Gorkon Rear Admiral and Yacht Disappear In Ma no Umi

Gorkon Rear Admiral and Yacht Disappear In Ma no Umi

MA NO UMI — Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) has disappeared on her yacht, the USS Azetbur, in a pirate region of space known for the Orion Syndicate.
Starfleet immediately launched several ‘Search and Rescue Teams’ in the region, under the lead of Commander Reho, retracing the route the Admiral had taken by tracking down the residue of the shuttle’s warp engine. The USS Gorkon followed swiftly behind.
Facts uncovered during the investigation led to the theory that the yacht disappeared in an area controlled by an arm of the Orion Syndicate, operating out of Ma no Umi — a vast region in space known for its unpredictable plasma storms, gravitational anomalies, and rendering any vessel’s sensors useless.
While the ship’s crew received orders to resume their patrol along the region’s border, an anonymous, reliable source back on the Gorkon revealed more details to the Federation News Service. The Gorkon crew, now under the temporary command of Lt. Cmdr Jo Marshall, set up an undercover operation to discover the whereabouts of the vanished yacht and Admiral.
They have dispatched different teams to Nassau — a pirate asteroid claimed by the Syndicate. It is up to those officers to retrieve as much information as possible. The crew who visited Nassau on a previous occasion will pick up their previous pirate identity, while for others it will be a fresh experience.
Their investigation focused on three locations; the Burning Hole, where an Andorian arm of the Syndicate, the Volna Viria, rules the underground races; Mares de Oro, the most luxurious casino in the asteroid where extensive amounts of latinum change hands every minute; and the docks, where the third team hopes to find any more leads on the shuttle before someone dismantles the vessel.
“It would be a shame if they can not bring back the captain’s yacht in one piece,” commented Petty Officer Yolr, a female Ferengi, upon being interviewed. “The shuttle bay will look so out of place if a standard shuttle will take up the docking place of the Azetbur.”
Written by Samira Neathler

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