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Poll of the Week: Simming the Bad Guy

We are all used to simming our characters in their Star Trek lives. And, with their own problems and conflicts, they are the protagonists of our stories, they uphold (to their own extent) the values of the Federation and generally win, at least in the end.

But simming occasionally offers the unique opportunity of writing an antagonist, the bad guy our characters fight against. Not every mission has one, we might be just fighting nature, or internal conflict, for example. But, on those missions that have an opponent, someone has to sim them. If you have, you know how fun and amazing it can be. If you haven’t, consider it and contact your captain, because it is a fascinating opportunity.

But, when we sim them, there are lots of styles and types of enemies our characters can face. So here is our question, what is your favourite kind of enemies? Maybe so alien we can’t understand their motives? Maybe ruthless and cold, so far from the most human parts of our own characters we can’t relate? Or maybe with their own interests, loyal to their own faction, a good agent just in a different side? Or approachable, with their own problems and fears, relatable, where we could see ourselves doing the same things in their same situation?

Each one has their own perks and is fun to sim in their own manner. But what is your favourite? Come and tell us on the forums!

This is a new post in our category Simming Questions. Here we will be asking questions about our community, our characters and our writing, and how you interact with it all.

Poll of the Week: What Trek technology do you WANT?

Would you like to travel through vast distances of space in relatively short time? How about get from one spot on the planet to another in blink of an eye? How about some other impossible in the here and now or the soon to be Technology you have seen on Star Trek that would vastly improve your life or the lives of all humans?

Trek has shown us a lot of amazing technology. Which one do you want to experience the most?

Head to the forums and let us know your favorite Trek tech – be sure to comment if your favorite isn’t on the list!

This question comes from our category Trek Technology & Science, where we ask questions on the science and technology of the shows and movies we all enjoy. In this category we will often ask questions that relate to real world science and technology and how it compares or contrasts to the universe of Star Trek.

Poll of the Week: Most touching Star Trek moment?

This week’s poll is the conclusion of our series asking you to pick moments from all Star Trek movies and television show that have touched, shocked or saddened you the most. The shows and movies are filled with these those scenes that leave you; feeling warm or full of joy, or on the verge of tears.

So which moment did you find most touching? Head to our forums to vote now.

In this series we asked which of these moments got to you the most, and your responses have shown just how personal yet shared watching Trek is to us all.

Poll of the Week: The most shocking Trek moment?

Many scenes throughout the history of the Star Trek movies and television show have touched, shocked or saddened viewers. In this series we ask which of these moments got to you the most? We will give you some of the scenes we found to be the most heart touching, tear-jerking, and most surprise jaw dropping and ask you to pick which one got to you the most.

There have been so many but few that have truly caught us as off guard as some of these have. This week’s ask: What moment from all of Star Trek did you find the most shocking?

Did your jaw drop? Did you stare at the screen for a few moments blankly while the images and sounds you just witnessed sank in? Tell us in the forum comments about what moment shocked you the most from Star Trek along what your reactions were.

Poll of the Week: What tech is next?

If you have been following the news or our own SB118 Facebook links you may be aware of the fascinating tricorder Xprize underway to design a working version of Leonard McCoy’s medical scanning wand that can connect to a smartphone, giving people the ability to scan themselves and send the data to their doctor.

This got us thinking: What not-so-futuristic, Trek-inspired technology do you think will we be seeing soon? Head to the forums to vote, and then weigh-in to the comments about how you see it being used!

This is the first post from our new category TrekTech & Science. This category will deal with questions regarding technology and science of Star Trek. They questions will not always relate to real world tech like this one did but that theme will pop up from time to time.

Poll of the Week: Saddest Trek Moment?

Many scenes throughout the history of the Star Trek movies and television shows have touched, shocked or saddened viewers. In this series we ask which of these moments got to you the most? We will give you some of the scenes we found to be the most heart touching, tear-jerking, and most surprise jaw dropping and ask you to pick which one got to you the most.

First up in this series of questions is which moment from all of Star Trek did you find the saddest. Did you shed a tear or feign allergies upon seeing any of these scenes on the small or big screen. Choose which moment below had you feeling sad, that just happened. Was your most tear jerking moment not listed let us know what It was in the comments.

So tell us: Which moment from Star Trek did you find the saddest? Click here to vote now in the poll on our forums.

This question is the first from our category General Trek, where we will pose questions about favorite scenes, characters, and starships. Many will be parts of on going themed series as this one was.

Poll of the Week: Sentient immune systems?

You are the Captain of your own ship, and on your explorations you receive a distress call from an inhabited planet. The inhabitants, a humanoid species not much different to those who comprise much of your crew, request your help with a major problem. The cells in their immune systems have evolved to start communicating with each other and acquired sentience. Since then, their immune systems have stopped working and their people are falling victim to every form of disease, minor as it could have been a few days before. Under the circumstances, the cells request to be freed, explaining the situation of slavery in which they have found themselves in upon awakening.

Both sides request your help towards their objective, and the fate of now two races rests on your decision.

You pool your senior officers for ideas. Your scientists have a way to free the immune system cells so they can have a life of their own. Your doctors have a way to compensate the evolution of the cells, returning them to their original function.

As the population falls prey to disease, you only have a few hours to decide, making it impossible for you to get Starfleet counsel. It is your decision.

This is the first post in our new category Morals of Trek, where you are put on the shoes of a Captain and faced with a dilemma any of our characters in the Fleet could face one day, or even the characters from our favorite series might have faced in a episode. Cast your vote, and come to the forums to discuss with other captains-for-a-day what they would have done.

This question is loosely based on a recent dilemma faced by the crew of the USS Darwin-A. If your crew has faced a dilemma and you want it to be featured in an edition of the Poll of the Week, we welcome your subspace messages.

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