Crew of USS Chin’toka initiate preliminary negotiations to mediate Al-Leyan dispute

Crew of USS Chin’toka initiate preliminary negotiations to mediate Al-Leyan dispute

LANGOSTA NEBULA — Following a temporary cessation of hostilities between opposing Al-Leyan factions, the crew of the USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187) engage in discussions and humanitarian efforts for both sides.

A temporary cease-fire seems in place between the two opposing factions of Al-Leyans. After sustaining a near miss from an errant torpedo and the impact of a shockwave created by the destruction of one of the ships, the Chin’toka, sent two away teams to negotiate with the differing factions.

The alleged war exercises revealed to be an ongoing conflict between the Al-Leyan Council and a faction simply calling themselves Exiles. The presence of the Exiles was discovered by a small crew of Starfleet officers onboard a runabout that had been specially prepared for immersion into the radiation-intensive nebula, thus confirming the claim by the Council faction to be false.

With the revelation of this information, Capt. Mei’konda Delano and LtCmdr. Lael Rosek-Skyfire led a team to meet with the leaders of the Exiles and to offer humanitarian aid to their injured, along with some emergency repairs to help keep their ships functional.

Meanwhile, the Chin’toka, under the leadership of the First Officer, Cmdr. Jaelyne Isa, moved to rendezvous with the AMS Kuraĝa, flagship of the Council fleet under command of Capt. Ket Raga, father of the Chin’toka’s Second Officer, LtCmdr. Toryn Raga. The Chin’toka crew has met with Capt. Raga and offered the same medical aid and emergency repairs that were being offered to the Exiles.

Delano’s team met with the leadership of the Exiles and discussed the situation with them, offering to host negotiations between the opposing factions. While sceptical, Chancellor Jarain Andala agreed to talk with the Council, if the Council proved willing to meet with them. However, such talks would need to be conducted in a neutral location, and Delano offered to host the talks on the Akira-class vessel. Meanwhile, repair teams set to work on the Exile ship’s engines while Chief Medical Officer, LtCmdr. Snow, led a small team to render medical assistance to the Al-Leyans.

Over on the Council ship, Isa and both Ragas discussed the situation from the Council’s perspective, though Ket Raga proved most reticent to reveal their motivations. Medical assistance was led by Doctors LtCmdrs. Journs and Skyfire, while another team set to work on modifying the ship’s shields to withstand the effects of the radiation. After a bit of discussion, Capt. Raga reluctantly agreed to meet with the Exile leaders in a mediation effort to be led by Delano.

Both groups are now moving to confer on the Chin’toka and while the two factions remain less optimistic about the chances of success, the air of hope remains for the Starfleet crew and with the track record of Delano, and the diplomatic history of Isa, there may be hope yet that this situation can be salvaged.

As always, we will keep an eye on the situation and bring you any breaking news as we learn it.

Written by Jaelyne Isa

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