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Poll of the Week: The dream machine

holodeckAs amazing as our starships are, there is only so much that can be done on them in terms of activities on long voyages. After all, space is at a premium, even on the largest of starships. So, if there is one space-saver aboard a starship that is both a source of entertainment and possibly work, it is the marvelous holodeck. Able to recreate entire landscapes for a person to wander through or a romantic encounter in a small house, the holodeck really is a dream machine. Whatever the fantasy or work-related necessity, you can be sure that someone has thought of the scenario and created a “holo-program” to match. Indeed, throughout Trek history, at least from TNG onward, we have seen countless different holo-programs, and as we move forward, it stands to reason that the technology will only become better and better, even if I can’t think of how that would be.

Whether it be a martial arts simulation to rock climbing or perhaps mystery-romance stories, the holodeck fills a need on a starship, even if that need is just providing an extra way to help crew maintain their sanity. After all, even if people leave the holodeck or even reset the program, they keep with them the memories and experiences to help them improve in whatever it is they were doing.

So, with all that in mind, this week’s poll asks this: What is your character’s favorite type of holo-program? Because the sheer number of possibilities are nearly infinite, just choose the general type that most appeals to you. Is your character more inclined to enjoy an action-packed adventure or a more sedate rainforest to walk through for awhile?

So, no matter what your pick is, you can be guaranteed to be able to have endless amounts of fun exploring these holo-programs, whether it is part of an ongoing mission or even shore leave. So let us know what your choice is on the forums. You can even share some of the more memorable occasions with us in a comment or two. Remember that it is your comments that makes these polls fun; so keep them coming.

Have fun everyone!

Poll of the Week: Sunny with no chance of…

Computer consoleOf all the technologies seen in Star Trek, none can be said to be as amazing, as overlooked and just as unrealistic as the universal translator (no matter how far we look into the future) than the weather modification network. The purpose of which is to control natural weather patterns across an entire planet in order to create idealistic environments. The applications of this technology would turn a dismal rain soaked climate into a tropical paradise (aka Risa) or even simply remove the more extreme and often life threatening weather events of planet Earth.

Sure, all this sounds like a great thing — putting aside the fact that it would take us several hundred years to acquire the technology (if not longer given the fact that it literally breaks every law of nature). A world without tornadoes/cyclones and where it rains predictably on top of crops and dams would reshape communities usually plagued by such natural disasters and go a long way to increase the agricultural industry. But is it all worth it?

So this week I ask you all, would you decide to have a planet wide weather modification network if the technology existed? Or would you prefer to have the weather be somewhat mysterious?

Remember to let us know what you think you have to vote on the forums and please leave a comment to because that is what makes these polls really fun. Enjoy!

Poll of the Week: Square eyes are only the half of it

Man in front of laptopIt’s that time of week, so let’s get cracking with another weekly poll. Remember, if you want to see something specific in future weeks, please let me know in the poll suggestion thread. Now, it is kind of ironic that I’m asking you to spend more time in front of your computers, reading and thinking about Poll of the Week among other things, when this week’s poll actually looks at the amount of time a person spends in front of a screen.

It seems that more and more of our lives revolve around technology. It does make one wonder what we would all do if all the screens just ceased to work — but, alas, that is a topic for another poll. The simple fact is that the more time we spend in front of these electronic contraptions, the more we are putting ourselves at risk of a number of health issues ranging from deteriorating eyesight to obesity caused from the lack of physical exercise to depression and anxiety. Is it even more alarming that kids are developing tech proclivities at a much younger age these days?

So this week’s poll is simple: How much time do you spend in front of the computer and/or TV over the course of a day? Also feel free to comment on anything to do with this topic as I am sure that there is quite a bit to discuss. As always if you prefer not to mention specifics, that is fine.

While I do not want to encourage any of the health concerns that I mentioned above be sure to vote and leave your comment on the forums.  I hope you all have fun with this poll.

Poll of the Week: Who has the time?

PatienceAnd before you say it, no, this week’s poll is not about time travel — although we did get some interesting response to that question, so keep the comments coming in. While not relating to time travel, this week’s poll does focus on time again but from a different perspective. So often during our sims, time can be a factor that is overlooked. When watching an epic scene battle or tense investigation play out on screen, it is easy to see and appreciate how time moves. This isn’t always as easy when simming so the small details — like how your character deals with having to wait — might be left out. This week’s poll asks the question: Is your character a patient person? And, for the added bonus, please tell us in a comment why or why not.

Patience is said to be a virtue but with so much hanging on the line so often it seems, it is only natural to feel antsy when crises arise and one is forced to wait. Or even sit around and do nothing in cases of shore leave just waiting for a red alert to sound. So whether your character is or is not, I hope this poll will provide some interesting thinking material for something that might have been overlooked in the simming world.

Remember to post a comment on the forums and have fun, pollers, because that is what this is all about!!

Poll of the Week: Time and Again

TNG:All good thingsI was once told that life is made up of moments not days and weeks. It’s in those moments that we remember the people and events that shape our lives. So it is a foregone conclusion that once a moment passes, you’ll never be able to get it back, for better or worse, or even sometimes tell when a moment will end. Some would say that it’s that characteristic that makes time so valuable to people. So we should not waste what little time we have, but what if there was a way to circumvent the natural order of the universe; to go back in time to one of those moments?

Poll of the Week: I think therefore I am

data artisticPotW is back again this week with another thrilling poll, one that I hope sparks a more philosophical debate. One of the many interesting and often morally troubling topics in Trek and many other science fiction stories is what makes a sentient life forms, well, sentient. Even the Q were classed as sentient (despite how weird they are), but what about all those “life” forms that are more mechanical than flesh and blood.

Prime examples of such beings are Data, on behalf of the androids, and the Doctor for all the holographic intelligences out there. There have even been many episodes in Trek that tried to varying levels of success to answer the question of what makes a man a man, but this poll won’t go there. That question is just too big for a single poll to contemplate, but I will pose this question: Should artificial entities be given the same rights and opportunities as biological beings?

Could you honestly say that you would go out of your way to save a sentient computer program that you accidentally made that just so happened to start wreaking havoc on your ship (believe it or not, this does happen)? Or would you be more inclined to just delete the problem, perhaps, because it is the easiest thing to do despite giving more traditional invader more of a chance to live (that is why phasers have stun settings, after all)? Obviously the safety of your crew must always come first but after that what would you be more inclined to do with an entity that is not as well represented even in 2390?

No matter what side of the line you take on this one, let us know by leaving a comment on the forums. Remember the more discussion and debate means more fun overall and that is what we want: to make these polls as fun as possible.

Poll of the Week: Desirable byproducts

English TeacherAs you have all undoubtedly noticed, February is SB118’s Writing Improvement Month. The WIP is a brand new, monthlong event brought to us thanks to the tireless efforts of some great people throughout the fleet. The aim of this event is to help us all improve our writing skills, to raise them to an even greater standard both personally and across the fleet. I would definitely recommend that you participate if you have the time as the activities are both fun and illuminating.

But you didn’t come here to read another post about the goings-on in the fleet, you came for a poll, and so a poll you will get. Yes, I know I probably made a few grammatical errors in that sentence alone but that really is the point of this week’s poll; this week’s poll asks: Do you think that you have improved your writing skills since becoming a member of SB118?

We have a extremely diverse range of people coming to our fleet, people of different nationalities and even languages. The one thing that we all can agree on is that very few of us are masters of the English language. Not even those native English speakers among us can make such an extraordinary assertion.

So do you think that being part of the SB118 community and role playing as officers in the fleet has improved your mastery of the english language? We certainly want to hear what you think so let us know by posting a comment or two on the forums. Maybe you could even share some important tips that you have picked up along the way.

Remember to only share what you are comfortable with, and to have fun!

Poll of the Week: Who Wears The Apron?

chefWhile photons and phasers are just as likely to deal with your enemies just as easily as arrows and swords, back in the day, a few smart people figured out that there is no way better to get through to someone than by appealing to his or her stomach. While this could apply to trapping the poor (and often unsuspecting) being, it could also be used to win over a person’s heart when he or she is sick or simply not in the mood to open up. Bring out a couple plates of tasty goodies, maybe a bottle of your favorite beverage, and you’ll be sure to have your dinner partner eating out of your dish, as it were.

More than that, though, the preparation of meals is a major task that every person (if they live by themselves) or a family member performs on a daily basis to ensure that, the chef and/or their family does not starve. So this week’s poll asks this: Who does the cooking, predominately, in your household? Whether the person who wears the chef’s apron is you, your partner, or your kids if you do indeed have them, let us know. Or perhaps you are the type to get fast food more then you cook, that’s fine, too. I must admit that there are times I eat out more then I do in if only to spare having to wash the dishes. If you feel comfortable go ahead and share why the chosen chef is the chosen chef.

Whatever the case be sure to visit the forums to share with us, what you think on this most delectable subject and have fun everyone.

Poll of the Week: Essential, Practical or Luxury

Deserted IslandWhile camping may not be everyone’s particular cup of tea, I don’t think that many people could turned down a chance to be completely isolated from the rest of civilization for even just a little while every now and then. Whether it is your idea of the prefect escape (alone the wilderness) or just wanting to get away from the stresses of everyday life for even an hour, being stuck in a paradise would be a dream come true.

So moving on from the idea of camping, this week’s poll asks one of the most classical questions of our time; if you were stuck on a deserted island (or perhaps planet in our case) what would be the item that you would choose to carry with you? Whether you look at that island/planet as the perfect escape or the most inescapable prison what would be the thing that you couldn’t live without?

Many before have asked the question coming up with answers like tents, a nice book, hair dryers and makeup or even a fluffy pillow to make your makeshift bed more bearable, everyone has a preference and this week we want to hear from all of you. So no matter what you think remember to visit the forums to vote then post a comment or two because that is how these polls get really interesting.

Have fun everyone!!

Poll of the Week: The Great Outdoors

Camp siteWelcome back to another week of polling fun where we are going to take a look at a subject a little closer to home. With all the Trek and space related topics we have been having fun with it seems we have been neglecting our own backyard as it were. And by our “backyard” I of course mean all the parks and recreational areas of our humble planet.

Personally one of my favorite things to do in those parks, is to go camping. Whether you go the traditional low-tech path with a flimsy tent, esky and gas barbeque or the high-tech gadget filled and powered camper van, camping is certainly a family friendly holiday that provides endless fun. Just pitching the tent can be hilariously fun in some cases.

So with that in mind, this week’s poll is all about camping and asks the question of whether you have been camping before? Feel free to share your stories of camping disasters or treasured moments as well. As always only share that which you feel comfortable with.

In any case remember to visit the forums to add a comment after you vote because that is where the magic really begins.

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