Ops crew receive distress call from Federation member applicant’s colony

Ops crew receive distress call from Federation member applicant’s colony

StarBase 118 Station

MIRI IV-A — An aggressive plant is wreaking havoc on the ecosystem of a relatively young colony on the moon of Miri IV.

Having recently returned from their mission in the Vectis system, the crew of StarBase 118 Ops found themselves once again flying off on the USS Narendra (NCC-26595), this time in response to a distress call from the colony of Miri IVa in the Serellan Sector.

Miri IVa is the sole moon that orbits the planet Miri IV—a planet with a turbulent history and a complicated relationship with the Federation.

Originally settled by isolationist refugees fleeing the Eugenics Wars, Miri IV was long forgotten until the legendary Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) answered a distress call. They cured a disease that had plagued the adult population for hundreds of years, leaving only children to fend for themselves.

Almost one hundred years after Kirk’s visit, Miri IV opened to off-worlders in an attempt to boost its still relatively low population. In 2376, the planet applied to become a member of the Federation. However, complaints by Federation settlers about not receiving fair representation on the planetary council stalled the application. The issue was largely forgotten until the crew of the USS Eagle (NCC-74659), under the command of Captain Daydan Taboo, investigated these claims in 2385, as well as the suspicious deaths of several Federation investigators.

Captain Taboo’s mission resulted in Miri IV agreeing to a complete restructuring of its political system to progress its Federation membership application. This was the last contact Starfleet had with the planet—until now.

With Miri IV’s population finally beginning to expand, the colony of Miri IVa was established and had been thriving until the recent introduction of an aggressive plant. This plant threatens to destroy the ecosystems of the various biodomes on the moon and has strange effects on some of the inhabitants.

“This plant can cause physical issues ranging from distraction and irritability to manic psychosis and psychotic behavior,” commented Adjunct Ayalla Myran of the Miri IVa Security Services. “We aren’t sure if the symptoms are caused only by contact or if there’s any chance that any of it has become airborne.”

With the situation spiraling out of control and beyond the capabilities of those on Miri IV to resolve, Commodore Sal Taybrim and his crew have once again answered the call for aid, just as Captain Kirk did all those years ago.

“Our main overarching goal is to contain the threat of the plants and help the colonists recover from the ailments they are facing,” affirmed Cmdre. Taybrim. “That said, our role also ties with the goal of helping Miri IV get approved for Federation membership. This infestation is wreaking havoc with the colony’s infrastructure and that could spell disaster.”

With Starfleet once again present in the system, there is renewed hope that Miri IV, and by extension Miri IVa, could finally prove they are in compliance with the regulations to become a Federation member world. However, any talk of the application will have to be put on hold until the pressing issue of the mysterious plant is resolved.

Written by: Jarn Th’Braxa

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