Commodore Rajel returns after Orion Syndicate kidnapping

Commodore Rajel returns after Orion Syndicate kidnapping

STARBASE 104 – After their clandestine rescue mission, Commodore Jalana Rajel and her team returned to Starbase 104. They’re a little worse for wear, but they’re still alive. Several officers must adapt to new realities, trauma, and questions, as well as fresh new prosthesis.

However, Starfleet Medical expects they will all recover fully in due time.

Starfleet Intelligence has run simulations to forecast the effects of Thiraa’s ascension. Thiraa, also known as ‘Matrol,’ stepped into the void left by the Syndicate station’s prior chief. Early indications point to a more business-minded Syndicate operator seizing control of The Rock. According to reports, Starfleet Command is contemplating expanding patrols in the region.

Acting Captain Lt. Lazarus Davis placed the crew on shore leave upon arrival to help with the recuperation process. This permits engineering teams on Starbase 104 to finish installing and calibrating the new warp nacelle. This replaces the one lost in a previous mission’s combat with the Syndicate.

“There is no such thing as “mandated shore leave,” but the crew doesn’t need to know that,” Davis explained.

Lt. Cmdr. Spears took it upon himself to throw a beach party for the crew of Starbase 104’s ‘The Space.’ ‘The Space,’ a habitat area modelled after a mountain range and surrounding area, is complete with paddle boarding, volleyball grounds, sand, beverages, cuisine, and music.

“It seems like a fantastic time,” Cee Guhl, the attendant who assisted Spears in arranging the party’s equipment, said. “Perhaps someday I’ll be invited to one of these things.”

According to reports, the Commodore will make her first public appearance since her accident at the beach party.

FNS wishes her well.

Written by Lazarus Davis

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