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Storm in the Jenatris Cloud threatens Trinity Sector

JENATRIS CORRIDOR — War was narrowly averted as the USS Albion safely emerged from the Jenatris Cloud alongside a Romulan vessel, and StarBase 118 saved the area from the ravages of a terrible ion storm.

The USS Albion traveled into the Jenatris Cloud to investigate an unusual web of satellites. When a terrible ion storm catalyzed out of a firefight with the Romulan vessel ChR Asphodel, it appeared all was lost, but instead, the Albion took refuge in the eye of the storm with hostile Romulan bedfellows.

Shortly afterwards Captain Handley-Page became aware that the ChR Asphodel was holding Ensign Ashley Yael hostage after a failed diplomatic envoy. Ensign Yael worked with a sympathetic Romulan to get information over to the Albion about his condition as well as the fractured nature of the Romulan crew. It was enough to mobilize Handley-Page into sending a surgical strike away team over to the damaged Asphodel to liberate Yael and prevent the Asphodel from destroying both vessels.

The Asphodel attempted a hostile takeover of the Albion with a computer virus that lowered the Albion‘s shields, but this was quickly found and countered by the Albion‘s science and tactical teams. While keeping the Asphodel at bay, the Albion established communications with StarBase 118 Ops, working with the team there to find a way to collapse the ion storm.

Onboard the Asphodel, the away team found the Romulan crew was controlled by an insane captain named Renzon. The Romulans were planning mutiny, and the away team was added to these plans so they could rescue their fellow officer. A small team stormed the bridge of the Asphodel, stunning the hostile elements. The ship’s second in command was willing to negotiate with Starfleet and took control of the vessel. Working together with the Romulans, the Albion figured out that an anomaly was creating the ion storm that had them trapped. They were able to collapse the anomaly and escape safely into the Jenatris Corridor. As the away team returned to the Albion, the new Romulan commander departed peacefully.

Upon return to StarBase 118 Ops, Captain Handley-Page found the starbase had weathered a good deal of excitement as well. Security with the assistance of retired Captain Grier Reinard prevented riots from breaking out in the promenade, and the Black Tower uncovered and apprehended an agent within their ranks, catching him before he could destroy critical evidence as to who placed the anomaly-causing satellites and why.

“It’s a good thing Director Reinard was here,” restaurant owner Bella Stahl commented. “He’s just got that sort of voice that oozes calm. Like you’re being covered in milk chocolate. I couldn’t imagine anyone rioting listening to that voice.”

In the aftermath, the Black Tower has two satellites to dissect and leads on a second agent within Starfleet’s ranks. Meanwhile, the crew of the Albion looks forward to a restive and relaxing shore leave while they recuperate from their recent adventures.

USS Gemini investigates Prometheus Station

PROMETHEUS STATION – After investigating an incident at Prometheus Station, the crew of the USS Gemini have normalized space surrounding the station.

After escaping the mysterious pocket of subspace that they were trapped in, the USS Gemini and her crew continued their mission to investigate an incident at Prometheus Station. Upon their arrival, at the station, the crew quickly realized that there was no activity in the vicinity. As the ship made its closer to the station, Commander Liam Frost ordered an away team, led by Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair, to investigate.

After discovering that there was an unusual subspace occurrence preventing the use of transporters, the away team boarded a shuttle and set about investigating the station. Without a complete set of schematics on the classified station, and no obvious signs of a docking port, Ensign Randal Shayne was forced to create a hard dock with the station.

Once aboard the station, the away team found a situation much like what had been observed outside. The station appeared abandoned, but in exceptional condition. Everything inside the station looked new and completely unused. The team began their investigation and quickly discovered what had most likely caused the Gemini’s previous subspace problems, as well as those in the surrounding space. There was an experiment being done on the station that essentially weaponized subspace.

The team continued their investigation, eventually finding one surviving member of the station’s crew a Lieutenant Allan Tracy. After getting as much information as they could from Tracy, a decision was made. They needed to recreate the events that allowed the Gemini to escape the strange subspace field, only this time they would have to recreate it around the station. Blair decided to send the away team back to the Gemini while he and Tracy would stay behind to initialize the inverse warp field before leaving at the last possible second.

“This is completely screwed up,” said science officer Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Richards. “The data we gathered indicated this was an attempt to weaponized subspace for delivery systems, and I will not rest until we’ve found out who authorized this.”

After a tumultuous few minutes, on both the station and the Gemini, the plan worked and space surrounding the station returned to normal. With their investigation complete, Frost handed the investigation over to another ship and the Gemini headed for Starbase 118.

Captain Ben Livingston of USS Columbia disappears in Romulan space

VENTURIUS SECTOR – On his way to planet Avronis V, Captain Ben Livingston, commanding officer of the USS Columbia, has gone missing in Romulan territory.

On Starbase 118, the crew of the Columbia had been enjoying a relaxing barbecue in a holodeck, during which promotions and awards were presented by Captain Livingston. A few days later during shoreleave, the crew discovered that an urgent request for help by the Romulans had forced their captain to take the captain’s yacht Kumari to Avronis V. The Columbia, under temporary command of Lt. Cmdr. Brek, was to join Livingston as soon as repairs and restocking were completed.

Two days later, following a spate of bad repairs from Starbase 118, and fearing that someone was trying to delay their mission, Brek decided to start their journey to Avronis ahead of schedule. Several hours later Columbia tried to contact Captain Livingston and discovered that they couldn’t trace the Kumari.

“It appears that we may have an issue with the shuttlecraft modifications,” said Lt. JG Theo Whittaker, one of Columbia’s engineers. “Ensign Oori reports that two new power cells are defective and the metaphasic sensors aboard the Bhujerba were out of alignment by a significant amount.”

On Avronis’ Moon Station, Administrator tr’Lleodah was reassured to see that nature was making a quiet come back to his planet. Emboldened by this, he prepared a little reception to receive Captain Livingston. On Avronis itself though, things are far from being pleasant. The staff working in the recycling stations suffered a spell of dangerous accidents that menaced their health and forced the shut down of several facilities, slowing down their recycling program.

Moments later, unbeknown to everyone, as soon as he reached Avronis, Captain Livingston was captured by Major Nelkar, a Tal Shiar agent trapped in an underground facility on the planet.

USS Bronwyn sent back in time

DURONIS II – The crew of the USS Bronwyn, which includes the entire staff from the USS Thunder-A, went missing in the Duronis Sector and found themselves back in time.

With the heavily damaged USS Bronwyn in orbit, efforts were begun to repair the ship. Meanwhile, an advance team led by Marine Colonel Tyr Waltas beamed down to prehistoric Duronis. They were almost immediately attacked by what could only be described as a “flying hellcat”.

Escaping the beast, the team consisting of Colonel Waltas, Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker and Marine Captain Martinez fell into more trouble, becoming mired in quicksand while their tormentor, the aforementioned hellcat, waited patiently for them to die. Fortunately, the rest of the Away Team, consisting of Rear Admiral Toni Turner, Lieutenant T’Mihn, Lieutenant Commander T’Lea, Major Pavlova, Lieutenant Brell were in the Bronwyn‘s only shuttlecraft, and beamed them to safety.

Establishing a base camp, the away team was besieged by a torrential rain, which generated a lightning strike on T’Mihn. Relatively undamaged, the away team bedded down for the night.

The next morning, Colonel Waltas had taken off by himself to do some scouting before the rest of the team had awakened, and managed to get himself caught in a rockslide. In the camp, an earthquake and volcanic eruption opened a rift which swallowed the shuttle and rained down volcanic debris onto the away team.

Faced with this and the missing Waltas, the away team set out to find him amid the growing lava flows. During this episode, Lieutenant Commander T’Lea was also missing. The teams plit again, with Turner, Parker and Martinez searching for T’Lea, and T’Mihn, Brell, and Pavlova looking for Waltas.

T’Mihn’s team found the wayward Colonel first, and rendezvoused with the other team. A quake-triggered rockslide forced everyone into cover, with Commander Parker picking up the injured Waltas and rushing him to safety. With no place to hide, the rockslide swept Commander Parker down the hill, trapping him with molten lava rapidly approaching his position.

With no way to get to the Commander in time to save him, the team called on the Bronwyn to fire her phasers literally on his position. With her phaser lock inoperative, the Bronwyn fired, blasting a massive channel and diverting the lava.

With Admiral Turner and Major Pavlova now freeing their trapped shipmate, another danger presented itself: a massive tidal was now bearing down on them, and swept them out to sea, the rest of the away team watching in horror.

Meanwhile on board the Bronwyn, the crew struggled to repair the damage from the rift. They were powerless to stop the tidal wave which took their crewmembers, and they could only watch as events unfolded down below. Lieutenant Commanders Stephanie Parker and Kamela Allison managed to get the sensors back online, and the work of Lt JG. Toni Lupo and her engineers got main power and life support working.

Much to their dismay, it was discovered that the shuttle was not destroyed by falling into the crack made by the earthquake, and discussions were begun as to how to remove the shuttle from the surface without changing the course of history.

Meanwhile on the surface, the grim search had begun to find Admiral Turner, Commander Parker and Major Pavlova. All three had survived, however when the away teams were reunited, several crewmembers were exhibiting strange signs: they were reverting to prehistoric behavior which resulted in a fight between T’Mihn and Waltas, which was broken up by Hannibal Parker. Before the two could continue their hostilities, they were beamed to the Bronwyn.

Trouble ensues during shakedown cruise of USS Doyle-A

CAR’THEN III – The newly commissioned USS Doyle-A made its way to Car’then III on a shakedown cruise before finding itself in the midst of a hostile situation.

The newly launched USS Doyle (NCC-80221-A) made its way to Car’then III with a Starfleet observer on board while conducting sea trials only for the ship to be shot at upon exiting the QSD. The reasons for the firefight are still unknown.

An official Starfleet team comprised of Lieutenant Commanders Udas and Keiran, Lieutenants Sassi Kax and Alexander Bishop, was sent down to the capital city of Mith to attempt diplomatic negotiations. The negotiations were a façade as they also sent a team comprised of Commander Tel-ar, Lieutenant Commander Ben Hunnicutt, Lieutenant Aidoann Danara and 1st Lieutenant Cerissa Tyren were there to try to capture fugitive Maquis Reborn masterminds.

The negotiations quickly turned out to be hazardous resulting in at least one crew member spraining her wrist during the commotion. Whether the disruption of the negotiations was intentional or coincidental is still unknown but it has become clear that someone either really didn’t like either the Federation or the Lord Mayor, at this time it is hard to tell who the actual target was.

“Away missions can be brutal for sure, but you have to give them credit for being an effective workout,” said Lieutenant Sassi Kax, one of the Doyle’s tactical officers.

While the away team was on the planet the already dented Doyle was disabled further thanks to a mysterious hail that unleashed a nasty virus on several of the Doyle’s key systems. The Doyle’s engineers worked round the clock to ensure that all systems were back online and fully operational in time to extract the away team. The rescue of the away team was one to remember as they beamed on board the yacht they were on, exploded behind them leaving an impressive display of space dust.

It is imperative to reiterate the fact that there is a lot of mystery surrounding these sea trials, and it is still unknown whether the Doyle was an actual target or merely collateral damage. With most of the crew safely aboard the Doyle, minus Commander Tel-ar, the Doyle fought off the Mayor’s pursuers while continuing to search for the missing officer and the two fugitives.

USS Atlantis returns to base, broken but not beaten

DEEP SPACE 26 – After completing their harrowing mission on Piktar 1, the weary crew of the USS Atlantis has returned to base to lick their wounds, remember the fallen and commemorate the brave.

The USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) having rescued the trapped scientists on Piktar 1, returned to Deep Space 26 for a much deserved shore leave. En route, the crew held a memorial service for their fallen comrade, Chief Engineer Lieutenant Gwen Gardener.

On arrival at the space station, Captain Raj Blueheart attended a meeting with Admirals Kriege and Garcetti and learned that St’elin, one of the rescued scientists working in Outpost Bravo, was actually Starfleet Intelligence officer Commander Varaan, undercover to investigate the possible resurgence of the Paraan, a notorious terrorist infamous throughout the Par’tha Expanse. Blueheart also learned that Varaan was the former commanding officer of his very own Atlantis. Pushing awkwardness aside, Blueheart accepted the admirals’ offer and welcomed Varaan to join his crew.

Elsewhere, the bio-engineered Human female Elsa, created in an ultra-secret subterranean laboratory underneath Outpost Bravo on Piktar 1 and rescued by the Atlantis, had emerged from cryostasis in sickbay and requested to be released. The crew feared for her safety, concerned that should they allow her to leave the Atlantis unprotected, she may fall victim to nefarious parties bent on exploiting her unimaginable powers.

“The timeless words of the oppressor. ‘We’re keeping you locked up for your own safety.’ I’ve had a lot of time to read up on humanity’s history. That excuse has been used far too often to oppress those who are not like those in power,” said Elsa. “I believe that your words signify more that you don’t trust me.”

Still, the crew also feared that should they release her to Starfleet Intelligence or even the Science Division, Elsa would be experimented on again. But to hold her on board was to imprison her indefinitely. That is the dilemma faced by the senior staff as they contemplate the best course of action to take. Whatever their decision, Elsa’s fate depends on it.

Meanwhile, the crew enjoyed a promotions ceremony held in the beautiful and enchanting gardens of the station’s quadrant-famous Arboretum.

Victory crew faces onslaught of pirate ships in orbit of Temlaiyhari

TEMLAIYHARI, HUKOGA SECTOR – A search and rescue mission has turned into a desperate battle for the crew of the USS Victory.

When it comes to missions, the crew of the USS Victory, currently aboard the USS Achilles, has gone from a search operation to a search and rescue and is now caught in the middle of a battle with renegade pirate vessels. The independent moon of Temlai had grown tired with the presence of the Romulans and the Federation, so they sent out a distress call to allies.

This was not the only problem facing the crew. Since Ensign Janel Tarna and Ensign Lael Elizabeth Rosek had been captured by a Sicarius cell, they were able to get a transmission out to the Achilles to pinpoint their location. That away team was in the process of recovering them when the enemy fleet arrived in the system.

The Federation vessel fell under attack from an onslaught of pirate vessels, but thanks to the resourcefulness of the crew, they were able to keep them at bay while Lieutenant Tarsii Asmara and his team were able to recover the two prisoners and escape back to the Achilles.

Once out of the system, the crew were able to check on the damages inflicted and begin to calm down from their ordeal. Having been stuck on an unfamiliar ship and in enemy territory without any shore-leave before had been very rough on them.

“This mission was ridiculous,” Petty Officer 3rd Class Gorvin said while looking over the ship’s engines. “We went from rescue, to battle, and we almost did not make it out.”

Now with their course set for Earth and the newly upgraded Victory, the crew is in high hopes of a well-deserved shore leave and to be able to rest and relax from their time in Romulan territory. How long will their shore-leave last? Only time will tell.

USS Darwin-A discovers terrible truth of Asavii history

ASAVII – USS Darwin-A is once again caught between religious factions while inadvertently discovering the ancient reason for the planet’s global water rise.

After having uncovered some previously unexplored and sealed off sections of the sea floor, Starfleet was called in to offer a helpful hand. Tasked also with furthering the relationship with the Asavii, the crew of the USS Darwin (NCC-99312-A) set about collaborating and joining 3 expeditions into the unknown depths.

With each group branching out into different directions and each with different and difficult goals, it wasn’t long before their exploration was interrupted by an unexpected message. “All hail Balzog”. The message was an activation of sorts for the group of followers loyal to the Asavii Earth god Balzog, to bring themselves into the light. With all ships working with local Asavii on board, the risk that the situation on each vessel could become untenable was a real threat.

With Commander Renos foreseeing the inevitable clash, the J’naii sought to facilitate a meeting with the Patriarch Phlendorp and a Balzog representative aboard the Darwin; on neutral territory.

Back down below the surface, LtCmdr. Thomas and Lt. Traenor’s teams, feeling confident they could continue, stumbled upon similar structures resembling rooms with pockets of air. LtCmdr. Thomas and his team successfully entered the pocket, to be entirely surprised by its contents. Upon further investigation, the crew discovered that the Asavii were in fact responsible for their own demise and had caused the flooding of their world themselves.

Meanwhile, Lt Traenor and his team uncovered a similar structure to Thomas’s team and decided to send in a probe to investigate its contents. While outside, they uncovered what seemed to be a power conduit, before being struck by what appeared to be a EMP wave; leaving them dead in the water. The team brainstormed how best to extricate them from the precarious situation.

In another section of the underwater planet, Commander Renos’ former team, now led by Commander Rennyn, managed to stumble upon some ancient consoles. Those turned out to be damaged and no longer powered on, and the crew managed to find several disks which likely contained data relevant to Asavii historians. Concerned about the data being lost, should the caverns become compromised, the team decided to take the disks and to hand them over to the Asavii.

Back on the Darwin, the Patriarch was challenged by Hurlich, an Asavii Minister who considered himself the true leader of Zolrak. Throwing around a few threats was enough for Commander Renos to interject and for the Patriarch to realize he couldn’t avoid the inevitable. Volunteering to surrendering himself for judgement, the Patriarch, not yet armed with the knowledge of planets flooding, hoped to one day, share in a bright future for Asavii.

“I think we are at the end of what we can accomplish together during this visit, Captain. I cannot thank you enough for your understanding and compassion with all that we have put you through,” said Phlendorp Asavii Patriarch. “I may not know how the near future of Asav will play out, but I will do everything I can to ensure that we strive forward as a people, and protect our burgeoning relationship with the Federation. We are a tough, resilient race, and though it means that at times we are resistant to change, we know that we can and will adapt.”

With all that they could achieve said and done, the USS Darwin recalled teams and left orbit at high speed, for what many hoped would be some rest and relaxation at Deep Space 6.

Scandal before Presidential State of the Federation address?

ASTROFORI ONE — Just days away from President Bacco’s delivery of her State of the Federation address, allegations have been made against one of the species invited to the Astrofori One initiative.

The Astrofori One Project, the brainchild of Federation Ambassador and presidential candidate Lily Ventu, has been hailed as a bold step forward in interstellar diplomacy. While the Federation, Romulans, Breen, and Kubarey are the four major powers of the project, numerous other species and groups have also been invited to become a part of the galactic forum. However, trouble may be brewing already between some of the participants.

An anonymous source attending the launch of the station reports that strong allegations by the Kubarey Confederation and the recently reintroduced Peppalexans have been made against one of those species, known as the Va Wreth. Most information about the Va Wreth classify them as a nomadic species of traders, and they have passed through the Menthar region of space on a number of occasions.

The Peppalexans state that ten thousand years ago, the Va Wreth were at war with the Ancient Alliance over attempts to block or regulate their trade routes which ran through the middle of Alliance space. Despite heavy losses, the Va Wreth eventually overwhelmed the majority of Alliance species. Peppalexan records further show that they cannibalized their fallen foes and committed other atrocities.

Confounding the matter is that the Va Wreth were invited to join Astrofori One by the Tholians, who have had contact with them. Given the Tholians normally xenophobic nature, the move is surprising. The proposal was seconded by the Romulans, who recall a very different Va Wreth who were eager to trade, communicate and make connections with for the future. Two thousand years ago, the Va Wreth passed through what became Romulan space and helped those fleeing Vulcan to establish themselves by trading supplies.

“It’s a major headache all around,” said one member of the Bacco Administration on condition of anonymity. “They’re trying to handle the crisis quietly because at this point, all eyes are already going to be on the station with the president’s State of the Federation address.”

Crew members of the USS Garuda have been tasked to investigate the claims as discretely as possible. One team, led by Capt. Aron Kells, has attempted to go undercover disguised as a group of Romulans to gather more information from the other species aboard the station and what they know about the Va Wreth. After speaking with Romulans, Tholians, and others, the team has split up with one set of officers taking the Garuda out under the command of Dr. Chythar Skyfire to search for the Va Wreth’s nearby contacts. Skyfire’s search has led to a Taredge colony the Va Wreth visited that isn’t answering the Garuda’s hails.

Meanwhile, another team led by the Garuda’s first officer Lt. Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman launched an operation to seek any direct evidence for the Kubarey and Peppalexan claims during a reception held by the Va Wreth. However, just as the operation was underway, an old enemy has chosen this time to make a reappearance: Harrison Ross, the Garuda’s former first officer who betrayed his crew last year and kidnapped the Garuda’s Director of Intelligence Capt. Quinn Reynolds.

Now, the Garuda crew must work with Federation Security to protect the President and other VIPs attending from whatever plan Ross might have in store, but if the Va Wreth crisis isn’t resolved, Ross might not have to do anything before the entire diplomatic experiment unravels.

USS Apollo-A under investigation by Starfleet Intelligence

DEEP SPACE 5 – After a taxing mission, the crew of the USS Apollo-A is under investigation by Starfleet Intelligence. Are they behind the sudden change of ships for the crew?

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669-A, riddled with viruses from the incident around the escaped prisoners (whom the crew has apprehended and returned into the hands of authorities), docked at Deep Space 5 to begin repairs to their systems and enjoy a well deserved shore leave. This endeavour was cut short when only minutes after docking the ship was put into lockdown by a Starfleet Intelligence Audit Investigator team, under leadership of Commander Thomas Prendar.

Prendar and three of his officers led one-on-one interrogations with part of the crew, namely Lieutenants Nathaniel Wilmer and Sinda Essen, as well as Lieutenant Commanders Kalos Fiorr and S’Lone tr’Khellian. Content of the meetings as well as their results have not been made public as of this time. Meanwhile two of Prendar’s officers held a drill session for the remaining senior staff on the holodeck.

The drill did not run as smooth as it was possibly planned, as the senior staff found themselves in a desert setting with the task to run a five mile parcours. It did not take too long until the Nurse, Ensign Dial, collapsed in the sand due to dehydration. This moment marked the end of the planned drill, as the rest of the seniors refused to go on and stood by Dial’s side, while Starfleet Intelligence (SFI) officers Lieutenant Green and Lieutenant Rahz continued to order them back to the drill.

The whole situation got heated between the SFI and the seniors, but was defused when an Engineer, Ensign Rustyy Hael, who came too late to the drill behind locked doors, decided to help out his comrades by hacking into the program and change the settings. Though the programmed rain for his colleages was not restricted to the holodeck, something went wrong in the programming and the whole deck was flooded in rain until stopped by Hael. At this point the seniors were dismissed by the SFI Officers.

When asked about theories of the SFI’s visit, Fiorr only remarked, “Let’s just be glad it’s over right? They’ll never tell you why they’re here unless they want us to know. So guessing about it won’t do us any good. Let’s not dig our own hole here or add more stress to an already unpleasant situation.”

While the crew hasn’t yet learn the results of the investigation, the SFI left the Apollo and lifted the lockdown. But the newly found freedom didn’t last long, as the crew received order to make way to Deep Space 285 immediately. Thanks to the quantum slipstream drive they arrived about an hour later and were soon after hit by another surprise.

The biggest part of the crew found transfer orders to relocate to the USS Constitution, NCC-9012-B, under a new Commanding Officer: Commander Jalana Rajel. At this time it is not known why their former Acting CO, LtCmdr Akeelah D’Sena, has not received the position, or if it has anything to do with the SFI Investigation. However, it has been confirmed that D’Sena had stepped back from the FO position and had returned to the Security department. The position of the First Officer was filled with the former Acting FO and Head of the HCO department, Nathaniel Wilmer, who has also received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

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