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Post Totals for February 2012

New plot design! This shows the total posts over the last 30 days from all ships stacked on top of each other!

January 2012 Post Totals


October 2011 Post Totals

Note: The Aurora’s crew moved to the Avandar this month, and we don’t have the new numbers yet. Sorry! πŸ™‚

Species of UFOP: SB118

Others includes Romulan, Orion, Al-Leyan, Android, Ba’ku, Dachlyd, Denebian, Denobulan, Gideon, Iotian, Laudean, Pythron, Angosian, Brekkian, and Cardassian.

September Post Totals

Ship post totals for September

Great posting from all of our fleet this month!

Fleet post totals for August

Here are the post totals for August! Challenger and Constitution are both showing low posting rates due to their crew merger into the Ronin. They will not appear on next month’s report.

Species Closeups: Boslic

Boslic FemaleBoslics are a space-faring species similar in many ways to the Ferengi. Curiously, they have been shown with two very different facial structures during several appearances in Star Trek episodes. They tend to live in large family groups aboard freighters and are accomplished traders and bargainers.

Some effort has been made to expand on the limited canon information on this species using the wiki article: Boslic, but it needs your help!

Monthly Post Totals from July

Monthly Post Totals from July

Here are the monthly post totals for July! 1,653 posts in 30 days for the entire fleet!

New species discovered: Xith

The USS Aurora has discovered reports of a previously unidentified species known as the “Xith”. Reports of the species come from deep within Romulan space previously unexplored, but now available via a semi-stable wormhole discovered by the Aurora’s crew.

The Xith are a technologically advanced species of insect-humanoid creatures apparently known for their compulsive resource mining and hoarding. According to reports, the Xith mindfully and willingly destroyed their homeworld and the other planets in their solar system to mine the resources. Since then they have been living among the dead chunks of rock that was once their homeworld, known as the “Veil of Rocks”. Xith behavior resemble a colony of ants — venturing out to scavenge whatever they can find and bring it back to the colony for consumption.

The Species of UFOP: SB118

The chart below shows the breakdown of species among our playing characters:

“Others” includes: Angosian, Brekkian, Denobulan, Al-Leyan, Android, Brikar, Dahlyd, Grazerite, Iotian, Laudean, Orion, Tandaran, Hologram, Saurian, Denebian, Pythron, Gideon, Romulan, and Cardassian!

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