Deadly Breen/Sheliak alliance threatens the Alpha Isles

Deadly Breen/Sheliak alliance threatens the Alpha Isles

MERCIA IV, ALPHA ISLES — Starfleet eliminated the Sheliak’s metagenic weaponry, but they uncovered a deadly new balance of power in the area.

The USS Arrow (NCC 69829)’s commanding officer, Capt. Randal Shayne, led a daring away party to the Litmus Autarch — the Sheliak metagenic mothership en route to Mercia IV.

Despite hiding from Sheliak soldiers, the team was able to deactivate the lethal weapon, but not before making an important discovery. The Breen appeared to have partnered with the Sheliak and have made substantial changes to the Corporate’s fleet.

The power dynamic was unsettled, with mistrust on both sides. With the assistance of other Starfleet troops, including the USS Dickens and the USS Zelensky, the Arrow rescued Shayne and his crew in time to avert the disaster at Mercia.

“The Arrow could stand up against the Sheliak. In space, we showed them what we were made of,” Engineer CPO Akoja Delassi recounted. “But when the Breen spacecraft appeared from within the mothership, we were in big trouble. Thank the heavens for additional Starfleet ships!”

Meanwhile, the Arrow, still under the command of First Officer LtCmdr. Maz Rodan, battled the Sheliak flotilla with Starfleet aid in orbit of Mercia. The Breen, on the other hand, appeared to have been utilising Mercia as a base for some time, unleashing a plot to eliminate the native Mercians while simultaneously rendering it useless for the silicon-based Sheliak.

Rodan, along with Chief Intelligence Officer Cmd. Ash MacKenna and his staff, beamed down to Mercia to aid Mercian leader Minister Varn with relief operations. The Breen opened fire on the squad upon their arrival.

Ayemet came into touch with inert mutagenic substances in Sickbay, forcing the away team into a confined quarantine scenario while LtCmdr. R’Ariel presides over a deteriorating team.

Written by Maz Rodan

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