Awards and mixed emotions as USS Artemis wraps up shoreleave

Awards and mixed emotions as USS Artemis wraps up shoreleave

DEEP SPACE NINE – Shore leave ends with awards and anticipation for the Artemis’ crew.

Shore leave continued this month for the crew of the USS Artemis (NCC-81287), bringing a mix of relief and adventure. The handful of crew members who found themselves in precarious situations on Bajor and in the Gamma Quadrant made it back home to the Artemis alive and well. Their safe return marked a positive end to an otherwise eventful shore leave.

Capt. Addison MacKenzie and Executive Officer Lt. Cmdr. Talos Dakora held an awards ceremony honoring those who served with distinction during the previous mission. Among those receiving recognition was Security Officer Lt. JG Savel, who earned a well-deserved promotion from Ensign. Many other crew members were also acknowledged for their exceptional service and contributions.

Despite the celebratory atmosphere at the end of shore leave, opinions remain mixed about their next mission. The Artemis has been ordered to return to Sector 001 to participate in an unprecedented fleetwide celebration of Frontier Day. While some crew members have expressed excitement for the festivities and spectacle, others worry about the implications of the majority of Starfleet vessels on patrol returning to the Sol System for the celebration.

As the Artemis prepares to return to Earth, its crew can’t help but wonder who will ensure the peace and security of the Borderlands in their absence.

Written by: Talos Dakora

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