Betazoid Nobles from three Houses and Starfleet officers trapped on colony planet

Betazoid Nobles from three Houses and Starfleet officers trapped on colony planet

IDRUSTIX, BAROSSA NEBULA – An unknown Delta Quadrant species has encapsulated the Betazoid colony planet using a network of satellites, trapping a Betazoid noble Matriarch, Daughter and Son.

Colonisation in the Delta Quadrant by the Betazoid government has hit another apparent setback. After Betazoid government mediator, Tani Lekasa brokered a deal to allow the Second, Sixth, and Twentieth Houses of Betazed to colonise three separate locations on the planet Idrustix, a little-known local species known as the “Trenvonn” have deployed a series of satellites and enveloped the planet in a tetryon rich field.

Three survey teams, one for each Betazoid house, were already on the planet establishing their colony locations when a Trenvonn scout ship arrived and deployed the satellites soon after. Understood to be on the planet is Second House Matriarch Maveni Siyel, Sixth House Daughter and media mogul Lohani Vananth-Polgonz, and Twentieth House Son Ucron Dro. Each noble is accompanied by their own supporting Starfleet teams at three separate locations on the planet.

The USS Kitty Hawk, captained by Roshanara Rahman, is in orbit supporting the colonisation efforts. The Galaxy-class vessel has lost contact with the colonisation teams.

“The species have identified themselves as the Trenvonn. We are finding out their intent,” said Ambassador Rivi Vataix, also on board the Kitty Hawk, in a short statement. “That’s all I will say about the matter. Captain Rahman and the crew of the Kitty Hawk are acting carefully to ensure a productive outcome.”

The Trenvonn are an isolationist species with their home deep in the Barossa Nebula and inhabit multiple planets in their home system. Little else is known about the bird-like species, other than their having a scientifically focused technocratic system of government that rarely venture far from the Trenvonn system. Their interest in the Idrustix is unknown at this stage, however, their isolationism suggests that they do not claim the planet as their own.

Idrustix is a planet that harbours the unique sentient bacteria Geobacter lucia (or “Lucia” for short) which protects most species that visit the surface from the system’s high radiation levels. People that travel to the surface of the planet require inoculations to protect them from the Bacteria’s side effects. The planet is in a system approximately one half-light year from Amity Outpost, the Federation Diplomatic Corp space station established in the Delta Quadrant one year ago.

Written by Kit Ivanovic

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