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The Borg Defera Ground Invasion, Part One

The newest event in Star Trek Online involves the Borg ground assault in the Defera system. The situation is desperate: You and your fellow Starfleet officers have been called to defend the planet from the Federation’s most fearsome enemy.

The defense “event” runs for four hours, and begins with your transport down to Defera Prime. There are two possible theaters of engagement, the wide zone and the set zone. The wide zone is really a large, involved battle to defend the main city. You, of course, will get points and rewards for the successful defense, and if you are at level cap, the rewards are particles that can be used to craft new weapons. For those that are still building you get the points and the crafting particles. 

First Contact Day

Thursday, April 5th is the day of the historic flight of the Phoenix, piloted by Zefram Cochrane. This opened the door for warp flight and then the first contact with the Vulcans. For Star Trek Online players, on April 5th you were  able to take a mission to visit the Utopia Planitia Shipyards over Mars. There you were able to see the Enterprise-F and meet her new crew. When the visit was complete, you recieve as a reward a non-combat “pet” that will follow your ship in space: the first warp capable ship, the Phoenix.

This event was for the Federation only, but for the Klingons there was a Klingon Defense Force only mission called “Alpha” involving the Hirogen, ensuring that there was a little something for all during First Contact Day.

Mercury Rising: Commander Miles Unum

There is always a call to duty that all Starfleet officers must heed. We all must honor the call to duty. An honored officer has retired and another has been called to take the reins of command. Today we are honored to talk with Commander Miles Unum, formally the first officer of the Embassy on Duronis II and the USS Thunder. Commander Unum is stepping in to take command of the USS Mercury since Captain Tallis Rhul has retired due real life commitments.

Commander Unum is now in command of the Mercury, there have been a few crew transfers and changes in the departments. Now with the transfer of command completed Commander Unum and his new crew are about to enter new adventures. But before that can start, let us talk with him and see what is going on in the mind of newly appointed Starship Captain.

Commander Unum I have to ask, how do you feel about this new venture, the responsibilities and how you came to chose the officers to join you on this venture.

Alexander, first I’d like to thank you for contacting me about this interview. It’s a pleasure to talk with you today.

I’m feeling pulled in two opposite directions emotionally about these changes.  I’m excited but at the same time saddened.

Captain Tallis and I first met over two and a half years ago on the USS Challenger.  He was the helmsman, and I was a security officer. We immediately hit it off in-character and also out-of-character, and we remain friends to this day. I had the opportunity to serve with him on the USS Ronin and at the Duronis II Embassy before he became the commanding officer on the USS Ronin and then on the USS Mercury. I’m going to miss him, and I understand and support him in his reasons for retiring. I wish him the best with his plans for the future.

Lower Decks: Ensign Winyah Kasara

  • Character Name: Winyah Kasara
  • Rank and Current Post: Operations and communications, Duronis II Embassy and its support vessel, USS Thunder
  • Species: Klingon

You hail from the Klingon homeworld of Qo’nos. How was life  growing up on your planet?

It was very enjoyable.  I come from a well-off family, distinguished for its service to the Empire.  I was taught, from earliest time of my life, that we must all contribute to the family reputation, in some way.  That may sound somewhat stern, but we had fun, too.

Lower Decks: LtJG William Tindall

Today on the  Embassy/ Thunder Hotseat is one of the security officers: LtJG William Tindall and Dave the SAR dog!

Welcome Mr. Tindall and Dave!

Thank you, say hello Dave.

Your duties include security, but you are also a SAR with the K-9 Corps. Could you explain your role?

My role with the canine squad is primary search and rescue the dogs are also trained for bomb searches and are used whenever tricoders are not effective. I feel there better than any tricorder.

STO: Ship Variants

Photo CR: stowiki.orgFor those that do play or are thinking about playing Star Trek Online. I thought it was time to have a weekly news and update article about the new features and additions of the game, with some reviews and notes that i gather while playing the game.

First off as you all know there is a new federation cruiser, the Odyssey Class. When it was first introduced there was an event were the player could test the ship in a small testing ground, then a small confrontation with the Klingons. The ship could only be used if you held the Rank of Admiral or above. Since that event closed players had this new vessel in their inventory. Now there are configuration variants of the class. There is now a tactical, operations, and science. The tactical version of the ship has a small escort ship that will follow you and attack your targets in battle. The operations version has the feature of saucer separation like the Galaxy class refit, and finally the science version has work bees that repair the hull of the ship. There are options of buying all three ships, or just one. For the price of two ship you can have all three variants. Once you purchase is made the vessel is unlocked for all Federation characters on you account.

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