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Poll of the Week: The real world, on screen

While television has been around in one form or another for the better part of a century, it has only been in the last two decades that we have been enlightened by “reality television”. Reality TV by definition differs to regular television programming because it presents unscripted situations or actual events against the backdrop of everyday life or similar simulated environments.

The fact is, if you have ever watched an episode of Big Brother or Survivor you have watched reality TV. And the different varieties of shows that are called reality TV don’t end there. Hidden camera shows, talent-search shows, some game shows and even court shows can all be called reality TV. I suppose that after two decades, finding a fresh looking reality TV show is a big ask even considering that most shows fitting into the genre typically use previously unknown actors.

But that isn’t what this poll is all about, instead the question of the week is whether or not you watch reality TV? Do you have troubles getting enough of it or do you have troubles finding anything good to say about it? I would highly encourage you to share your thoughts on this very unscripted topic on the forums because that is what makes these polls fun.

So over to you!!

Poll of the Week: Division 26 was it?

And I hope you are all ready for another epic poll because this one is a little more of a doozie but I will let you all be the judge of that. As we all know, Star Fleet isn’t a small organization. And that just doesn’t show in the number of people involved but also in the number of sub-organizational components or branches that make up Star Fleet. Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Star Fleet Medical, Star Fleet Intelligence, the Academy and the list definitely goes on. In fact it is a safe bet that Star Fleet  has more branches and divisions then it has letters in it’s own name.

When it’s mission is to explore space and go beyond what is known you wouldn’t expect the organization in question to be small. It is curious however that perhaps the most infamous component of Star Fleet goes without mention. And its history and purpose is hidden in the shadow of shadows. If you haven’t put the clues together, I am talking about the elusive Section 31. All the lore says about Section 31, and that really is all that exists to the vast majority of the Federation, is that this self governed “section” of Star Fleet Intelligence operates to deal with threats that go unseen by the rest of the Federation or that other branches of Star Fleet are unwilling to touch. Known operatives have been known and sometimes even prided themselves for showing an “ends justify the means” attitude.

It is easy to see why some call such an organization disgusting and detestable considering Star Fleet’s peaceful purpose in the Federation. But the question becomes what do you think? Do you honestly agree that there is a need for a section like this or do you think that it has no place whatsoever in the galaxy? As always, please feel free to comment after you vote on the forums because that is what makes these polls fun.

Over to you!

Poll of the Week: By popular request

Carrying on from last week’s Trek poll regarding our favorite TOS movies we are back with another Trek inspired poll but as you all know, I don’t like to make things simple so this week’s poll relates to our IC selves. Yes I know I am being a little vague, maybe more then usual but everything should be clear soon.

Now just like the intro to this poll another thing that tends to be vague is when your called to the Captain’s ready room or perhaps your department head’s office then upon arrival you are asked if you would like a drink of some sort or to sit even. Now by this point you know that something serious is about to follow maybe even that it will be time consuming but what do you do is the question of the week and for a change we have a double question; Do you accept the offer of refreshments or decide against it? And secondly, do you sit down or remain standing?

While the combination of choices may not be infinite it does say something about the characters we write. Do you prefer to be more comfortable in such situations with a nice hot cup of coffee or perhaps to stay more defensive and closed off by remaining on your feet? Of course there is no right or wrong solution to this question so let your IC self shine through as you have fun with this poll on the forums.

So with things a little more clear, have at it.

Poll of the Week: Rehashing the Favs 3

Quite normally questions like “what is your favorite anything in this category?” is reserved as ice-breaker topics. Whether that be as a way for a pair of new room mates to bond or to start discussion on a web forum. So it should came as no surprise that these types of topics have been discussed once or twice over the years then forgotten in a community like ours. While there tends to be little point in having the same conversation over and over again I do like to mix things up on occasion so this week we are back with another classic Trek poll.

So, long before we had The Next Generation and obviously before any thought of the Abramsverse occurred we had the The Original Series and it’s movie franchise. While the TOS movies may have been a way to reboot the TOS series I am not sure what Trek would be without them. So this poll asks quite simply, which of the TOS movies is your favorite? Now as with the last one of these polls, the two Abramsverse movies are excluded from the list but that doesn’t in any way limit your options.

No matter what you think, this is the time and place to share it as a comment or just a vote, on the forums, but I certainly would encourage you all to share your thoughts (as much or as little as you feel comfortable with) because that’s what makes these polls timeless and enjoyable to revisit.

Have fun everyone.

Poll of the Week: Eggcellent

Now before you jump to any conclusions we are definitely not doing the whole chicken or the egg poll so you can rest easy.

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It helps us get off to the right start, nutritionally speaking of course. And what else makes breakfast as fun and tasty then some eggs. Not to mention that they are quite healthy. So with all this in mind we are going to take a week off of some of the more serious polls out there, like the chicken and the egg, and have a little fun. As the title implies, it will be eggcellent as we dedicate this week’s poll to eggs. Namely we are focusing on how we prefer to cook them for breakfast.

So when it comes to eggs for breakfast we typically have a few more choices then we do when using the humble egg in cooking other meals. A fun fact for you, did you know that there are hundreds of ways to cook eggs. Just don’t ask me to name them all but I think I got some of the bigger ones for this poll. Whether hard boiled, poached, scrambled, sunny side up, or even raw there sure is plenty of ways to spice up your breakfast with a single ingredient.

The question is, of course, which is your favorite way? Remember to let share your thoughts in a comment or two, on the forums, after you vote because that is what makes these polls fun.

Have an eggcellent time everyone.

Poll of the Week: By association

This week’s poll is a request by our very own Admiral Wolf. So if you want to see something specific in a upcoming poll drop a comment in the poll suggestion thread and you will undoubtedly see your poll soon thereafter.

Although I cannot speak for others, when I look back on my life many of my interests, hobbies and in some cases even experiences have more meaning not just because of the enjoyment I get out of them but also the attachment to the person who first introduced me to that activity or experience in the first place. Be it your father who taught you to play your favorite sport to your mother who fostered your love for reading, or even your friend that got you into skating.

More often then not, it is not the activity or at least from where I am sitting, but rather sharing the experience with someone that makes the activity memorable and worthwhile. At least in the beginning and this is precisely what this week’s poll is all about. This week I pose the question; Who first introduced you to Star Trek?

Whether it was a family member, friend or that strange old shop keeper that you bumped into by chance, who was it that first encouraged you to venture into the world of Trek? Remember to post a comment after you vote on the forums, perhaps with your first impressions at the time, because that is the magic of polling.

Have fun everyone.

Poll of the Week: In theory

This week we are going to be polling something a little closer to home, and somewhat less political, but still in the same vein of the endless what if mysteries that exists in our world. If you found that to be a little vague, please let me clarify by saying that this week’s polls is all about conspiracies and conspiracy theories. To be even more specific, whether or not we as individuals believe in them.

All throughout our history just as it is with the constantly shifting world of politics (and in most cases also including in that domain) individuals and groups of people of plotted in the shadows seeking to do many different things. Be it a change in governmental leadership or to make some revolutionary change in the business world. And on the flip side of that there always tends to be people willing to debate or heated argue, as has been the case in some cases, whether or not some mysterious group was responsible for the unusual or unexplained. Conspiracies and subsequent conspiracy theories are both terrible in reality but also very exciting in fiction.

So this week I pose the question; Do you believe in the legitimacy of any conspiracy theories? While finding theories on the internet or in books isn’t too hard, finding actual proof is another thing completely but that doesn’t mean that we can’t wonder. Wonder about things like the Apollo 11 moon landing, the global warming conspiracy, Kennedy assassination or Area 51 even. The question really is, no matter your answer, what do you think? Is it all a bunch of garbage or do these theories actually hold some weight.

No matter what you think be sure to tell us in a comment after you vote on the forums because the debate is what makes these polls fun. I can promise that no shadowy group is trying to make you believe that one. Have fun everyone.

Poll of the Week: Instability all around

It goes without saying that the political landscape is one that is constantly changing just as the dunes in a desert are rarely the same from day to day. Or at least that was what I was always told but I think that the point is pretty valid from current Earth politics to the major powers of 2390. Just as the Roman empire gave way to changing times in ancient Earth so it seems that many of the empires that we have enjoyed simming with over the years are moving from one from to another. Now that isn’t to say that there are still countless simming adventures to be had, but rather we will be enjoying those adventures amongst the remnants rather then in the shadows of once great rivals (which can be just as much fun in the end of the day).

The shape of our galaxy isn’t what it once was considering that the Cardassians are still recovering from the Dominion war and the once mighty Romulan Star Empire is in ruin after the Hobus incident. And while the Klingons are still, well, the Klingons they too are very different from what they were when they fought with the Federation against the Dominion. So if your anything like me, I suppose you would all be asking the same question as me too. And it’s that question that forms our poll for this week where we ask: Who do you think will be the Federation’s next adversary?

It goes without saying that the Klingons aren’t the only ones that are capable of challenging the Federation as there is still the Tholians, Breen and even Borg out there still? And that doesn’t even mention a couple of the more nasty Delta Quadrant species. Or perhaps the next chapter in Federation history will not feature an opponent that is so overtly obvious. In any case, no matter what you think let us know on the forums in the form of a comment or vote.

I for one don’t particularly want to see another war anytime soon and that isn’t what this poll is about, rather to have a little fun in speculating upon all the potential what-ifs out there. So have fun everyone.

Poll of the Week: Don’t leave me hanging

This week we are back with a poll suggested to us by Lieutenant Jorus Cogud of the USS Discovery. Quite often when it comes to television series, besides from the number of viewers that a show has, the way a show ends for the season is a good indication of whether or not the show will get a consecutive season or if it will just end? For instance a season finale that ends with a cliffhanger usually indicates that a season to follow it up is sure to be made. Well usually.

What you can be sure of though is that whether the finale is a multi-part episode or a stand alone story not completely tied into the overarching season’s story progression, a season finale is usually action/drama packed and great fun to watch. So what does this have to do with us and Trek, you might be asking. Well the answer to that is simple, as it usually is with me, this week’s poll asks you which of Voyager’s seven season finales did you like the best?

Now even though five of Voyager’s seven season finales are two part episodes this poll is specifically relating to the last episode in each season rather then judging those two part episodes as a whole. Whether you liked the simplicity or episodes like “Learning Curve” or “Hope and Fear” or prefer the explosive packed drama of stories like “Endgame”, I am sure that there is a ton to be said about this poll.

As always be sure to leave a comment after you vote on the forums because that is where the fun really starts. Also if you have something particularly you would like to see in POTW be sure to leave a comment on the suggestions thread and you will see it real soon.

Have fun everyone.

Poll of the Week: Rehashing the Favs Part 2

We are back this week with another one of those ageless ice breakers, maybe a little more subtle then our last but certainly an important question among us Trekkies if it ever needs asking that is. This week the question is: which Trek series first introduced you to Star Trek?

It has been said that each Trek series is more of a set of characters in the Trek universe then it is a set of tv shows. It is how those characters interact and approach the problems that they are faced that makes us want to watch them even more and even leads us to watch other Trek titles. If you really think about it, no matter if your watching a scene on one of the Enterprises or a bar fight in Quarks, Trek isn’t so much about the environment as it is people in it as the go boldly etc etc in it. Although I am hardly qualified to say, I suppose that is one of the defining features of the thing we call Star Trek. And this week we want to know which set of characters got you hooked.

So whether you grew up watching from the very first TOS episode or got hooked by the Abramsverse, we want to hear which it was that got you interested? As always please feel free to comment after you vote on the forums because that is half the fun.

Enjoy everyone.

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