Terrorist faction seizes control of Miranda VII

Terrorist faction seizes control of Miranda VII

MIRANDA VII — Officers from Starbase 118 Ops investigate when information shows that a terrorist organisation has taken control of the Miranda VII outpost.

Following a delightful shore leave for Starbase 118 Ops officers, intelligence reports indicated that a terrorist organisation of Humans had taken control of the Miranda VII outpost. According to reports, a highly volatile and xenophobic society named “Terra Prime” originated on Earth. The notorious gang is renowned for its mission to purge the whole Sol system of all ‘aliens’ and for being especially venomous toward anyone of mixed heritage. According to sources, this organisation was also responsible for the recent explosion of a ship delivering dangerous chemicals to Astraemin V.

When questioned about the ramifications of the explosion, Wyrndisi Suvox, a Betazoid doctor, remarked, “The freighter’s destruction and subsequent contamination of the air has caused many in the colony to grow sick. Doctors say that if an antitoxin is not delivered quickly, the colony might lose more than half of its inhabitants.”

According to later revelations, all of those affected were of mixed ethnicity.

When asked about his opinions on the topic, LtCmdr. Arturo Maxwell, second officer of Starbase 118 Ops, stated, “Our goal is to keep the colonists safe and well. Only then will we be able to contemplate the other unfortunate consequences of the freighters’ loss.”

Little is known about whether the group is Terra Prime or merely a replica organisation aiming to capitalise on the terror that the term inspires in people who are its targets. When questioned about their approach for dealing with this coming danger, Cmdr. Ishani Kasun, head of Ops security, said, “It’s something that needs to be dealt with now before it becomes a greater concern.”

Those with mixed ancestry were even more reviled by Terra Prime than ‘full-blooded’ creatures foreign to the Sol system, especially if one ancestor was Human. When asked how he felt about being a potential target for such a group, Lt. JG Ashley Yael, a counsellor on the station, said, “You have to remain calmly steadfast in the face of ignorance and zealotry. It’s not logical. It makes little sense. However, there is a deep, tangled psychology that urges one to allow zealotry to become one’s identity.”

“I’ve encountered discrimination in some subtle ways, so its face is recognisable,” Yael concluded. “Confronting it, facing Terra Prime as they claim I have no right to exist, simply reinforces my belief that… to steal the wisdom that defines Vulcan philosophy… we must appreciate ourselves in all of our infinitely different permutations. It provides us with the fortitude we need to resist this multi-headed beast spawned of hatred… whatever name it may wear.”

The danger arrived shortly after the return of Commodore Sal Taybrim and LtCmdr. Alora DeVeau, both of whom had departed the station quietly at the start of shore leave. Upon her return, DeVeau stated, “The terrorist organisation may not inflict any additional harm to individuals who simply desire to live in peace.”

More information will be provided when it becomes available.

Written by Alora DeVeau

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