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Lower Decks: Ensign Will Stead

Will SteadWelcome to another edition of the Lower Decks, featuring Ensign Will Stead, the USS Apollo’s newest operations officer. Personal quirks are something that the character is quite familiar with, but first, we’ll hear a bit from Will’s writer. Let’s hear just what he has to say… Ensign?

The writer for Mr. Stead is one Trent Schreyer. Trent hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and has been involved with Star Trek for most of his life. From watching the TNG reruns around the dinner table, to recalling old TOS episodes from his childhood days, Star Trek has always been a part of his life. When Trent isn’t near the Trek scene, he enjoys the nightlife, a little Star Wars and other gaming, and researching various aspects of the Star Trek franchises. He dabbled in PBeM groups once before, but stumbled back across them through Google, ultimately landing him a seat in the USS Apollo. “This is my first character since simming with a pbem group when I was 18 ish (13-14 years ago).  [ I’m] Looking to explore this hobby and develop my writing skills.”

Featured Bio: What’s This all About?

Featured Bio LogoThis month, the Featured Bio Contest Team would like to shed a little more light on the process and the people behind the contest. As such, we’d like to introduce Deliera, aka Sky Blake of the USS Avandar, who sat down to answer some questions about both herself, the team, and the contest.

Lower Decks: Ensign Greg Able

AbleIn this edition of the Lower Decks, we meet a spry young newbie to the community, Ensign Gregory Able. Ensign Able has come from humble beginnings on his journey from the Orleans shipyards, to hitting the books, and now to the USS Apollo. Greg’s writer, Mark, is here to tell us a bit more about this promising young addition to the fleet.

The writer for Mr. Able, Mark, lives and works in the UK as an IT specialist. Being greatly involved in social networking, and having been part of a Star Trek based community prior to ours, his experience in RP’ing and PBeM groups is not limited. His fan group, the USS Navras, which is part of the STARFLEET International Star Trek Fan Association, served as the vessel by which he found the UFOP: SB118 community. In efforts to expand his relations with other Trek-friendly communities from within the group, Mark stumbled upon our community through Twitter, and ultimately had to check it out. “I’ve participated in a lot of RP in MMOs and before that play-by-email and no-one has ever seemed so well organised and friendly. I am glad I found you and proud to be here for sure.”

Get your free promotional flier

Flyer smallFinally, promotional fliers have been published and printed, and are available by email request. What are these for you might ask? Well what better way to get the word out about our community than to post one of these informational fliers in your favorite shop for all to see? Perhaps your next question might be: “How can I help?” If you’d like to receive a free flier to post in any one of your favorite local coffee, hobby or comic shops, just read and follow the instructions laid out on the Forums. Click here to find out more!  These things are very cool, and very deserving of attention! Let’s get em out there and promote our community!

Movember is Here

Each year in the month of November, the number of mustache-touting males in the UK (and around the world!) increases. Why, you ask? Well, Movember and Sons, an international movement to raise awareness and funds in regards to men’s health issues, is in effect, and is depending on people like you to help further the cause.

There are a few different ways anyone can get involved with the MOvement. MO Bros can grow their very own moustache, while MO Sista’s can support the various men in their lives to support the cause. Either Bro’s or Sista’s can donate of course, with all proceeds going towards vital research and outreach efforts.

Even our own members are personally affected by the research, fundraising and the 30 days of moustachery. UFOP:SB118’s very own writer ,Chris Hutchings, has his early stache-growing photos on display. If you can help him in with his cause, please take a visit to his page to learn how!

Detecting The Dark Stuff

Dark matter and dark energy are two of the biggest and most confusing puzzles for scientists around the world. The scientific community has struggled to understand the, well, dark matter, ever since we have theorized its existence. And now, perhaps, scientists have come up with a way to finally see it.

It turns out that the key to solving one of the BIGGEST mysteries of the cosmos is to look at some of the smallest answers. Physicists like Katherine Freese at the University of Michigan are looking to DNA to help guide to a much more definitive way of findind dark matter. The reason why this attempt, unlike the various tests that claim to have detected dark matter already, will work? It’s all in the genes…

Find Your Conventions Here

The folks at have released their latest list of Star Trek conventions that may or may not be coming to a convention center near you. Centers for this next round of conventions include events like the Boston Super Megafest, the New Orleans Comic Con, and Starbase Indy. Check the website for more details, and come out and enjoy!

Congratulations to Commander Frost!

The folks at UFOP: SB118 are pleased to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Commander Liam Frost to the rank of Commander. Serving aboard the USS Apollo under command of Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx, there should be no shortage of work for him to do.

Commander Frost got his start as a tactical ensign aboard the USS Victory, and explored other areas such as helm and navigation. Eventually he became the ship’s Chief of Security and Tactical. After serving in this capacity on the Victory, Liam served in the same position at Starbase 118 Ops, during which he was promoted to full Lieutenant. After taking part in the creation and defense of the Thracian Alliance, Frost was transferred once more to the newly commissioned USS Apollo, to where he served as the ship’s first officer and Lieutenant Commander.

With his continued efforts in the OOC realm as well as his duties on the Apollo, Commander Frost will continue to serve our community, and we all look forward to seeing what’s in store for him. Congratulations, Commander!

Trivia Time! You Can’t Beat the Original…

Once again, some more trivia brought to you by the minds of your very own news team. Despite all the episodes of TOS that you might have seen, this list of tens might surprise you…

From real “cosmic bowling”, to a red faced first impression, this Tens list from Anders and Curtis of i09 has some interesting twists that might get you thinking. To take a look, just give the mouse a good ‘ole clickety-clack right here!

Officer’s Guide: I Want to Feel It

What we write here at UFOP:SB118 is by and large fiction. Works of creative fiction are what move and motor our past, present and future, and keeps us all interested in the creative writing process as a whole. There are times however, when you may realize that the spark that was once there may not be anymore.  We need to feel just where your character comes from.That’s right. The key to reigniting that spark is that, as readers, we all want to… feel

Even from the time you filled out your application with the community, you’ve been drilled on character creation, and the importance of being able to create a plausible and detailed work of fiction, mostly because it’s going to be the basis for everything you do during your tour of duty. The character you create is the avatar in which your ideas come to life, the vessel that brings your creative writing to print. This is where you begin to learn about one of the first lessons in this line of work… separation between real life (RL), and in character (IC).

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