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Poll of the Week: Unforgivably Villainous

In Star Trek the various crews are often challenged by various enemies from across the galaxy. However, these antagonists are rarely seen beyond a single episode once our heroes defeat them. Sometimes we barely know anything about their personalities beyond what we can guess based on their actions. Their primary purpose is to provide conflict for our heroes to overcome in that episode or movie. While these foes of the week work well we sometimes get to meet a villain again and again over multiple stories. They could only show up in a few episodes scattered through the series or be one of the central antagonists for the entire series, but we really get to know them and learn about their personality and their background. Sometimes this information can put their actions into context and help us understand why they do the evil things that they do.

The Vorta encountered during the Dominion War aren’t completely loyal to the Founders by choice. They have been genetically engineered to view the Founders as gods.  While he’s certainly no hero, Khan is similarly dealing with the extreme ambition that his augmentation has left him with. This by no means forgives them of any wrongdoing but it might make us see these villains in a slightly better light. This week’s poll asks you which villain you feel the least sorry for. Who do you feel has the least going for them in your eyes?

Which Star Trek villain do you find the least sympathetic? Be sure to cast your vote!

Poll of the Week: Dinner is Served

Whether attending a formal banquet or having a quick bite to eat before a duty shift, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to food. One common issue with food in the 24th century seems to be the inferior taste some people feel replicated food has. At first glance it would seem that there wouldn’t be any noticeable difference between the two. This doesn’t stop some people from replacing replicated meals with dishes made from authentic ingredients whenever they can. On the other hand others couldn’t even tell the difference between two dishes, one fresh and one replicated. A topic of even more debate seems to be synthehol. While it is supposed to mimic the taste of alcohol without any of the downsides, others find its taste unpleasant.

The question of real or replicated often comes down to a simple matter of taste. Either the difference makes the extra effort worth it or the convenience of a replicator wins out over any potential difference in quality. Where does your character stand on this issue? Can they even tell the difference or would they prefer the real stuff every time?

Does your character prefer food and drinks made fresh or replicated?

Poll of the Week: Shore Leave

Missions are great fun and give characters a chance to show how they work under pressure. Whatever the objectives of the mission, opportunities often arise to display a character’s expertise in their field. This could be combat with a hostile species, examining a new form of life, or treating an injured colleague just to name a few tasks that might be part of a mission. Besides letting a character show off their skills, these moments can also give insight into their personality. Character is communicated through these moments made on duty.  However, the way a character chooses to spend their time off the clock can prove just as enlightening when it comes to their personality. The activities they prefer give us hints as to what kind of person they are. Do they prefer quiet, solitary activities or are they more at home around their peers? What is the best way for them to unwind?

Where is your character most likely to be found during shore leave? Be sure to cast your vote and let us know!

Poll of the Week: General Order One

Starfleet General Order One, more commonly known as the Prime Directive, is the ultimate rule every Starfleet officer is sworn to protect at any cost: Never interfere with the internal affairs and development of alien civilizations.

The directive has been at the heart of several episodes across the different series. From the very start, dilemmas relating to cultural interference have plagued Starfleet, yet no single answer seems to be the obvious choice. Arguments could be made against all the answers to the question of how Starfleet should interact with other worlds and their internal matters.

The Prime Directive makes sense in theory. The potential consequences of shaping the events of another culture are so vast and unknowable that there is no way to make an informed decision. An action that may seem like it will do nothing but help could have horrible consequences that didn’t even seem possible. Does a potential wrong justify leaving an actual wrong unsolved, however? The rough journey so many civilizations must make to take their place in the galactic community could be made so much easier if a more knowledgeable and experienced species acted as guides. Others might argue that simply being able to do something does not justify the actions. Who is an outsider to make decisions for another civilization?

What are your personal thoughts on the Prime Directive? Be sure to cast your vote!

Poll of the Week: Alternate Worlds

Alternate dimensions and parallel universes are common occurrences in Star Trek. They pose fascinating what-if questions that change the course of the universe we know and love in new and interesting ways. What if Starfleet was an evil armada enforcing the will of a corrupt and xenophobic empire? What if the Borg had not been stopped by the Enterprise-D after the Battle of Wolf 359? The answers to these questions set the stage for possible realities that greatly vary from the “prime” universe of Star Trek we are used to. A few of these universes have been explored over multiple films or episodes, but many are seen once and mostly forgotten. They all present interesting scenarios, but some might find certain possibilities more interesting than others. The story of a ship of the Terran Empire or a lone ship stranded in occupied territory could give us new and interesting plots that a Starfleet ship normally couldn’t use.

Which alternate reality would you like to see further explored? Click the link and let us know what you think!

Poll of the Week: Number One

The new year is often a time for reflection on past events and committing to doing things better next year. It is a time often defined by change, which leads to this week’s topic. One of the biggest changes in a Starfleet officer’s career is the move from directing a single department on the ship to the position of first officer. When an officer is first working in a department of their choice, the required skill set predominantly focuses on the functions of that department. The ideal skill sets for a chief engineer and a chief science officer are quite different. Yet, members of all these departments might one day be promoted to first officer and suddenly find themselves helping the captain supervise and operate an entire ship as opposed to one department.

There are so many characters in Star Trek who are very good at their jobs, but how might they react when they need to get used to supervising the entire crew? Doctor Bashir might feel a bit out of his element if asked to go from healing the sick and injured to handling disputes between departments or overseeing a special engineering project for the captain. How smoothly would Scotty make the jump from the engine room to being on the bridge full time?

Which character outside of a command role would make the best transition to first officer? Click on the link to add your vote!

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