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Artificial intelligence infiltrates USS Columbia’s systems

PIKTAR SYSTEM — The USS Columbia has confronted an artificial intelligence that took control of Outpost Alpha in the Piktar System, but the A.I. has now infiltrated Columbia’s systems as well.

As part of the Prometheus Incident, the USS Columbia was sent to find out what had happened to Outpost Alpha. En route, they began to suspect that the A.I. had gone rogue. As a routine precaution, outbound communications (except for the main bridge), were cut, so as to avoid any interferences from the station’s A.I.

Soon after, Captain Ben Livingston received a small delegation of Ferengi. With the help of Ens. Tatash, LtCmdr. Vitor Silveira and Ens. Ceilidh Riverview, he tried to make their guests talk about their intentions regarding Outpost Alpha. The scheme looked like it would work when first officer Trolloc revealed that she disliked what her people were doing in the Piktar sector.

While this diplomatic chatter went on, Silveira managed to outwit a Ferengi communication officer, and bought a data stick containing vital information. Moments later, Livingston was called away, as Ambassador Gavin MacLaren had made a surprised visit, bearing an unexpected gift: a coded message that is related to Outpost Alpha.

During those events, LtCmdr. Brek, Cmdr. Karynn Brice, Lt. Johanna MacLaren, along with a squad of Marines led by 2nd Lt. Dorian Grand, went to explore Outpost Alpha. As soon as they ventured into a corridor, they encountered a group of scientists who, in no uncertain terms, asked them to leave. The way all their movements were coordinated and their constant references to a ‘complete or incomplete circle’, convinced the team that this group had somehow been subjugated by Outpost Alpha’s A.I.

When it became clear that the A.I was trying to get rid of the Ferengi who recently boarded the outpost, the away team tried to help Alpha find them. However, violent actions from those Ferengi thwarted their plans.

On Columbia’s bridge, Ensign Diego Beyett and CPO Hector Adler struggled to keep control of the probe that had been sent to monitor the outpost. This signaled the beginning of new complications: Alpha’s A.I. took advantage of a coded message consulted by the crew to infiltrate Columbia’s systems. Replicators and forcefields were among the first systems to fall under its control.

“It’s a life form. The outpost was experimenting some time ago with intelligence. Not artificial, but cybernetic,” said Ensign Tatash, Columbia’s security officer.

Predestination paradox? Away team discovers fossilized remains of Starfleet officers on ancient world

PIKTAR SYSTEM — After traveling back in time while investigating the reappearance of the planet Peppalexa, a Starfleet away team reported finding the fossilized remains of their fellow officers.

“The Department of Temporal Investigations will be conducting a full review. At this time, though, I can assure you that we are not living in an alternate universe,” said Starfleet Public Affairs officer Cmdr. A.J. Ciaravolo in San Francisco, declining further comment.

The USS Garuda had been investigating the sudden reappearance of Peppalexa, the homeworld and capital of the Ancient Alliance that vanished from history over ten thousand years ago. The temporal disturbance that had allowed the planet to travel through time, caused by separatists among the population, had also resulted in the creation of temporal fragments that left parts of the planet in various states of temporal flux.

An away team led by first officer Lt. Cmdr. Msafiri Bakari had been sent back in time to the era of the First Kingdom of Peppalexa, at least several thousand years before the rise of the Ancient Alliance. The team was quickly incapacitated by the natives, and Dr. Chythar Skyfire took the lead when Bakari and another commander were kept in confinement.

USS Excalibur-A investigates mysterious satellites over Mercadia III

AFEHIRR SECTOR — After a brief stop at Erscyne Station, the USS Excalibur-A entered a race against the clock as devastating energy waves head towards Mercadia III.

The USS Excalibur-A arrived at the mysterious Erscyne Station after being relaunched from Starbase 118 to an uncharacteristically warm welcome. Rumor has it the notoriously xenophobic Erscyne Trade Alliance granted them passage through the Afehirr sector as a favor to Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect their station last year. After receiving the all clear, the Excalibur proceeded at all possible speed to Mercadia III as the crew made preparations to save the planet and halt the anomalies’ terrifying effects.

Science officer Lt. JG Aurora James’s preliminary research indicates the anomaly may be a result of experimental transwarp research at Prometheus Station. As the science department was hard at work, a late addition to the ship’s crew offered a welcome distraction. Zogi, the Ferengi bartender, rushed to settle into the Excalibur’s “Round Table” lounge, offering the strained crew a place to unwind.

Meanwhile, a quiet but heated confrontation between Major Irina Pavlova and Lieutenant Collim Kieran became the subject of gossip among the junior officers, eventually reaching the ears of the Excalibur’s first officer, Lt. Commander Tyler Kelly. After a meeting with both officers in his office, reports say the issue has been resolved.

The mystery only deepened when the Excalibur arrived at the pre-warp planet of Mercadia III, where they discovered four satellites with offensive capabilities that far exceeded the Mercadians’ tech-level.

“What worries me are the four orbital satellites with simple radio transmitters but what appear to be large optical laser arrays,” said Major Pavlova when she made the foreboding discovery.

The crew soon realized the satellites were in constant communication with a strange facility located in the capital city of Heralokk. As Fleet Captain Nicholotti and the Excalibur remained in orbit focused on stopping the dangerous radiation waves, Lt. Commander Kelly and his away team beamed down to the surface in hopes of solving the mystery of the anachronistic satellites.

Riots Erupt on StarBase 118

STARBASE 118 — After offering sanctuary to a damaged civilian freighter, an unexplained madness has gripped the civilian population and portions of the crew, inciting them to deadly riots.

Following the docking of the SS Vytak, StarBase 118 offered sanctuary to hundreds of injured civilian refugees from the damaged vessel. Before the last refugees had made it off the ship, Ops received a hail from Captain Y-Rocck of the Noguwip. Y-Rocck demanded that all civilians from the Vtyak be turned over to him so that they could be ‘cleansed’ and the demon on board ‘destroyed.’ Sensing a massacre, Cmdr. Leo Handley-Page denied the request. After some discussion, Handley-Page agreed to send a negotiating team over to the Noguwip consisting of Ambassador Nia Calderan, Counselor Vance Sheridan, and Lt. JG Sabina Tiam.

Once on board, the diplomatic team was immediately incarcerated and forced to undergo a painful cleansing process to rid them of the demon’s influence. Sheridan and Tiam were released back to StarBase 118, but Calderan remains Y-Rocck’s prisoner. Unfortunately Ops was in no position to protest this treatment because their attention was drawn by a wave of violent riots which broke out throughout the civilian decks. After the mob overwhelmed security and violently opposed the marines dispatched to control the situation, Handley-Page set up a command center closer to the issue to suppress the violence.

Most disturbingly, reports rolled in from all decks indicating that Starfleet officers were joining the unruly mob. All witnesses said that there was no rhyme nor reason to the mob’s formation, and those who were part of it appeared uniformly insane as if widespread hysteria had infected the population of StarBase 118.

Starfleet destroys rogue USS Spartan in Klingon space

KLINGON SPACE — The USS Gemini has destroyed the rogue USS Spartan after detaining her crew in an effort to prevent all out war.

The USS Gemini pressed on deeper into Klingon space in search of the USS Spartan and her rogue captain, Captain Jeremy Clarkson. With the aid of a classified piece of technology developed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, the Spartan continued to hunt unsuspecting Klingon ships.

Aboard the Gemini, a think-tank led by Lt. Cmdr. Alex Blair, managed to outthink the Starfleet Corps of Engineers by finding a way to track the disguised Spartan just in time for the Gemini to detect the signs of the Spartan destroying yet another Klingon ship. Without hesitation, the Gemini laid in a course to rendezvous with the Spartan before the Klingon captain, Jov’rak, could get there.

When the Gemini arrived, they found a vessel which according to sensor reports was an outdated freighter. However the Gemini’s crew were able to detect a gravitational displacement that corresponded to a Defiant class starship instead of a freighter. The crew knew that meant only one thing: they had found the USS Spartan.

Commander Frost wasted no time before hailing the Spartan and asking for Clarkson to stand down and turn himself in for his crimes. Clarkson refused, thinking that his reasons for his actions were wholly and justifiably right, though members of his own crew started to think otherwise.

“Captain Clarkson, by order of Starfleet Command, I am hereby placing you under arrest for treason. You have thirty seconds to lower your shields and surrender your vessel, or I will be forced to open fire and take it by force,” Frost was reported to have said to the rogue captain. “If you surrender without a fight, I’ll make sure to tell your court martial that you cooperated. Your thirty seconds start as of the end of this sentence.”

Is the Dominion back? USS Apollo investigates freighter attack

AZURE NEBULA — After investigating who attacked the Klingon freighter IKS Vut’Cha, the USS Apollo-A comes to shocking results and is called back immediately.

The USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) had followed a distress call to the Klingon freighter IKS Vut’Cha, which had been disabled by an unknown attacker. Following in-depth research of the freighter’s sensor logs and making their own scans, the Tactical and Science Department came up with a few possibilities and more questions than answers.

Traces of polaron particles were found around the freighter, which hinted at the possibility of Borg or Dominion involvement. The Borg seemed an unlikely culprit given that the Klingon crew was still fully intact. The Dominion had not been around for a long time but could not be fully excluded. Another possible culprit was the Orion Syndicate, which had shown activity in the region not that long ago.

In addition, the scans revealed traces of cloaking technology that did not fit any known signatures. The stolen cargo of the Vut’Cha was trinucleic fungus, which could be broken up into the chemical constituents for several drugs, including Ketracel-white. Another possibility was that it could be used for other drugs or different reasons.

“Too many questions, not enough answers,” said Lieutenant Sinda Essen, Apollo’s Chief of Security. “The longer we take trying to sort the truth from the lies with the Klingons, the colder the trail gets. So far we have some solid suggestions that the Jem’Hadar are active again, but nothing to prove it.”

Plans changed, however, and the Apollo was called back to return to her own sector, the Typhon Expanse. The USS Gridley and the USS Cape Horn received the results of the investigations to conduct a search in the Azure nebula for the assailant instead.

USS Victory heavily damaged by anomaly near Luxis III; USS Thunder-A assists

LUXIS III, DURONIS SYSTEM — Federation starships had planned to assist science teams, but disaster struck the USS Victory.

The joint promotion ceremony of Rear Admiral Toni Turner and Captain Nugra on Duronis II was a nice celebration and diversion for the crew. Many took advantage to talk to old friends with the Embassy crew and start to make some new friendships. However, a mission came up for both ships. They were requested to assist scientific teams on Luxis III jointly.

The Laudeans needed a team to help install an environmental shield at their ground base while another team would be sent to investigate strange readings on the Lower plateau. Several of the USS Victory crew members were sent to the USS Thunder-A for a temporary swap of officers.

Sent to the Victory were Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker, Major Irina Pavlova, Lieutenant junior grade Aurora James and Lieutenant Commander Brayden Joey. To the Thunder-A was Lieutenant Commander Eerie, Commander Alucard Vess, Lieutenant junior grade Ayiana Sevo and Lieutenant junior grade Leland Bishop.

After a quick trip for both USS Victory and the USS Thunder-A, the Victory sent two away teams to Luxis III, one on the lower plateau and one to the outpost.

Anomaly scrubs joint mission

LUXIS III, DURONIS SYSTEM — A joint mission between the USS Victory and USS Thunder-A has been interrupted by an anomaly, which has heavily damaged the Victory.

Two ships fresh off classified missions, the USS Thunder-A (NCC-70605-A) and the USS Victory (NCC-362447), joined together to celebrate the promotions of Commander Nugra to Captain, and Fleet Captain Toni Turner to Rear Admiral. Also in attendance were numerous members of Starfleet brass, including including Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx.

The proceedings went off without a hitch, although during the dance afterwards, Colonel Tyr Waltas broke off his engagement with Marine Captain Hella in an embarrassing manner before exiting. She soon also left with other members of both the Thunder and Victory crews leaving to console both parties.

The next morning, it was back to work for the newly minted Rear Admiral and Captain, as they were tasked with investigating strange energy readings emanating from a moon in the Duronis Sector. To that end, several personnel were transferred from each vessel to the other.

USS Constitution-B finds USS Thomas Edison adrift

PIKTAR SYSTEM — The USS Thomas Edison has been found adrift after the disaster at Prometheus Station, and an away team from the USS Constitution has been sent over to investigate.

After the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) finished dealing with the attack on the station, the commanding officer of the ship, Commander Shelther Faranster, received a Priority 1-C message and was ordered to head to Deep Space 10. The Constitution set course for the station at maximum cruise. The original estimate for arrival was 28 days, but thanks to the help from Lieutenants JG Ceciri Ariadust and Zogi, the Constitution made it in 16 days using trade lanes and space highways.

On arrival at Deep Space 10, Commander Faranster headed directly to a meeting with Captain Cassandra Egan Manno of the USS Garuda and Commodore Heather Westhaven about his orders and destination; however, the meeting was classified and all Starfleet was releasing was that it had to do with numerous issues in the Piktar system.

After the meeting, all party’s returned to their ships and offices. The Constitution then jumped to warp in search for the USS Thomas Edison (NCC-98245). They started with its last known location near the Piktar system. Not long after arriving in the system, Ensign Kala Meressa found a trail leading to the ship. Lieutenants JG Cory Stoyer and Ceciri Ariadust found the Thomas Edison‘s signal and navigated towards her.

While the Constitution headed closer, it started to encounter unknown dimensional bubbles. The ship’s new first officer Lieutenant Commander Siris started to experience extreme headaches and flashes of other realities. A short time later other crewmen started to report strange things. Commander Faranster asked Commander Tal Tel-ar to find a way to protect the ship from them, and Lieutenant Commander Udas offered to help with this.

“It was like I was on the holodeck in the middle of a battle,” said one of the crewmembers.

“It’s not every day you see yourself die, and I don’t want it to be,” said another.

On arrival at the Thomas Edison, Commander Faranster got to work organizing teams. While he was doing this, survivors of the Thomas Edison contacted the ship. The three survivors were trapped in main engineering, and they explained that the rest of the crew had devolved. Faranster ordered Siris to lead an away team to get the information on the virus and a second away team lead by Udas to get the survivors off the ship.

Both away teams headed to the transporter rooms. Siris took Lieutenant Commander Ben Hunnicutt, Lieutenant JG Alexander Bishop, Ensign Kane Morgan and Ensign Kala Meressa. On arrival on the Thomas Edison, the team rematerialized in a dimensional bubble and were thrown into a different dimension.

Meanwhile, Udas took Commander Tel-ar, Lieutenant JG Aidoann Danara, Ensign Li Qiuhui and 2nd Lieutenant Cerissa Tyren. On arrival, they made their way towards the Thomas Edisons engineering room and met an interesting surprise.

StarBase 118 provides safe haven for wounded transport SS Vytak

STARBASE 118 — The SS Vytak docked at StarBase 118 after sustaining heavy damage in a firefight.

Just days after fending off a terrorist attack, StarBase 118 becomes a safe haven for the wounded passengers and crew of the SS Vytak, a civilian transport ship. Attacked by unknown pirates, the Vytak limped to dock at StarBase 118, requesting aid. When questioned about the event the Vytak’s captain presented a confusing story, affirming that the Vytak was carrying only passengers and no valuable cargo.

While starbase security checked in the passengers, medical officers noticed a large amount of passengers complaining about headaches and dizziness. This worst case was the captain of the Vytak herself who collapsed and was rushed to sickbay. As the passengers were released, several crewmembers also complained of mysterious headaches and short periods of mental ‘blackout.’

This mental affliction was especially problematic during the interrogation of the Romulan terrorist belonging to the group responsible for the attack on StarBase 118. Several officers experienced a mental blackout, and the Betazoid officers experienced intense pain and migraines. This incident left the prisoner confused and unable to testify.

“I don’t know what it was,” said Ensign Isha Sayvek of Starfleet Security. “I was doing my duty, checking civilian credentials, and then I don’t remember anything. The next thing I knew, I was standing in the detention area with the chief looking at me like I had grown three heads!”

Security and medical personnel are searching for answers as Ops delves into the passenger history of the Vytak. Meanwhile a science team led by Lt. Richard Matthews investigates the freak ion storm that preceded the terrorist attacks. Matthews and his team believe the ion storm may have been artificially created. As they depart to track the storm’s trajectory back to its source, scanners show an unidentified ship is headed towards the station, which may bring answers or even further danger.

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