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Starfleet officers pilot Cardassian ship into battle, defeating Strox

ORTHICA’S BANE NEBULA — Federation, Cardassian, and Sunak forces have joined forced in an epic battle against an aggressive new species called the Strox.

The USS Victory had been engaged in a first contact that had gone wrong as a new species, the Strox, suddenly arrived and attacked the Sunak vessel and the Victory by proxy. The Strox sent small ships to board both the Victory and the Sunak ship.

The Cardassian ship Nuvek was being held in a tractor beam by the Sunak, but with the boarding of the Sunak by the Strox, the Nuvek was released. When the disabling beam came off the captive Cardassian ship, the vessel came to the aid of both ships that were under attack. It quickly got into action using Starfleet officers to man the bridge to lead it into battle. Most of the Cardassian crew were prepared to repel boarders from the Strox.

When the Cardassian gul fell in battle, Cmdr. Vess took command of the vessel. The Victory’s commanding officer Captain Nugra was in the middle of negotiations on the Nuvek when the battle began, leaving only junior officers to man the Victory. He quickly transported back aboard the Victory to take command.

Finally, the united forces were able to drive the Strox from the area, and their boarding parties had been defeated by force of arms. Lt. Cmdr. Sharpe and Lt. Cmdr. Eerie helped repel boarders on the Nuvek.

The only major loss was the Cardassian vessel and their prototype slipstream drive. The Victory was able to rescue some of Cardassian crew. There were some minor injuries among the crew of the Victory and minor structural damage to both the Sunak vessel and the Victory. The Sunak, while not pleased with the Cardassians from their earlier hostilities, took into account their heroic actions against the Strox, and they finally granted the remaining Cardassians the right to leave their space aboard the Victory.

The Sunak Triumvirate was pleased with Starfleet’s efforts and agreed to start with possible trade with the Federation. The negotiations were handled deftly by Ensign Bishop as he worked directly with the Primus Sobol, Sunak Triumvirate.

The Triumvirate had some positive but cautious comments about a possible meeting with some Federation officials on Outpost Echo.

“From my knowledge, your base is in unclaimed territory, and so I have no opinion in its existence, but our species would consider visiting the station and may even send freighters in that direction time to time,” said Prime Sobol. “We are not an easily trusting species, Ensign Leland Bishop of the Federation, so you can understand our reticence.”

The Victory made a quick stop at Outpost Echo to pick up some new crew members. Then it was ordered to head directly to Duronis II to the Federation Embassy on the planet. There, the crew was given a short leave before a reception for both crews was to take place during a presentation ceremony.

USS Apollo rushes to aid adrift Klingon freighter

AZURE NEBULA — Starfleet officers came to the aid of a Klingon freighter after it was attacked and left adrift with its cargo stolen.

“The enemy snuck up on us like kos’karii with no honor,” said Captain Shi’Tok, commanding officer of the Klingon freighter IKS Vut’Cha, to Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx, commanding officer of the USS Apollo.

The Apollo had just left from a stopover at Starbase 118, where the crew was invited to join the Festival of Diversity, one of the largest cultural celebrations in the galaxy. The crew of the Apollo also used the festival as an opportunity for a team building exercise for their senior staff.

As the teams were participating on this exercise, camouflaged as a scavenger hunt, the station though was suddenly rocked by a rather strong ion storm. The crew returned to the ship and brought distance between them and the storm, while being prepared to offer assistance to the crew of the starbase. The science and tactical department worked together on finding more information about the sudden ion storm but ran into more questions to the puzzle than answers.

At the beginning of Alpha shift the next day, the Apollo received a distress call from the Vut’Cha, which had been attacked in the Azure Nebula, and was now adrift in Federation space. While the ion storm was still on the minds of the crew, the Apollo rushed at maximum warp towards the Vut’Cha to offer assistance.

The freighter is now receiving parts for repairs from the Apollo’s engineers. Their cargo though is lost in the hands—or rather cargo rooms—of the attackers. A team on the Apollo is working to identify the culprits and their way off scene to possibly return said cargo to Captain Shi’Tok and his crew.

Rumors circulate as more acts of piracy reported along Klingon border

ARCHANIS SECTOR — More reports of violent piracy from Klingon space have come in as the USS Gemini searches for a missing ship.

The search for the USS Spartan continues, led by the USS Gemini. Reports indicate that the Gemini’s commanding officer Commander Liam Frost has made contact with several Klingon patrols in the area to share any possible data on the location of the Spartan. The Gemini recently crossed into Klingon space, accompanied by the USS Achilles, for what appeared to be a meeting with the Klingons in order to share information on where the Spartan may be located.

Meanwhile, more reports have begun to emerge of acts of violent piracy along the border with the Klingons. No confirmation has been made as to who is responsible, but speculation ranges from Orion pirates to fractious entities within the Klingon Empire itself trying to incite discord or even war.

“As of yet, we do not have any definitive links to any known groups, but we are not ruling out any possibilities at this point,” said Admiral Alex Raymond of Starfleet Strategic Operations. “We are working closely with all of our allies in the area to determine who is responsible for these acts and bring them to justice.”

But while Starfleet is remaining fairly vague on the evidence surrounding the attacks, there are scattered reports from the Klingon side of the border that the responsible parties may already be known: the Spartan herself.

Sources within the Empire report that at least one low-ranking member of the Klingon High Council has made allegations that it is the Defiant class Spartan that is responsible for the attacks on Klingon ships in the area and the destruction of at least one warship. The Federation News Service has been unable to verify the veracity of any of these reports, and no official complaints have been made.

Terrorists attack StarBase 118 in coordinated attack

TRINITY SECTOR — The crashing of a civilian freighter into StarBase 118 was discovered to be a terrorist plot, and a dramatic battle ensued where a Starfleet runabout was destroyed by as yet unnamed perpetrators.

Following the crash of the SS Cerberas into the strategic ops tower of StarBase 118, Starfleet forces immediately set out on a search and rescue mission both on StarBase 118 and for the crew of the Cerberas. Medical teams led by Lt. Cmdr. Velana evacuated injured crew and civilians from strategic ops, while a bomb squad led by Ensign D’Yer Rix diffused an undetonated torpedo that was dislodged from the Cerberas in the crash.

An away team on the runabout USS Aramis led by Lt. Cmdr. Sal Taybrim investigated the Cerberas. They found the crew was murdered, and the ship was rigged with an antimatter explosive. The team split up, leaving Major S’Lone tr’Khellian on board to pilot the Cerberas while the Aramis towed the freighter away from StarBase 118.

Unfortunately, the motion of pulling the Cerberas away from the starbase initiated the detonation sequence. The team worked quickly to slingshot the Cerberas as far away as possible while rescuing tr’Khellian. The ensuing explosion was harmless to the station but damaged the fleeing Aramis. Before the runabout could return to base, a small terrorist ship hiding in the vicinity decloaked and opened fire on them.

A tense battle followed, with StarBase 118 Ops providing cover fire as the Aramis attempted to outrun their attackers and reach safety. Sustaining heavy damage, the away team pulled a chicanery on the terrorists, beaming themselves to a nearby civilian transport headed to StarBase 118 seconds before the Aramis was destroyed. An apparent tragedy turned to a joyous reunion when the away team confirmed they were alive and well from the cockpit of the civilian SS Dawnbreaker.

StarBase 118’s commanding officer Cmdr. Leo Handley-Page later emphasized the quick reactions of his crew and downplayed the loss of a runabout on his first command mission.

“That will come out of our insurance…” he said.

Aboard StarBase 118, security forces discovered a terrorist on the station had accessed the main computer systems, and a security team was immediately dispatched. The terrorist was captured after murdering several crew members and attacking an entire security detail. Details on the identity of the terrorist group is still forthcoming.

Starfleet prepares fleetwide response to “greatest threat to the quadrant since the Dominion War”

EARTH — Following the discovery of massive rifts in subspace, Starfleet is mobilizing an immediate and large-scale response as countless Federation citizens’ lives are in danger.

Ships from across the fleet will be joining in the response to find a way to stop the rifts and protect those in the path of destruction. In a press conference from Starfleet headquarters in San Francisco, Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf described the situation as the “greatest threat to the quadrant since the Dominion War,” and advised citizens that the crisis requires a response of almost the same magnitude.

“We are mobilizing all available resources to deal with this threat to Federation citizens,” he said. “I want to assure everyone that we will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of those in the path of these anomalies.”

The cause of the rifts is still under investigation, but anonymous sources have forwarded reports of a catastrophic accident aboard Prometheus Station in the Piktar System. The station is a research and development facility for the Starfleet Sciences and Technology Division and houses over one thousand scientists and personnel.

The Prometheus Incident is our Fleetwide Plot Arc for 2015 – a year-long backdrop with special missions and even live events. If you think of missions as episodes of a television series, the FWPA would be an arc that spans the entire season.

Some ships will join in for certain missions at different times, and everyone can take part in building the shared story of the event on our wiki and the forums.

To learn more, head to our wiki.

Heroic sacrifice by scientist saves USS Constitution

AVALON SECTOR — Sotra scientist Dr. Aralo Onil gave his life to prevent the USS Constitution‘s destruction from an energy creature, saving over a thousand lives aboard the ship.

As the crew of the USS Constitution battled to get the outbreak on the Galaxy class ship under control, Lt. Udas and Lt. Kaitlyn Falcon came up with a way to detect and track the movement of an energy creature as it travelled through the ship. It appeared to be attracted to crew members that were infected. While another team lead by Ens. Sivah worked on tracking down how the crew got infected and compiled reports on spread patterns, the team was joined by the ship’s mission specialist Ens. Zayar Feraoun. As the team worked together, the cloud appeared in the room with them but seemed to leave them alone.

The cloud moved off again, traveling the ship’s corridors until it became attracted to a metal alloy in one of the cargo bays. Somehow, it fused with the metal and started to build up a large charge of energy that disrupted ship functions in the area. Both teams worked at trying to save the ship from this build-up of raw energy.

With no luck from either teams, Dr. Aralo Onil, one of the station’s scientists, made his way down to the cargo bay and accessed the cargo bay door manual release. The only problem was to do it would depressurize the cargo bay with him in it. The doors opened, sucking the metal-bound energy cloud and Onil out into space. It was believed that Onil’s last words were, “I’m coming, honey.”

“Dr. Aralo Onil was a brave man and a talented researcher,” said Udas. “His sacrifice shouldn’t be forgotten.”

Maj. Ben Edwards, with members from the Constitution‘s two fighter wings, had managed to get in position just before the door released. The fighters followed the cloud back towards the planet surface. Still not in his right state of mind, Edwards and a wingman pursued the cloud into the atmosphere before they were recalled. Upon their arrival back and a skeleton crew left on the station, the Constitution made best speed to Deep Space 285.

The following day, the ship arrived at the station where Lt. Cmdr. Siris joined the ship with unknown orders to report to the ship’s captain. Shortly before his meeting with Cmdr. Shelther Faranster, the ship’s first officer Lt. Cmdr. James suddenly collapsed in his quarters. Upon being discovered, James was rushed to sickbay and security began their investigation.

“It was like our jolly green-blooded giant decided to get into a wrestling match with the table, although it is undetermined who won. You’d have to ask medical about that,” said Chief Petty Officer Maxwell Jamison, who discovered the unconscious commander’s body. “But my first thought was to get the guy help. Every moment matters.”

Once in sickbay, it was discovered that James had suffered a massive heart attack and required advanced surgery.

First contact turns into a firefight

ORTHICA’S BANE — Starfleet’s attempt at diplomacy with the Sunak over a missing Cardassian vessel quickly fell into a firefight when another race called the Strox attacked.

If the crew of the USS Victory were hoping for a peaceful and easy first contact, they were in for a surprise. Though the first contact with the Sunak Triumvirate did not begin with shooting, the octopus-like aliens that lived in a liquid environment were not pleased with the Federation’s arrival. Their leader Primus Sobol alleged that the Cardassian vessel Nuvek, under the command of Gul Minessa, open fired on one of their vessels without provocation and that the crew were being held captive for their crimes.

“I honestly did not know what to think of the situation,” said Lt. Cmdr. Barry Morris, Victory‘s beta shift deck officer, in an interview with FNS embedded reporter Cole Sphinx. “We were outgunned and outnumbered with angry squid people who wanted our heads. Furthermore, our senior staff were all off ship. That’s enough to scare any sane person.”

One would think that this was all the stress the small Federation crew would have to handle, but two hours into the Sunak/Victory meeting, the situation became worse. The already crowded section of the nebula came under direct assault by another race living there called the Strox. These cannibalistic species that preyed on Sunak launched an all-out assault against the Victory, two Sunak vessels Unama and Aqawa, and the wounded Nuvek.

“The Strox are a mixture of medium height bipedal creatures that seemed to be a cross of a lizard and a shark with larger versions that looked like monsters from hell. Their red skin was gnarly and disgusting, ” said Crewman First Class Della Minis in a report. Della was one of the many onboard security forces of the Victory that faced the creatures in combat.

“If it was not for the timely computer lockout by some JG on Deck 4, the Strox may have been able to take the Victory,” he said.

Time will tell what effect this new race will have on the crew and the Federation presence in the Tempest Sector.

Ion storm cripples StarBase 118

TRINITY SECTOR — An ion storm has wreaked havoc with StarBase 118’s systems and sent a civilian freighter crashing into the starbase’s strategic ops tower.

Disaster struck less than a day after Cmdr. Leo Handley-Page took command of StarBase 118 Ops with his brand new crew of intrepid officers. An ion storm hit the starbase, crippling sensors and transporters throughout Ops. The issue would have been routine, but the ion storm caused a cascade failure in the SS Cerberas, an approaching civilian freighter. The Cerberas lost control, crashing into the strategic ops tower and trapping survivors both on the crippled ship and in the tower.

“I never saw anything like it,” said Talaxian diplomatic aide Shrax. “This ship just kept getting bigger and bigger until ‘boom!’ The whole place exploded in noise and fire. It was terrible.”

Starfleet teams immediately mobilized, with a medical rescue team led by chief medical officer Lt. Cmdr. Velana working to rescue those trapped in the strategic ops tower and an away team led by Lt. Cmdr. Sal Taybrim approaching the Cerberas by shuttlecraft to evacuate the survivors before the Cerberas lost all life support. Meanwhile, the crew remaining at Ops searched for answers on why the Cerberas was so badly affected by the storm.

Starfleet rescues captured officers from pirates

DURONIS SECTOR — Starfleet has staged a daring raid on a pirate sanctuary to rescue captured officers as demonstrations broke out on Duronis II in the aftermath of the kidnapping of the Laudean prime minister.

The crew of the USS Thunder-A, with Lt. Cmdr. Hannibal Parker in command, set out in pursuit of the kidnappers who had abducted Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa, along with Flt. Capt. Turner, Ambassador Vetri, and Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea. Tracking communications from the kidnappers’ ship, the Thunder traced it to an asteroid field called the Zone.

The communication also contained an ominous note: the kidnapped crewmembers were to be sold at an auction in eight hours. To make the situation worse, word had gotten out that Vail Daysa was now missing back on Duronis II, and demonstrations wracked the planet. The development forced Hannibal to split his crew to deal with the multiple threats.

Arriving at the Zone and after the fortuitous commandeering of a Ferengi vessel, Hannibal and Lt. Cmdr. Kamela Allison assumed their former cover identities as outlaws, and they, accompanied by Lt. Cmdr. Rossh, set out to free their captured crewmates and bring them home.

Rossh posed as a captive to be set upon the same stage as their captive crew members. Once the curtain went up, Hannibal was stunned to see that only Turner and Vetri were offered for sale, and T’Lea was replaced by another Vulcan. Undeterred, Hannibal entered a fierce bidding war only to be interrupted by a brawl started by allegations of cheating by one of the buyers. Using the melee as cover, Hannibal, Allison, and Rossh moved to free the three women and make their escape.

Hearing the melee over the open comm, the Thunder moved in and fired an EMP pulse, immobilizing the pirate fleet and beaming the rescue team and the now free captives back to the Thunder. The ship made her escape and set course for Duronis II.

The Thunder crew swore to find their still missing shipmate, a sentiment forcefully echoed by Parker.

“We will never stop looking for her, and whoever has her will pay a heavy price for the abduction and enslavement of a Starfleet officer, the highest crime a being can commit with the exception of murder,” he said. “Rura Penthe is too good for them. They will be found and prosecuted.”

The Thunder crew on Duronis II worked to quell the building tensions on the planet, using the press to help dispel rumors and restore relative calm until the Prime Minister was located and returned. With the help of Britta Daysa, the Prime Ministers’ wife, things on Duronis stabilized, and the Embassy was no longer under threat.

However, it was soon determined that Prime Minister Daysa had been returned to Duronis by the Laudean gangster Gaev into the hands of former prime minister Chandra, who had ill intentions of her own.

Largest protomatter cloud discovered

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — One of the densest known clouds of protomatter has been discovered near Deep Space 10, and the USS Garuda has been dispatched to survey the finding.

Dubbed the Genesis Cloud, a reference to the 23rd century terraforming project that had used protomatter at its core, the cloud was first identified by the Qilin Project.

“The numbers are literally off the scale,” said Dr. Eloise Wancata, a researcher with the Qilin Project. “If we put the measurements of previous protomatter collections next to the Genesis Cloud, you wouldn’t even notice them.”

Starfleet, eager to return a sense of normalcy to the troubled region after the recent terrorist attack by the Maquis Reborn, has assigned the USS Garuda to investigate the cloud, which is eight hours from Deep Space 10 at warp.

For their actions during the crisis aboard Deep Space 10, the Garuda crew were awarded the Silver Star, and the ship’s first officer Nia Calderan was promoted to commander and named Federation Ambassador to the region. The crew spent much of the aftermath of the Maquis attack helping the station rebuild and reconnecting with their own loved ones. Several crew members attended a charity bazaar for the reopening of Room 7, a local bar and club.

With the upcoming scientific mission, Starfleet also hopes to reconnect with the Community, a species native to the Menthar Corridor comprised of a collective consciousness that uses plant-like forms to communicate. Starfleet had previously encountered the Community during their dispute with their long-term enemy the Myr Luuk. The Federation Diplomatic Corps hopes a demonstration of a standard scientific survey to visiting delegates from the Community will help pave the way for renewed relations between the Federation and the Community.

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