Tragedy strikes the crew of the Juneau during shore leave

Tragedy strikes the crew of the Juneau during shore leave

LIGHTSIDE STATION — While recovering from the discovery of a species unknown to the Federation and a ship frozen in time in a Black Hole, the crew of the USS Juneau (NX-99801) spent time on Lightside station.
The crew and Federation received an annexe office on the station for all of their excellent work accomplished over the last several missions, as well as their efforts to stabilise the region. The office is the first of any sort of Federation outpost in the area; it is an important step given the region’s former status as a Cardassian holding.
Before celebrating the achievement, the ship’s crew garnered another blow with the kidnapping of one of their senior science officers and the ship’s Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Commanders’ T’lea and Kairise Indobri.
“Ssssseveral members of the Juneau crew acted asss a Ssssearch and Rescue unit, and together they retraced the missssing pair to the surface of Orstand III below the station.” Chief Warrant Officer C’Trow, the First Officer’s Aide, explained. “The wasteland planet sssserved as a challenge of its own to the away team, but they moved in to ressscue their compatriotssss nonethelesss.”
With the missing crew recovered and returned safely to the ship, the crew of the Juneau focused on matters closer to home.
They converted the annexe to serve not only as a set of offices for Federation staff but also as an art gallery promoting works created by the crew itself. Just before the ship set out on its next mission, they received a new executive officer, namely Lieutenant Commander Cassia Iovianus, a Magna Roman, who joined the crew.
Now that the crew is whole and healthy once again, they set course for Aturn VII to help their Jem’Hadar allies in the amazing Aavaro Wilds.
Written by Cassian Iovianus

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