Chin’toka diverts rogue neutron star, saves star system

Chin’toka diverts rogue neutron star, saves star system

PAR’THA EXPANSE — The crew of the USS Chin’toka transfers to the USS Astraeus after diverting a rogue neutron star that threatened hundreds of millions in the Lanaxa System.

The crew of the USS Chin’toka, NCC-97187, successfully diverted a rogue neutron star that had been discovered travelling at near warp speed and which threatened to destroy the Lanaxa System within only a few short days. The crew had discovered that a rather unusual life form existed within the star’s extremely powerful magnetic field and contacted this life form. With the help of this newly discovered species, the crew could implement a highly risky attempt to divert the star’s course, just enough to cause it to miss the Lanaxa system.

The attempts to communicate with the new species were led by LtCmdr. Esa Kiax and Lt. Noa Levinson, with the assistance of several other senior officers. Levinson discovered that there was a severe time dilation between the ship and the centre of the star’s magnetic field, which is where the species seemed to exist. What seemed only seconds to the crew on the ship would, in fact, be years for the beings inside the star’s field. The ship suffered some damage in the early days of their efforts and repair teams set to work, and when it came time to launch their attempt to move the star, all repairs that could be made had been done.

Because of the dangerous nature of their plan, Capt. Mei’konda Delano requested that all senior department heads report on their readiness. With the all clear given, Delano gave the order to proceed, and the ship began its efforts to move the star.

As expected, the ship came under increasing stress and as the process progressed, at one point the stress buckled the hull enough that it caused the vessel’s mission pod to be completely sheared off, along with creating a large hole in the starboard nacelle’s strut, causing the nacelle to tilt at a dangerous angle. Delano ordered the Engineering Department to do whatever it took to keep the ship together until they were successful. “Mei’konda to Engineering! … we need to hold position just a little whiile longer! I don’t caare what it takes, just keep my ship together until the star’s course has been diverted by 21.2 degrees!”

Their plan was successful, but not before the Chin’toka suffered critical damage, eventually losing the starboard nacelle and receiving numerous hull breaches across the ship. They also lost three shuttles in the attempt.

The newly refitted and relaunched USS Astraeus, NCC-70652, under the temporary command of Cmdr. Serala, former First Officer of the Chin’toka, arrived to assist the Chin’toka in the aftermath and they recovered the remaining shuttles and sent both medical and repair teams to assist the crippled ship.

Serala’s arrival also brought with her the news that the crew of the Chin’toka were already slated for a transfer to the Astraeus, and command was transferred to Delano on Stardate 239911.27. Delano had been the Commanding Officer of the Astraeus prior to its refit and we have been told that despite the circumstances in which they had to bid farewell to the Chin’toka, he was delighted to be reunited with his former ship.

With the Chin’toka in tow, the Astraeus is now headed to Shemsh colony, where the Chin’toka will remain until a tug ship can come and tow it back to Utopia Planitia for further dispensation.

Commander Serala, following the transferring command, has been reinstated as Delano’s First Officer and Cmdr. Jaelyne Isa was transferred to the Counselling Department, a move which she was grateful to accept.

Written by Serala

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