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Officer’s Guide: Pushing it To Print

Most of us view this sort of writing as another creative avenue for us to relieve some stress, go on an adventure from the comforts of our home, or to meet new and interesting people. Some people might have different uses, such as honing their writing abilities, or sharpening their English skills in time for something bigger. Some of us enjoy writing our own books; enjoy making stories for all to enjoy. But the tricky part is… having all enjoy it. Publishing can be a bear of a task, but a little help is on the way.

In this article from The Writer’s Technology Companion, the ins and outs of the publishing business and how to bring your goal to fruition are laid out for understanding. Also the link to the actual text of So You Want to Write a Book? (O’Reilly Media) can be found here as well, bringing you to a wealth of information outlining the publishing process, how much you would expect to pay, legal issues, contracts and much more. Broken down into seven chapters, each section has specific information concerning all parts of the publishing process. This isn’t an end all be all solution to your publishing problem, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Push that book to print officer, just make sure you send me a copy…

Lights Out on Trek?

Well, maybe not. A new Star Trek movie has been revealed, and what’s even more exciting is the title. Star Trek Into Darkness is not only adopting a more sleek-looking colon-less title scheme, but has also left many trek fans… well, in the dark.

Trivia Time! Facts in Deep Space…

Many of the folks who were hardcore DS9 fans may claim to know everything about the series, but this list of epic facts from the series that you may not know from Amanda Yesilbas and Charlie Jane Anders may enlighten even the most dedicated fans.

From the first object to have traversed the wormhole, to the original casting call for the role of Sisko, there are a few things on here that might peak your interest. Did you know that Terry Farrell, the actress for Jadzia Dax, had all of her trill spots drawn on by hand by the lead makeup artist Michael Westmore? He thought so highly of his intricate spots that he would number each set of designs for each show, placing a roman numeral on Dax’s collarbone before each show. This random fact and more can be found by clicking here!

Surrogates: A Reality?

I know you’ve heard the word many times throughout your reading and writing career, but what would you say if I told you it was closer to reality than you might think? The truth of the matter, is that Russian neurologists, robotics experts  and cybernetic geniuses are teaming up to bring immortality to a life near you.

It has come to pass that in this day and age of always trying to prolong the inevitable, scientists have made some headway. Thirty one year old Russian scientist Dmitry Itskov has developed what he calls the “45 year initiative” which outlines plans to allow persons to artificially transpose their personality and memories into an artificially created organic brain, and ultimately into a cybernetic humanoid body. This android technology is slated to become a reality in as little as thirty three years.

Lower Decks: Ensign T’Mar

Here again in another edition of Lower Decks, we speak with an ambitious young Vulcan/Betazoid security officer and her writer about what the character has in store for our many readers out there.

A young writer by the name of Melanie, native of the United States, facilitates the journey for T’mar, who is currently stationed on the USS Apollo. Amidst a love for the Trek that appeared throughout her childhood, Melanie finds solace in things like retro-gaming (still have an N64, anyone?), gaming, Netflix, and keeping in shape. Her Trek experience started at an early age by watching the series with her father. Dad also happened to be a theoretical physicist, which we can clearly see might come in handy when delving into the Star Trek universe. Dreaming about travelling amongst the stars became slightly more attainble when she discovered the PBeM realm.

Ensign T’Mar is a security officer who’s posted on the newly commissioned USS Apollo under the command of Captain Andrus Jaxx. “I decided it would be fun to create a character that had a similar divide. And what more perfect way than to have a Vulcan who has empathic abilities? It’s like the ultimate conflict. She strives to follow the Vulcan path, but is constantly battling against her Betazoid side. Her insecurities about this inner battle, drive her to prove to everyone that she is a good officer.. almost creating a perfectionist mentality.” All is not lost for the young security officer, however… “I see her finding a healthier balance of her emotional battle. She won’t be as socially awkward, although she will still be battling those inner “demons.” I also hope to see her promoted!” And speaking of promotions, is this recruit seeking captaincy someday? “Definitely!”

Quantum Teleportation: One Step Closer to Trek

So the wave of the future of travel is a few steps closer with some ingenious discoveries that started in the late 90’s, but they may not be as Trek-like as one may have thought. Particle Entanglement reveals some new questions, and potential answers, for scientists to figure out that may hold the key to some of our greatest space travel mysteries

Since the 1997, when researchers and physicists were able to successfully “teleport’ a pair of entangled photons (or light particles), the push to do this on a much larger scale has been the driving force behind many of the research and testing that occurs today. The main application of focus today isn’t necessarily transporting physical objects or people, but rather information. Since entangled particles, or particles in general, can be measured, their data can be transmitted to its sister particles some 140 plus kilometers away (that’s the record so far). We can find many uses for this, including data collection from space in terms of getting back home at a much faster, almost instantaneous pace, as well as computer systems and nano-technology.

The entanglement theory of particle teleportation can shed so much light not just on the theoretical places we can go, but on the physical world itself. This theory can show us that information in almost any form has substance; has particles that travel the same as light or sound. For more information, and a far more helpful explanation of what the theory includes and where it’s headed, click this link!

Officer’s Guide: There They’re… No Need to Worry

So even when you’ve been writing for the longest time, and you’ve got your grammar down pat, there comes a time when that pesky “there”, or “their”, or even “they’re” words come into play. After writing a few sims in a row, you didn’t even realize it when you typed in the wrong usage; Or maybe you just don’t know the difference? Well here’s an article that should help you brush up a bit…

This article from is extremely useful when it comes to learning the usage of the words for the first time, or even if you need some brushing up. There are interactive tests and quizzes to further hone your ability , as well as exercises and worksheets so that never again are you thwarted by the evil usage monster. Each usage of the word “their” or “there” etc, features a clear and concise meaning of the word along with its structure, and an example sentence using the word. On their website you can find links to other grammar and English writing lessons that can be a treasure trove for those who may not have English as a first choice for communication. No more toiling with the wrong definition, as this website makes it easy for you to understand this semi-confusing word!

Introducing: The Black Cross Award

For the first time in UFOP:SB118 history, an Intelligence specific award has been created by the Captain’s Council as the newest duty post award.

Lower Decks: Marine Captain Michael Valentino

In this edition of Lower Decks, we talk with Marine Captain Michael Valentino and his writer about the current assignment for the character and where he plans to go. Serving aboard the USS Thunder in their Marine contingent, Michael has a lot to strive for in the coming years. Let’s take a look.

Michael Valentino (also the name for his character), a 23 year old Londoner working as a radiologist, has always had a love for the Trek. Like most of the younger generation of simmers, his captivation was brought on by TNG and Voyager. He commented that  “… [I] Love the stories, the morals and the humanity. My favorite episode from TNG is probably “Inner Light”. And like most of us, watching the series’ unfold on television just wasn’t enough. PBEM roleplay was the next course of action, leading him to UFOP:SB118. Upon enrolling, there had to be an inspiration that could breathe life into his character. As his name would suggest, he chose to model the character after himself, giving him unchained ability when it came to fleshing out the character. Training didn’t prove to be much of a challenge for the lad, as he had this to say when prompted about the challenges of training: “Nothing specific. The staff were excellent in their support and tutoring and always encouraging. A credit!”

Even Mars Has Bureaucrats…

Sorry for the alarming title, but the subject matter of this article may just be that alarming. Alarming, yes; but not in the sense of mechanical failure, or economic catastrophe.  Ladies and gentleman, the latest problem to hit the missions to Mars is one that no one planned for, a problem that even the most skilled and versed scientists couldn’t even predict.

It would seem that on that awesome August 6th morning that all was going well. The Rover and its landing module descended through the martian atmosphere with utmost brilliance, and it to rest on the flat red rock that is Mars. Footage can be seen all around the web of the men and women at the control center leaping with joy, as nearly two years of hard work and preparation finally came to a grand and well deserved hallmark. Video detailing the landing, dubbed the “7 Minutes of Terror”, could also be pulled from “” to YouTube so that all may enjoy one of the most momentous occasions in nearly a decade. That was… until the unexpected happened. In spite of the monstrous success of the mission, and the simple fact that man had done it again, this monumental video footage would still have to suffer the wrath of non other than the Bureaucrats.

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