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Publicity Team Update: Janaury


The first month of the new year has come and gone and the Publicity Team is really looking forward to everything that Writing Improvement Month will bring to Starbase 118 as a fleet, as well as to the RPG realm in general.

The SB118 command staff and helpers in the fleet have designated February Starbase 118’s Writing Skills Improvement Month. The WSIP is an entire month of activities that will give the fleet members the opportunity to enhance their writing and simming skills. There is a full lineup of guest speakers, workshops, tutorials, interactive events, all which sound very exciting and useful for our fleet members and guests to enjoy. The listing of events can be found here!

Publicity Team Update: December

150px-PT_logoNow that we have officially entered into the new year, the Publicity Team has gained new members, soared to new heights with the points system, and, as a result, we are seeing more and more applications come into the fleet from prospective members.

Publicity Team Update, November 2012

publicityNovember was a busy month for the Publicity Team. Now that winter is upon us, there have been more and more returning members to the fleet and more interactions outside of the fleet. The membership has been building with more internal activities, including the caption contest on the forums and the introduction of the Star Trek Stories featured site, where the writers of the fleet can share their own personal stories. This month was the start of a new weekly story that I started on the Star Trek Stories. For those that would like to write their own featured story or column, contact Captain Nicholotti.

I have personally talked with new members that have told me that they found us by Google search. This demonstrates that the team, and the fleet as whole, is succeeding in their marketing efforts. We are constantly growing, building a very strong online presence, and the Publicity Team is leading the way forward.

Now, for this month, I’d like to recognize some excellent members of the TEam. The top point earner for the  month again is Lt. Jg T’Mhin Ah’mygahn. Captain Diego Herrera comes in a close second place.

The Publicity Team is always looking for members. If you have any questions or you would like to join the team, please contact me, Lt. Commander Alexander Matthews.

Star Trek Online: Regent-Class Assault Crusier

The Regent class is one of the newest class of starships that has been added to Star Trek Online. Here is a history with the advancements of this new ship of the line.

The Sovereign class’s first major engagement was the Battle of Sector 001 in 2373, when the U.S.S. Enterprise-E led the fight against a Borg invasion near earth. The Sovereign soon became the standard for which all assault cruisers were measured. Now this hallmark ship class gets a upgrade and sets a new standard — the Assault Cruiser Refit: Regent Class.

The Regent Class comes equipped with a Metreon Gas Canisters Console Mod. Metreon Gas is highly unstable, but when properly stored it can be safely replicated and transported. This Console Mod allows you to vent the gas from your Bussard Collectors and ignite it at will. The resulting explosions can be extremely devastating. This Console Mod can be equipped in any console slot. It may only be equipped on Sovereign variants, including the Assault Cruiser and Assault Cruiser Refit.

The Assault Cruiser Refit: Regent Class also comes with a Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher. This torpedo launcher has been upgraded with a Wide Angle targeting system that allows the torpedo to lock onto targets that would normally be outside of standard firing arcs, providing a 180-degree targeting arc. This launcher can be equipped on any starship, but you may only equip one.

The Assault Cruiser Refit configuration includes the Regent, Sovereign, Noble and Majestic classes.

Star Trek Online: New Romulus

Today it is my honor and privilege to bring you the news of the release of Star Trek Online’s seventh and newest season. For those of you that have not played in some time, there have been a few updates to the game. I have not played a lot myself  as of late, but I do constantly download the updates as they come. To get to the meat of what you will find in the update, take a look at the STO season updates, available here, and the full list of new features here.

This season also includes the release of a new class of starship, the Vesta. As with most STO classes, the Vesta includes the choice of three variants.  For those of you that know of the  “Destiny” trilogy of Star Trek novels, one of them is commanded by Captain Ezri Dax. The “Destiny” novels focus on the U.S.S. Aventine a vessel that was key in defeating the Borg in those books.

Publicity Team Reboot

One of the few questions that we always ask our newest members is simply ‘How did you find us?’ While the answer to this question varies, it all points back to one place; the Publicity Team. From Google searches to posts on various RPG related websites, it is the work that this team does that brings in new members from all over the net, and similarly, all over the world. But how does it work?

For those new to the team, or older members that have not been on the team in the past, let me explain some things in a nutshell about what the team is. As you know not all things are that easy to find on the internet. Some things that you enter into a search engine can bring you tons of possible links that can take you almost anywhere. Because there are millions of websites out there, it takes a specific strategy to show up at the beginning of the search results where people are more likely to find us.

That is where this team comes in. By employing a certain strategy to market our site and our service, the game, to the search engines, and in turn, those who would be interested in playing, the Publicity Team is able to show up at the top of various searches related to the Starbase 118 game. But that’s not the end of what we do! Team members also use facebook, and twitter to promote the group via social media, and we turn to the real world as well, where we talk to our friends, family members, and associates about this awesome hobby.

The time factor involved in the daily duties for a team member is next to nothing, just a few clicks once a day and you’re done. Want to contribute more? There’s always more that can be done! Joining the team is simple too; just contact Lt Commander Alexander Matthews, or post in the Publicity Team recruitment forums. There is no rank requirement, so everyone, even new Ensigns are welcome to join!

Recently, the team’s gone through quite a few changes. Lt. Colonel Miles Unum, the team’s previous facilitator, had to retire due to real life commitments. Since this event has come about, the publicity team has restructured and reformed. The missions for the team are basically the same, but with a new outlook, new rewards, and more to get involved with. Here are just a few of the interesting things to look for:

  • A points system, with monthly awards and recognition.
  • A new membership forums badge with distinction for different points benchmarks.
  • Invite a member to join the team and receive points.
  • Invite a friend to join, after they graduate the academy, and after each promotion they receive, get points.
  • Submit weekly reports for your points to be recorded and accumulated.
  • Facebook likes and shares still continue, but we’re always looking to expand our facebook program.
  • Posting on where other fans can see what we do and who we are.
  • Vote for our game on the RPG Gateway.
  • Writing three hundred word articles, for publication throughout the internet, giving us a Search Engine boost.

These are just some of the things that you can look forward to while helping to place the name of the fleet around the world. No matter how much time you have to give, there is a way that you can help. Join today and help grow the Starbase 118 Fleet by simple contributions and easy tasks.

The News Team Interview: Captain Andrus Jaxx

Today, I have the privilege of talking with Captain Andrus Jaxx, Facilitator of the Starbase 118 News team, and also the Captain of the USS Apollo.

The news team provides articles of Star Trek and Science News from around the globe.  Not only does the team hunt for interesting news to report from outside of our community, but also from within.

As you notice there has been plenty of news and interviews coming from the different ships. Plot summaries, changes in command, and the current events that happen around the fleet.

Thank you for taking time to meet with me Captain, could you give us a little background of your career?

Sure!  I started my career with Starbase 118 back in 2007.  It was actually an accident the way I stumbled across the site.  I had just watched Nemesis for the billionth time(slight dramatization) and I was curious about Captain Riker and the USS Titan.  So I did as anyone does these days when they want to know more and plugged “USS Titan” into my search engine.  Whist I found some information on Riker, I found some on Starbase 118’s inactive vessel carrying the same name.  I thought to myself, “Wow, this is a place where the story can continue!”  I did not consider myself a writer in any way.  As a matter of fact, I hated it.  I continued to surf the site for about 2 weeks before I decided to take the plunge.  I was so worried that I would not be good enough, that because I hated writing I would not like it, and basically any other excuse you can come up with to make failure okay in your mind.  Once I started, I hit the ground running!  Fresh out of the Academy I was assigned to the USS Challenger as a Counselor.  I think at the time it was my 3rd choice in duty post, but to get a ship that simmed as fast as I wanted…I had to make some concessions.  I spent nearly 2 years in that role before moving to Strategic Operations Officer and Second Officer.  From there I served as First Officer on the USS Resolution under FltCpt(then Commander) Toni Tuner.  From there I transferred to the USS Eagle as Strategic Operations Officer under R. Admiral Rocar Drawoh.  My next assignment came when Captain Quinn Reynolds assumed command of the Eagle.  I made the move with R. Admiral Rocar to the USS Victory as First Officer.  Upon his retirement, I assumed command of the Victory and eventually took her with me to Starbase 118 Operations as our support craft.  After nearly a year on the starbase, I transferred command to my XO at the time, Commander Kalianna Nicholotti.  As she started her Captaincy Practical, I launched the USS Apollo with a mixture of officers across the fleet, as well as some fresh graduates.

Could you please explain in a little more depth about the News Team and what are the duties?

The News Team serves a duel purpose.  First, they way a website thrives is started by their content.  As we gain popularity in the eyes of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and any other search engine our content is the base that everything is built on.  We make sure that each day their is a fresh article posted to our main site.  While the topics can be reused, the content inside has to be unique and not found anywhere else on the web, and constant.

The second purpose is to educate and entertain our fleet.  Most of our posts come from internal matters.  Since the new year we have put more focus on interviews with fleet members, articles on our history, announcements, and anything else our writers deem worthy to write about.  The result is a fleet that feels like they know what is going on all around them.  Each month our readers can look at the plots being ran on every ship.  Knowing where ships like the Discovery-C, Tiger, or Avandar have been excites some people, as well as stems creativity for their own plots.

What have been the most interesting articles that you have come across?

This is a hard one!  As facilitators, Commander Aron Kells and I read over every single article before it is scheduled.  I think it is easier to go with my favorite columns.  I love the Lower Decks column.  It is fun for me to read about writers and characters that I do not serve with.  It helps me feel like we are closer, even if not on the same ship.  I also love Mondays, and the Writer’s Workshop/Officer’s Guide column.   When I started, writing was not something I was great at.  Now, I seem to do pretty well, but I am always looking on tips to be better.  I still hate writing, but anything Star Trek related is exempt!

How does one join the team and what are the requirements needed?

We have a very simple process.  If you head to the News Team wiki page, you will find a link to our Yahoo! Group page.  Just request membership, be sure to list your character name, and poof you have joined.  There is no rank requirement to join the group.  When you start, you are given the link to important information about posting and procedures and then you are off and running!

What type of composing editor is used for the News Team?

Our website is powered by WordPress.  Therefore, we use their very easy interface to post our news content.  It is a very easy process that allows our writers to seamlessly create their articles.

Is there a weekly requirement for submitting the news?

We ask that writers remain consistent.  If you join and can commit to 2 articles a month, that is what we expect.  Of course, the more articles we have, the better.  We are always looking for writers to jump in and join the team.  Right now we are scheduled about a week in advance.  We would love to get to the point where we are able to schedule a whole month and have articles on stand-by.  The more we have to pull from, the better.

If you would like to contribute to the News Team, head over to their Yahoo! Group and request membership!

The Publicity Team Interview

Have you ever wondered how members are attracted to our group? Have you thought how you could make a difference and draw people to our community? Would you like to help make Starbase 118 the best RPG group in the world?

Here in the interview, I have spoken with with Lt. Colonel Miles Unum of the Duronis II Embassy, and leader of the Publicity Team. He explains the duties and requirements of joining, as well as what is gained with what the team does. I also spoke with Commander Kalianna Nicholotti of Starbase 118 Ops about what she does with content created by the team each month.

Mercury Rising: Lieutenant Commander Arden Cain

There is always a duty to be performed when you have taken the oath in Starfleet.  Even though there is a downtime, there is a time for an officer to step up and take command of new duties that involve more responsibilities.Such is the case on board the science vessel USS Mercury. Within less than a month we have seen one honored Captain retire. The honored Captain Tallis Rhul. Then an officer from the USS Thunder and the Embassy on Duronis II be called to take command of the Mercury, Commander Miles Unum. Due to a real life situation Commander Unum had to step down. Temporarily command had fallen upon Lt. Commander Arden Cain, the first officer and was the acting commanding officer. I am here now with Lt.  Commander Cain. 

Sir, thank you for taking the time to talk to me on this day.

You’re entirely welcome, Lieutenant.

First of all, how do you feel about the situation and what are your thoughts?

I was fortunate to have the honour to serve with Captain Tallis for several months across two different ships, the Ronin and most recently the Mercury. I was shocked and deeply saddened when Captain Tallis told me about his retirement. The departure of Commander unum was sudden and he will be missed. Hopefully we will see Commander Unum back when his real life settles down. Its like what everyone always says, real life comes first. There are times, I think, when that is true for Commanding Officers just as it is for Lieutenants or Ensigns. I wish them both all the best.

I have to agree that the situation is very sudden. Can you tell us about your early career?

After graduating from the Academy I was posted to the USS Constitution-B as an Engineer taking over as head of that department. As you can imagine that made me a little jumping, head engineer on a Galaxy class star ship and all. At the time that was a lot of responsiblity in my eyes. I served in that capacitiy during a brief encounter with the Borg at Duster’s Range and the assimilated USS Nimitz. Shortly after that the crew of the Constitution ventured into Klingon space for the Hell’s Gate Games (I think thats the correct spelling of the event.). It was there that I first encountered the Cardassians as a Star Fleet officer. Sadly Captain Perkins, the commander of the Constitution, was killed while preventing the Cardassians from assasinating the Klingon high chancellor.

After that tragic event the Constitution was decommissioned and I was transferred to the Ronin. At first I was placed down in Engineering under the command of Lieutenant Commander Tobias Walker. While my father saw this as me being demoted I loved the opportunity to learn further from other more experienced officers. After the Ronin’s mission in the Badlands to destroy a Orion Syndicate shipyard  I recieved my first promotion to Lt(Jg) and was transfered to head up the Ronin’s science department. while the science department on the Ronin was tiny compared to the Mercury and fairly outdated, I loved every second of that time. I think that engineering evolved into a job for me due to my time prior to Star Fleet. Science though was and still is my passion.

The highlight of my time in the science department on both the Ronin and the Mercury would have to be our mission to Camar Prime where we collected sensor data on a once in a life time event. The Prominence of Peace, the event itself was anything but peaceful but I suppose thats all part of the job. Unexpectedly the Solar flare was much larger then expected critically damaging a observation station threatening the lives of many scientists. What started out as a routine mission quickly become a choatic situation as the Ronin swooped in to save those scientists and attempt to make it out alive. There were a couple of tense hours with a whole lot of outside the box thinking used to get the Ronin out mostly in one peice.

You have had some major adventures in your career so far. Can you tell us how it feels to command a ship of the line?

To be honest it was fairly nerve racking. Captain Tallis and Commander Unum  left some big shoes to fill especially with a dangerous mission in progress. Having said that I am always more then happy to help out in troubled times. I also knew that many people were ready to support me as needed during the transitition and that made all the difference. One day I would love to call myself the Commanding Officer of another fine ship of the line maybe even the Mercury herself, but I have still a lot to learn before that day comes. I would like to personally congratulate Commander Kells on the appointment of becoming the Mercury’s new CO. I certainly look forward to working with him long into the furture.

Thank you Commander Cain.

Species Development Interview

Today we are with Commander Tal Tel-ar.

Leader of the Species Development Committee.

This group deals with creating new alien races to enter our little corner of the Star Trek Universe. The team works hard to research all of the correct information that can be used to create and implement their creation.

Could you give us a little bit of your background and your Starfleet career ?

Yes. I have been a member of Starbase 118 for 5 years this month. In that time I have served on a number of different crews including the USS Triumphant, USS Constitution-B, USS Eagle, USS Challenger, USS Challenger-A, Duronis II and the USS Apollo. I have also held a number of different positions starting as a security officer and progressing through tactical, helmsman, mission specialist and being the Chief of Security, Tactical and Operations as well as a Diplomat, Intelligence Officer, 2nd Officer, 1st Officer, Acting Captain and temporary Captain.

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