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Poll of the Week: Most awesome space battles on Enterprise?

This week we come to the conclusion of our most awesome space battles series! Though Enterprise had a short run, Earth’s first starship capable of warp five saw plenty of combat!

So was it when the NX-01 was nearly crippled beyond repair in efforts to stop the Xindi weapon in the episode Azati Prime? How about when the Enterprise had its wits tested during the Augment incident that finally ended above the Klingon colony Qu’Vat? Even the first episode saw the Enterprise in battle with Suliban Cell ships! One battle that certainly was epic was when the Vulcans and Andorians engaged in a battle, with Enterprise caught in the middle?

Was it another battle that was your favorite? Head to the forums and tell us: What was the most awesome space battle of Enterprise?

This question comes from our “General Trek” category where we ask questions about characters, episodes, starships and more from the Star Trek Universe.

Artificial Gravity, Please!

Phasers, transporters, warp drive, replicators! Star Trek has given us glimpses of many technologies that may be or are close to happening in the real world. But there is one Trek Tech that is common for most science fiction and indeed the very thing we need to figure to make long term spaceflight viable: artificial gravity.

Star Trek uses synthetic gravity generators and grav-plating to provide simulated planetary gravity. These utilize graviton stabilizers that modulate the level of gravity produced, allowing gravity to be altered at will. Other science fiction – and many real world – designs for creating gravity on a spaceship feature rotating hulls. That simulate gravity on their interior surface using centripetal force and has to contend with the Coriolis force and its effects. Yet another popular science fiction source of gravity generation is through engine thrust using linear acceleration, where the ship’s engines that create the downward pull and if they are off, so is the gravity.

This week we ask what form of gravity generation do you think humanity will use when we take to exploring our solar system and the stars? Tell us in the forums!

This question comes from our “Trek Technology and Science” category, where we often ask questions that bridge science fiction of Star Trek and real world science.

Most Awesome Space Battles: DS9

This week, we head back to our General Trek category and our ongoing “Most Awesome Battle” series.

Deep Space Nine featured many depictions of space battles due to the Dominion War story arc. They often showed us the darker side of life on the frontiers of space giving us a bit of a deeper tone than many other trek series. DS9 also introduced the Maquis, and included a short-lived conflict between the Federation and Klingon Empire. Were the epic battles of the Dominion War those you most enjoyed? Was it getting to see Starfleet versus the Klingons again, just like in the days of Kirk? Or was another battle your favorite?

Tell us in the Forums as this week we ask: What was the most awesome battle of DS9?

Poll of the Week: What’s your favorite medical device?

The medical technology portrayed on screen through the various Star Trek television series and movies have always filled viewers with awe in comparison to modern day technology. Many of them have moved from science fiction to science fact over the years with some if not most of their inventors citing seeing it on screen as their inspiration.

For this week’s poll we want know: What’s your favorite medical device seen on Star Trek?

Was it the sterile field introduced in TOS and mentioned in the later series that kept the surgical site complete clean by means of a radiation field, which sterilized surgeon’s hands as well as any needed medical instruments automatically when they passed through it? Or is it the commonly seen and immeasurably useful dermal regenerator developed by many species of the galaxy, capable of healing wounds without any scarring and even available for civilians to keep to handle minor cuts and scrapes? There are dozens of others to marvel! Check out the poll and let us know your favorite.

This question comes from our Trek Science and Technology category where we will pose questions relating to the technology and scientific principles seen in Star Trek. As well as how they often relate to the real world.

Poll of the Week: Would you use a transporter?

With recent scientific breakthroughs in particle transportation the transporter is closer to reality than ever. If it were perfected in your lifetime would you use it?

So many questions and implications to consider: What about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle? The computing power and sheer digital storage space required to store every tiny piece of information about whatever or whomever is being transported. Does it kill you and produce a copy on the other side? Would you want to wait until it has been in use for some time before you tried it?

All these ethical and safety questions! Would you use a transporter? Head to the forums now and let us know!

Most Awesome Space Battles: TNG/Movies

Red alert, Captain Picard to the Bridge!

This week we go to our General Trek category and our ongoing “most awesome space battles” series! The Next Generation, and its four movies, gave us many to choose from, even though most of the time the crew of the Enterprise -D, and later -E preferred diplomacy over their phasers.

When they had to fight, however they gave us some of the most memorable battles ever – but which was your favorite? Was it when in effort to defeat the Borg and rescue Picard, Riker had to come up with tactics not known to Locutus? Of course the Borg came back and launched another direct attack on Earth! The battle of sector 001 saw the Enterprise-E save the day upon joining the fight.

How about another time Riker showed us skills when in command of the Enterprise-E he used the metreon gas pockets of the Briar Patch to defeat the Son’a ships?

Another awesome battle in TNG did not include the Enterprise at all: Worf serving on his brother Kurn’s ship the Hegh’ta against ships supporting Duras in the Klingon civil war was truly a battle worthy of song. The Duras sisters did as we face the Enterprise-D in Generations in an unfair battle that saw them use Geordi’s visor to gain the shield frequencies of the Enterprise. Then there was Shinzon of Remus, clone of Picard with his warbird Scimitar that could fire when cloaked, the Enterprise-E nearly did not make it out of this one and the many of us were on the edges of our seats.

What was the most awesome space battle of The Next Generation? Tell us in the forums!

Poll of the Week: Technology From Another Universe?

This week we go into our Technology and Science category for a fun what if poll. Every science fiction universe has it’s own gadgets and technology sometimes quite similar sometimes quite different. Trek has shown us more than few variations of common Science Fiction technical themes over the years, TV shows and various movies, but what have you always wished Trek had?

Would it be wormhole control, be it point to point travel via Stargates or exploring the multiverse with a Sliders remote? How about being able to bring a lightsaber to a bat’leth fight? Fancy fixing a multitude of problems or overcome obstacles with a sonic screwdriver? How about suiting up in Mech for cargo loading like in Aliens or one made for battle like in Avatar? Something else?

Tell us in the forums as we ask: Which technology from another universe do you wish was in Star Trek?

Poll of the Week: Most awesome space battles from Voyager

This week our poll from the General Trek category takes us back to our most awesome space battles series with Star Trek: Voyager. Voyager’s seven years lost in the Delta Quadrant saw the crew facing many aggressive species and even the Borg!

A few of these encounters stand out: Voyager versus Species 8472, using nano-probe infused torpedoes to devastating effect was one. Some of the most impressive fights were when Voyager joined with others forming temporary alliances often to face a greater foe like Anarax’s timeship in the alternate time line seen in “Year of Hell.” Or to reach a greater goal like in season seven’s “The Void” even if Janeway’s alliance did inspire the raiders also trapped in the Void to form their own alliance which led to a battle. Was the cat and mouse battles between the Hazari and Voyager most impressive, especially when they turn the tables on “Think Tank”? Was it when they were turned on by the Equinox the only other Starfleet vessel trapped in the Delta Quadrant found on their voyage? Or was it anytime they engaged the Borg that had you on the edge of your seat?

Was it another battle from Voyager that you found most awesome? With so many to choose from head to the forums and tell us what you found to be the Most Awesome Battle of Star Trek Voyager?

Poll of the Week: Favorite holoprogram?

“Computer, Begin Program.” Those words excited us every time we heard or read one of our beloved Trek characters say the phrase. This week we ask you which holodeck program did you get the most enjoyment out seeing one screen.

Was it the thrilling spy drama of Julian Bashir, Secret Agent, or was it seeing Data and Geordi take on the main roles in a Sherlock Holmes program. Were the escape to another time to relax creations of Fair Haven or Vic’s Las Vegas Lounge, episodes you enjoyed each time they were revisited. The idea of an ongoing series of holonovels was always a fun one, and Trek showed us this well in The Adventures Of Captain Proton on Voyager and spanning nearly all of TNG even onto the big screen was The Dixon Hill in series, were one of these your favorite? Or was another tell us in the forums as we ask.

What was your favorite holoprogram seen in Star Trek? Head to the forums and weigh-in now!

This poll comes from our Trek Tech and Science category. Where we ask questions about Technology and science seen in Star Trek shows and movies.

Most Awesome Space Battles: TOS/Movies

Did you find the Enterprise’s battle against the Planet Killer to be it’s most epic? Or did you feel nothing could beat Khan and Kirk facing off in the Mutara nebula in Star Trek II? How about the enigmatic battle with the Romulan ship? Or was it the battle with Chang’s Bird of Prey that could fire when cloaked where the Enterprise-A was joined by the USS Excelsior, that is your favorite? Was there another you found to be even better?

Head to the forums and tell us what do you think the most awesome space battle of the Kirk era!

This is the first in our ongoing series of General Trek polls. There are four more parts to this series coming soon, so keep an eye out for more!

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