New Talax sees new peace as Betazoid colony in the Delta Quadrant gets significant boost

New Talax sees new peace as Betazoid colony in the Delta Quadrant gets significant boost

DELTA QUADRANT — As the Talaxians and the Nedic Dreznin negotiate for a peaceful future and Talaxians find a second home on Idrustix, Amity Outpost’s Ambassador Vataix and First Officer Commander Ukinix are spared reassignment by President Narala.

Outgoing Federation President Narala gained a significant win on the eve of her tenure’s end, brokering a deal between New Talax and Nedic Drez. This achievement is sure to become a famous chapter in Narala’s post-presidential biographies.

A Nedic Dreznin sabotage agent, working on behalf of a mining conglomerate, was taken hostage on Asteroid 18 by a disaffected group of Talaxian miners. Led by mining chief Marxnos, they initially demanded that the people of New Talax “rise up” against the New Talaxian government and the “Federation warship” USS Independence-B, dispatched from Amity Outpost to assist the Talaxian government. To complicate matters, four Starfleet officers sent to investigate the sabotage efforts were also taken hostage by the rogue Talaxian group.

“It was really unexpected,” said Lieutenant Nathan Richards, Amity’s Chief of Engineering and one of the four Starfleet members captured. “Wrong place, wrong time sort of thing, I guess. But thanks to some engineering skill and the help of the rescue team, we made it out.” Richards had been taken hostage along with fellow engineering Lieutenants Charlena Vanlith and Scotty Reade, and Amity’s acting Chief of Security Rebecca (Bec) Iko. It’s understood that Lieutenant Commander Robin Hopper, Chief Science Officer, led a Starfleet effort to retrieve the kidnapped officers in a joint operation with a Nedic Dreznin government recovery team aiming to retrieve the saboteur. Starfleet, however, would not comment on the operation, and a Nedic Dreznin representative would not answer any FNS questions.

The hostage crisis came at a time when President Narala was personally handling negotiations for beginning the membership process of New Talax into the United Federation of Planets. Brokering peace negotiations between the Talaxians and the Nedic Drez at the height of the crisis was an unexpected complication for the President. Narala was assisted by the Federation Diplomatic Corps, specifically Ambassador Niarivi (Rivi) Vaitax (Eleventh House of Betazed), who in the meantime had negotiated to allow a second permanent Talaxian presence on the Betazoid colony Idrustix (IV). The move was designed to release pressure on the ever-expanding population in the New Talax asteroid field and placate the Nedic Drez concerns of overreach of their mining claims in the field.

Attention has now turned to the Federation membership process for the Talaxians, which has been seen as a welcome future addition to the interstellar union. The colonization efforts of the Talaxians on Idrustix have also been warmly received. “The long-term goals for Idrustix always included the participation of other worlds,” said Idrustix Colony Administrator, Daughter Tri’lea Ariadust (Twentieth House of Betazed). She lauded the Talaxians that had already settled and joined the colonization efforts. “In fact, we are already seeing our projected timelines rapidly accelerating with their involvement, and I believe this to be the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership.”

President Narala, who was understood to be considering the positions of Ambassador Vataix and Commander Ukinix in the wake of the botched Paak first contact incident, has seemingly relented after the outcome at New Talax. With Marxnos now in Talaxian custody, peace between the Nedic Dreznin and the Talaxians, and Talaxian colonization of Idrustix thanks to Federation Diplomatic Corps and Starfleet efforts, there are no significant personnel changes on Amity. “President Narala has always remained focused on seeing to the greater needs of the Federation,” said Presidential Chief of Staff Jane Mosey in response to questions put to the President’s office. “Ambassador Vataix and her crew have the President’s full confidence.”

Some of Amity’s crew will now be temporarily traveling back to Earth for Starfleet’s upcoming celebration of the 250th anniversary of Frontier Day. They will be joining the USS Kitty Hawk, commanded by Captain Roshanara Rahman, the Galaxy-class cruiser which has completed its three-year mission of exploration in the Delta Quadrant.

Written by: Kit Ivanovic

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