused to worse as the crew of the USS Za dealt with technical malfunctions aboard their ship.

Applications and Academy Graduates for March 2017

Every month, the Academy staff works to compile the statistics about our recruiting and training for the fleet’s informational purposes. Let’s take a look at how we did as a fleet in March.

This first graph shows the number of applications that we have received each month this year. During the month of March, the fleet saw five new applications. This equates to roughly one new application every six days. Looks like we got our usual “February slump” a bit late this year!

The following chart shows how our new members found us, according to their application:

This final graph shows how many people graduated from the Academy during the month of March . We had five Academy graduates in March. This number includes two applicants who applied at the end of February but whose training did not conclude until the beginning of March. We also had two applicants who began training but did not complete it until after the start of April.

These new recruits are the lifeblood of our community. Without them, it becomes difficult to keep our ships fully crewed and even more difficult to grow the fleet. If you’d like to help us recruit more members and grow our fleet, you can join the Publicity Team using this form.

Trained by the best: Oddas Aria

Each month we interview a member of the Academy Training Team for insight on how our training works, and as recognition for all the hard work that goes into training new members each and every week of the year!

This month, we’re sitting down with Oddas Aria, a Lieutenant Commander playing on Duronis II Embassy, who has been a highly active member of the team recently.

WOLF: Hello LtCmdr. Oddas! Can you tell us a little about yourself for the folks who may not know you?

ODDAS: I’m a software developer working for an awesome software contracting firm. I work out of my house in Florida, but my office is in Alaska, so I have a fairly long commute when I need to go visit with co-workers or clients. Fortunately this only happens three or four times a year.

I’m married and have four children, a couple of whom share my love of Sci-Fi and not just because I named them after some of my favorite characters.

How did you learn about our community, and what motivated you to join us?

I came across a post someone had made in a Google+ Star Trek community, sorry I don’t remember who, and followed the link. It looked interesting and I needed and wanted a game to play so I decided to give it a whirl.

The Academy experience really helped me figure out what was going on, how the mechanics work, and ultimately commit fully.

New Academy Graduate

Please welcome our newest Academy graduate to the UFOP: StarBase 118 fleet: Rudolf Calvin!

The News Team needs your help

Our Community News is a critical part of our ongoing success. It not only helps to inform and entertain our current members, but it acts as an important recruitment enticement by showing prospective members that we’re a highly active community. And updating our website with news every day also helps our search engine rankings.

But we need members like you to help make this possible. We try and get at least one new article up on the site every day, and for most of the month, we have plenty of content. There are a few days for feature articles every month, and that’s where volunteers like you come in.

Participating on the team is actually really easy. What we ask is that, each month, everyone on the team contribute one featured article to the queue. We provide a list of featured article ideas each month, and you can choose the one that strikes you as most interesting, or you can propose your own!

And since we have such a long history of Community News, you can often look back at past articles that are similar to the one you’re going to be writing, and use it as a template to work from.

Ready to join up? Use the simple form below – you’ll be added to the team email list and be sent more information.

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Brayden Jorey promoted to Commander

The Captains Council is very pleased to announce that Brayden Jorey has completed all of the requirements for promotion to Commander, and has been approved for promotion.

Jorey has been a member since December of 2016, and has served on the Tiger, Gemini, Darwin, StarBase 118 Ops, and Duronis II Embassy in Helm, Tactical, Security, and Intelligence roles before being promoted to First Officer. He is highly decorated, having received the Genesis, Pathfinder, and B-Plot Awards, as well as the Captain’s Commendation.

Out of character, the player for Jorey has been a participant of the Community News, Training, Wiki Operations, and Department of Veterans Affairs before taking command of the Featured Bio Contest as facilitator. His eager participation throughout our activities, and his thought-leadership through tutorials, have been a huge benefit to our community and its simmers.

Please join in congratulating Brayden Jorey on his promotion to Commander. Click here to head to the forums now!

Join us for today’s fleetwide OOC chat

The fleet will be gathering today, Sunday, April 9, for our monthly OOC chat, and you’re invited to join us! It begins at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm London / 3am+1 Sydney (AUS). (Click here to see when the chat starts in your timezone.)

Our monthly chats are a place to meet other members of the fleet, catch up on current fleet events, share stories, and talk about Star Trek. Especially if you’ve never attended a chat before, we hope you’ll participate this month.

As always, our chat is held on Discord, a free chat server. Join the chat now by clicking here.

No additional software is needed to join, but you do need to register a username for full privileges. If you haven’t already registered, you may want to use the link above to join the chat room before the chat starts, as it takes about 2-3 minutes to register and complete the short, user-friendly tutorial on how to use Discord.

Donation thanks to Oddas Aria

Another very generous contribution to Oddas Aria!

We’re so close to hitting our 2017 hosting goal – just about $150 away before we renew on May 1.

Can you help us hit our yearly goal? Click here to donate now – your transaction is secure, and it only takes a few moments.

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