Maquis resistance crew imprisoned in Cardassian facility

Maquis resistance crew imprisoned in Cardassian facility

UNKNOWN PRISON, DMZ — Freedom fighters of the Maquis resistance cell Skarbek apprehended by Cardassian officials and incarcerated in an unknown location.
In an effort to root out other members of the nearby cells within the DMZ, Cardassian Union officials have reported their recent capture of several Maquis resistance cells, including the crew of the cell known as Skarbek in a raid earlier this year. While the Union reports suggest they took the entire crew in one sweeping raid of a specified location, given to them by a defecting member of the same cell, the cell Captain has refuted this claim.
According to the cell survivors, their former pilot lured them to a rendezvous point, and once on the surface, orchestrated a Cardassian attack on the unsuspecting resistance fighters. Picking up several at once, the Cardassian vessel left only one body behind and shipped the rest off in a Hideki-class ship.
While those remaining on the Skarbek initially pursued, escort craft chased them away, hounding back to the drawn lines of the resistance borders until they had no choice but to relent.
“Running away to lick our wounds is what we do best,” explained one of the Maquis technicians, refusing to be named by The Resistance Press. “But we’ll come back stronger than before. If they think they can pick us up and disappear into the night, they can poshyel k chyertu.”
All they can do now is wait for news of their friends and loved ones, and petition to the Cardassian Union for clemency.
The war correspondence office sends out a reminder to those listening on all channels to maintain a safe distance from all known Cardassian outposts. As further incidents happen, the office will inform as required.
Meanwhile, inside the Prison…
The tense lines drawn between the gangs are becoming fraught as each of them vies for their place in the prison’s structure. Without windows to see outside, or daylight coming from anywhere, the prisoners have no way of knowing what the time of day is, or how long of their sentence has passed. Tensions are fraught, alliances are not worth the verbal agreements made, and every day they come closer and closer to death.
What remains of the Skarbek crew inside are planning a daring escape down to the lower levels of the prison, where they hope they can make their flight to the surface of… wherever it is they are.
Written by Jo Marshall

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