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The Lower Decks: Ensign Graeme Cook

In this edition of the Lower Decks, we’re speaking of Ensign Graeme Cook, a medical officer aboard the USS Darwin-A, our Horizon class science vessel.

Ensign Cook boarded his first assignment right in the thick of it, as his captain had recently been kidnapped, he’d aided a patient in a double leg amputation which earned him a lifesaving citation, and has already been chosen for various away teams and hazardous duties. Managing the medical bay has his hands full at the moment, but Graeme does take the time to unwind, and experience some things he’s not accustomed to in the holodeck. His father had introduced a strange old game that used to be played on Earth some time ago called hockey, which he enjoys quite often. His love of old whiskeys can often add to the mix too, as he frequents the crew lounge aboard the Darwin called ‘Natural Selection.’

The writer for Ensign Cook, well, Graeme Cook… hails from Aberdeen, Scotland. There he makes a home with his wife and five children, settling in after an 11-year career in the Scottish military, serving his country in Iraq and Afghanistan. Having moved onto other endeavors, Graeme hopes to one day soon become a paramedic. We can see were much of the inspiration for his character has come from here! He fancies himself a TOS sort of guy, and always appreciated the love-hate nature of Bones and Spock. Simming wasn’t always an easy thing — he described it as being strange at first, writing the thoughts and feelings of someone else down, and describing just about everything they could be doing or thinking, and then adding in OTHER people on top of that! But he soon became accustomed to it, and made a few friends along the way.

Graeme applauds our community forums, finding much inspiration and friendship there, as well as his mentor for helping him along so much in his time with the community. Graeme hopes to continue on and watch his character grow, move through the ranks to hopefully complete his training as a Captain. Ensign Graeme is certainly a great addition to the Darwin, and to the community at large.

Starbase 118 Welcomes David R. George III

sb118-David-R-George-IIIFor this week’s guest author, Starbase 118 would like to welcome author David R. George III!  Mr. George will be interacting with out writers on Saturday, February 23rd via video chat (12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT / Sunday AM for Australia). Be sure to stop in and learn a thing or two about the vast world of characterization with this Q&A session.

Starbase 118 welcomes Lev Grossman

sb118-Lev-GrossmanFor this week’s lesson in writing greatness, Starbase 118 would like to welcome Lev Grossman! Please be sure to join Mr. Grossman on Sunday, February 17th as he engages our community in an interactive video chat highlighting some of the pointers of being a well-rounded writer.

Lower Decks: Ensign A’ern Zerxes

prometheus004In yet another edition of the Lower Decks, we bring you Ensign A’ern Zerxes from the USS Tiger-A. Having already been a member of various RPG groups in the past, the writer had wanted to come back to the scene for some time, and has finally found a home here with us.

The writer for Zerxes, Jess, hails from Southern Virginia. Among simming here with us, he enjoys a throng of other forms of literature creation including poetry, creative writing, fiction, and he is also the lead writer for a Dallas Cowboys fan/news site. The foreshadowing in the previous statements hints to us  that he also enjoys sports, specifically basketball and football. His love for Trek started back in the early 90’s having watched TNG, beginning during the third season. He specifically recalls the “Best of Both Worlds” episode: “Having [the episode] come so quickly in my viewing experience was probably what sealed the deal for me as a life-long fan. I have since followed DS9 and Voyager, and have seen all the feature films.” Like many of us, he’s done quite a bit of homework.

Captain Nicholotti Named Magistrate

200px-Kali2012bIt has come to pass that our very own Captain Kali Nicholotti has been named to the Captain’s Council as its Magistrate. Certainly with the nomination and subsequent vote, there comes the burden of responsibility. Captain Nicholotti has nothing but high hopes for the role. ” The position of Magistrate is a position that we nominate Captains for, and then the council votes on those nominations. It pleasures me that the council has confidence that I can serve in this role and capacity at this point in my career.”

Star Trek… Into Tears?

intodarknessThe newest to-be-released saga in the Trek realm has been quoted by its director to “.. make you cry”. But what does that mean for the story? Fortunately for us, the movie’s preview, which has just been released to the public, should help to solve that riddle just a bit, or will it?

Director J.J. Abrams has promised us another epic chapter in the Star Trek saga, featuring the younger, greener crew of the Enterprise. Some rather juicy tidbits about the movie have been releases, including a preview that is sure to wet some appetites. While the first movie encompasses James Kirk’s (Chrise Pine) rise to captaincy, Into Darkiness promises to highlight what it takes to keep that captaincy true, and what it means to be a member of Starfleet. We’ll get to meet some epic new villains, and carry our emotions to quite possibly a whole new level. “The goal of this movie is to make you cry. If the movie does its job, then by the end of the movie, you will have had a reaction involving the eyes,” Abrams states, and goes on to say “If the movie works, then there’s definitely an emotional component.”

Check out the trailer for this epic new piece of the saga, along with five things you may want to look for from J.J. Abrams himself!

Lower Decks: Ensign Braydon Jorey

200px-EnsignJoreyIn another edition of the Lower Decks, you bring you a young Ensign from the USS TIger-A, Ensign Braydon Jorey. The writer for Braydon has already made some headway aboard his vessel, having already been kidnapped, placed in stasis and and has come close to losing his mind… Not a bad first day!

Lower Decks: LTJG Richard Matthews

Matthews-plainLTJG Richard Matthews has been around for a short while now, enough to make himself a bit of a name aboard the USS Apollo, but having been transferred as a new face aboard a brand new ship, he hopes to do much of the same aboard the Vigilant. Here to tell us a bit about the character, the writer for Mr. Matthews is anything short of  average.

Lower Decks: Ensign Debra Cross

debra crossAnother fresh ensign comes to us in this edition of the Lower Decks from the USS Apollo. The writer for Ensign Debra Cross, a security officer, comes to tell us a little bit about himself, and the character he has created. Being new aboard a fairly new ship certainly has its opportunities!

The writer for Ensign Cross, Giles, is from the UK. He works in the cook shop retail business, and among other things, partakes in semi-pro photography (you can check out some of his work by clicking here), and is a certified masseur. In addition to his experience in the arts, he enjoys theater, and has a passion for good food and drink. Having come from a computer oriented background, its no wonder he found our community.

Help Build our Public History for the Simming Encyclopedia

simencThe Simming Encyclopedia is one of the broadest databases for simming organizations to document and catalogue their history. Even though being one of the longest running simming organizations out there, our page is quite scarce. Fleet Admiral Wolf has called upon volunteers to help flesh out our public history. Located in the forums, he has laid out a starting plan to help us attain that goal. Can you help? Head to the forums for instructions on where to begin!

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