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Calling All Engineers!

… or those with Engineering tendencies!

The Starfleet Corps of Engineers is putting out the call to all Engineers to join the IC Duty Post Conference and discuss what the Engineers throughout the fleet are currently doing!

Formatted like our SIM on ship, the IC Conference welcomes all those who play an Engineer in the Fleet or those who have Engineering PNPCs. There is also the Duty Post Discussion for all things Out of Character relating to the IC Conference.

So, if you feel you have something to contribute to our ongoing mission, please join us and lend your brains!

Stellar Cartography from Home

Stellar Cartography

From the realm of Science, we can now explore the solar system from our homes with the help of the newly designed ‘Eyes on the Solar System‘ web site from NASA. This is a visualisation project developed by NASA to let the user explore the cosmos, planets, asteroids and spacecraft. Watch space missions develop and compelling images of space unfold.

For all the budding Stellar Cartographers out there, this is something you don’t want to miss out on!

If our field of Science is your interest, please visit us in the Science Exchange Forum for discussions on the science duty post!

Future Technology – Closer to Home

As the years fly by and we get ever closer to what our predecessors considered “the future”, our technology has been reflecting what was dreamed up for Star Trek so many moons ago.  As it is said, necessity is the mother of invention and taking that stand point, there have been some technological advances over the last few years which have caught my eye.  Whether or not they are influenced by Star Trek is up to the interpreter, but needless to say, inventions they are and necessity has brought us this far.

Michael & Denise Okuda Q&A Session – Questions Needed!

Michael & Denise Okuda Q&ALt.JG Arielle Teagan from the USS Constitution-B has secured Michael and Denise Okuda, the wondrous designers of most things Star Trek, to answer some questions for us! We have just under two weeks to submit questions for their glorious selves to answer for us and would love everyone’s contributions to the project. Obviously, if we get 30 questions submitted, we can’t send all of them so the best will be chosen by vote to make this fair for everyone involved.

Everyone is welcome to participate and we’d love for at least one question from every active vessel. This is a rare opportunity to get that burning question about Trek to be answered by the designers themselves!

Please hop over to the forums and submit your question (or questions). As stated, we have just under two weeks to get the questions submitted!

Ask the Engineer: Engineering in Medical

Medical Tricorder

Medical Equipment. Even the sound of the phrase stirs sweat under the collar for some of our intrepid Starfleet Officers. The thought of a hypospray incites fear in the hearts of many. However, Lieutenant Junior Grade Arielle Teagan, Chief Engineer of the USS Constitution-B has written the following article regarding this intriguing equipment and how modern medical equipment has its roots in it’s engineering brother.

“In Star Trek some of the today known medical instruments are replaced with modern technology to provide better and faster treatment. Most advanced are the Medical Tricorder, Emergency Medical Hologram and Biobed, all doctors “big help” in diagnosis and faster and more productive treatment of patients.

We Have the Technology!

Roll Call has been called for all Engineering Officers to step forward and and introduce themselves with the many other Officers serving in the ‘Fleet!

We are currently developing our Duty Post and contributing ideas on making technology that could blow the minds of our most famous alumni.  As such, we would love the help of the unique Engineers we have already contributing to our vessels!

If you’re an Engineering Officer, please come along, introduce yourself and see if you can lend a wrench in the right place!