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Featured Bio Contest Round 6 Now Open!

Have you come across a great character biography on the wiki? Been working on your own bio for a while now and want to show it off to the fleet? Looking for pointers on how to improve your own bio?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then head on over to the Featured Bio Contest’s forum and check out what we have to offer!

While you are there, why not submit a nomination? If you’re looking for a little inspiration check out September’s winner Varaan of the USS Darwin or the Feature Nominee Brandon Craig of the USS Athena.

You can see a list of all our previous Winners and Featured Nominees at the contest’s wiki site as well as an overview of the judging criteria that the Featured Bio Contest Team uses to vote for a winner.

This round of the Featured Bio Contest closes Tuesday, November 1 –  so submit your nomination today!

Featured Bio Winner for September: Varaan

Congratulations to Varaan of the USS Darwin who has been selected as the Featured Bio Winner for September 2016, and Brandon Craig of the USS Athena, this round’s featured nominee!

Varaan is an only child who was born in the City of Khir Ahl on Vulcan. His mother was a diplomat and his father was a revered astrophysicist who sat on the board of the Vulcan Science Academy. Varaan always seemed to take a ‘hands on approach’ to learning by taking things apart and putting them back together. Despite this and his relatively low grades, his father used his influence to get Varaan into the more theoretical Vulcan Science Academy program.

However, after a two year struggle at the science academy, a failed Kolinahr attempt, the marriage to his wife and 8 years in the V’shar (Vulcan Intelligence) Varaan finally found his path on Earth at Starfleet Academy and has had a Starfleet career that has led him to the First Officer position aboard the USS Darwin.

As always, you can find out more about the Featured Bio Contest at our wiki page or in the forums. Head there now to learn more about the contest and nominate bios that deserve recognition!

What brings a character to life?

Recently on the forums, LtCmdr. Sabrina Holly – the First Officer of the USS Athena and facilitator of the Character’s Guild – posed the question: What brings a character to life?

Her answer was a wonderfully written tutorial that everyone should read: Character Creation Tutorial.

If you want to see what others have to say about this tutorial, or jump into the conversation yourself, check out the forum discussion.

This post is brought to you by the Featured Bio Contest. If you have seen a great bio on the wiki that you think deserves a shot at being one of the fleet’s Feature Bios nominate them on the forums!

Featured Bio Contest Team needs you!

The Featured Bio Contest team is looking to add new members from ships currently not represented on the team. All that is required is that members are the rank Lieutenant JG or higher and have an interest in character building, backgrounds, and/or reading crewmates’ bio-pages on our wiki.

So, if you are an officer of Lieutenant JG rank or higher, currently serving on Starbase 118 Ops, the Constitution, the Darwin, the Athena, or starting on the brand new Za, and are interested in getting involved with OOC fleet operations, use the form below to contact the team facilitator LtCmdr. Brayden Jorey.

For more information on the FBC Team and Contest head over to our wiki area.

If you have come across a great bio that you think should be up for next Featured Bio, nominate them! Nominations take place on the forums HERE.

  • You can find your writer ID on the wiki.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Featured Bio Winner for July: Savan

Savan is the only child of Vulcan scientists and originally hails from Vulcan. He had a quiet and uneventful childhood until a series of unfortunate and dramatic events were set in motion following Trellium-D exposure that would eventually end with the death of of his father, the breakdown of his mother, and the ‘emotional’ Vulcan living with a half-human relative in Santa Cruz on Earth.

Savan majored in Security, specializing in diplomacy, survival and tactics with a minor in Operations and Communications. Following his graduation from the Academy he was assigned to the Embassy on Duronis II where he continues to serve and was recently promoted to Lieutenant JG.

Congratulations to Savan of the Embassy on Duronis II who has been selected as the Featured Bio Winner for July 2016, and Solaris McLaren of the USS Constitution, this round’s featured nominee!

As always, you can find out more about the Featured Bio Contest at its wiki page or in its forum. Head there now to learn more about the contest and nominate bios that deserve recognition!

Nominations for Featured Bio Contest closing soon!

Have you come across a great character biography on the wiki? Been working on your own bio for a while now and want to show it off to the fleet? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then head on over to the Featured Bio Contest’s forum and submit a nomination!

You can see a list of previous winners and featured nominees at the contest’s wiki site as well as an overview of the judging criteria the Featured Bio Contest Team uses to vote for a winner. 

The nomination round closes Friday, July 1 –  so submit your nomination today!

Character Bio Tips: Starfleet Academy background

Every character in the Starbase 118 fleet started their simming career with their Starfleet Academy final test, a mission to test the cadet’s skills and abilities under pressure. Every character has chosen their Academy major and minor, some have even posted a copy of their transcripts as part of their character’s wiki page. However, like our real-life college experience, our major, minor, and transcripts don’t really tell all that much about us.

Here at the Featured Bio Contest team we are committed to helping you come up with the best character background possible. To that end, today we’re talking ‘Academy Days.’ Read on to learn more!

Great characters start with great bios

Every great character bio wiki page starts with having a great character concept. No amount of time and effort in organizing your character’s information or performing wiki-formatting acrobatics can turn a poorly thought-out character into a great character bio. In that spirit, here are five very important things to address and some questions to ask yourself to help develop and improve your character concept, your simming and your wikipage:

  • Personality: What are your character’s dreams, goals, ideals, ambitions, and fears? Why do they think and feel the way they do?
  • Appearance: What does your character look like? How do they ‘carry’ their uniform? What do they wear out of uniform? Why does your character look and dress this way?
  • Talents/Strengths/Personal Items: What are your character’s unique skills and personal items? Where did they learn and develop these skills? Where did the items come from? How does your character use them to drive and progress the plot?
  • Obstacles/Weaknesses/Limitations: What challenges does your character have to overcome? What personality flaws or physical limitations create difficulties for them? What has your character done to overcome their struggles? Do they rely on faith, education, the people around them?
  • Sociability: If you took away your character’s special talents, gadgets, appearance, and uniform, who would choose to associate with your character and why? Why would someone outside of the fleet care about your character if they read your sims?

The most important question here at the Featured Bio Contest Team is this: If I went to your bio wiki page how many of these questions could I answer about your character?

If you see a great character wikipage or are proud of your own work nominate a character for the Feature Bio Contest today!

Need a little more inspiration? Check our latest Featured Bio Contest winner Hannibal Parker and the list of past winners.

A Simmer’s Best Friend: Google Drive, Part 1

If you haven’t ever used Google Drive, formerly known as Google Docs, you definitely need to check it out. One of its basic functions is creating word processing documents, similar to those you’d find in Microsoft Word or any related word processing program. There are two major benefits to using Drive over Word, though, for the type of writing we do here at Starbase 118: It’s accessible from anywhere and any device with an internet connection, and it allows collaborative writing in real time. The latter allows a single document to have multiple people editing a document in real time, which means that two or more writers can create a joint post (JP) in the same time it might talk to chat about a JP!

There are many great ways to use Drive’s word processing and sharing capabilities. I started using Drive as a way to write a backstory with another writer. We both liked the idea of our characters having a fling back in their academy days and used Drive to share the ideas and then write those flashback posts — but, of course, Drive’s real-time collaboration isn’t just useful for writing out background; they’re also a great way to build up relationships in the present. For example, I have used Drive with a shipmate to write sims about our characters having tea (like Picard and Crusher) and gossiping about our fellow crewmates. These sims took place in the present, but were an aside from the main plot. I’ve even used Drive to write with characters on other ships. As with any cross-ship JPs, everyone involved posted on their respective lists — but the JPs were so easy to write immediately! Writing with others in Drive not only makes writing JPs faster and easier, it also encourages collaboration, both on your ship and with ships around the fleet, as there’s never been an easier way to write with others.

Drive also facilitates the creation of what I call a “sim bank.” This sim bank is all the in-progress sims in Drive that I’m working on but that I haven’t posted yet. The bank is full of b-plot sims, cross-ship conversations over subspace, backstory sims, and so on that I can share with others and slowly work on, but that aren’t time-sensitive and can be released whenever. As everyone knows, sometimes real life can throw unexpected curves that can make finding the time to sim nearly impossible. A sim bank is a great help during these times to keep your sim rates up. So, when you have the time to write a lot, try to find some other simmers to start working with you on a few long-term JPs in Drive. Not only can you build up your bank, but you will find that you have better development with others and an easier time finding and developing the voices of your characters

So head to Drive, share a document with someone, and get writing. Don’t forget you can “bank” a few for those crazy weeks when you can’t find the time to write!

Here come the brides!

Lt. Commander T’Lea and Ambassador Della Vetri are now officially married! The entire event took place on the picturesque beaches of Telrin Archipelago on Trill. The event was filled with family, friends, the Embassy Senior Staff and many special guests from across the fleet including: Nugra and Eerie from the USS Victory, Marcus Dickens and Anora Manar from the USS Atlantis, and Rune Jolara from the Apollo.

Ambassador Vetri looked stunning on Trill’s slightly bluish sands in a sleek, form-fitted pale red dress. The subtle red tones of her dress were accented by a vibrant Romulte green pendant. The look was finished off with a glamourous upswept hairstyle. Commander T’Lea was like an elegant beach princess as she made her way down the aisle in a satin, seashell white gown embellished with delicate silver embroidery along the hemlines. Her look was completed with long tendrils of hair interwoven with tiny decorations and pale ribbons.

The wedding itself included heartfelt personal vows and a simple, yet moving, candle lighting ceremony. A banquet was held after the ceremony a short walk down the beach at a second area. There was an obvious variety to the food and drink offerings and was something to suit any tastes. The evening was filled with congratulations, gifts, friendship and celebration. The whole ceremony was a perfect reflection of the couple – personal, elegant and meaningful.

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